“Mom sez she haz my grain…”

“…so why won’t she give it to me?!” -Chaos

Feeling better today at least – let’s all have a relaxing and my grain-free weekend, shall we?

23 thoughts on ““Mom sez she haz my grain…””

  1. Mommy says she doesn’t like “my-grains” either. I still think she’s wrong: I love “my-grains”, especially the oatey kinds.


    PS – Mommy says she hopes you feel lots better really soon.

  2. oooo, feel MUCH better soon! And Chaos and May… stepping on Mom’s head in the middle of the night is NOT therapeutic. Even if it is fun.

  3. I think they are catching…I hope we both feel better soon :).

    BTW you won something over at Pickled Beef :). I thought it was super neat that I “knew” the name she pulled out of the pot! I am most easily amused when on pain killers :).

  4. Hope you feel better.

    Before my youngest brother was born we lived in Miami. Apparently as he grew to toddler-hood we talked about Miami a lot. He once asked my mother when he could go visit “Your-ami”.

  5. I hope the crazy-busy part of work is coming to a close soon.

    Mayhem is just so adorable.

    I’ll tell you what, I’ll eat all the gluten for everyone. I know, it’s a sacrifice but someone has to do it.

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