27 thoughts on “I is for…”

  1. Ok – I can’t imagine Chaos would sit still long enough for that…. not to mention has that much bare skin! (hee hee)

  2. Thanks for the kind words and good advice. I know it will pass and that stress is the likely cause. So, eliminating the excess in my life is the best thing right now. But I will try to keep up on blog reading, which has sadly been neglected the last week. Time to catch up on all the great knitting and fun.
    Right now I am so thankful for my Husband, he is the best thing to ever happen to me, and I realize how lucky I am to have him, knowing others who are not so fortunate.

  3. Great I. Now the question I need to ask is not only where is it? But also how easy was it to photograph or did you need assistance? 🙂

  4. I love your tattoo! Hmm… I have my T in my ABC Along thing, if I ever, you know, finally post my G. And my H. And my I. Which I have planned but you know, actual blog fodder keeps interrupting.

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