Ebook Giveaway: Memories by Valentina Heart [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to Valentina Heart for donating an ebook copy of her forthcoming transsexual m/m romance, Memories, for a lucky commenter to win!  Memories will be released by Silver Publishing on March 12.

Marlin is a transsexual who has undergone the hormone replacement therapy for becoming a woman, but her sex reassignment surgery has never taken place. Coming home one night, she is greeted by the sight of her man, Gabe, spread out on the bed just for her.

There was good and there was bad, some of it happy and some of it sad, but as they take a journey through their memories, they light up the old flames. Sex, tears, laughter and a wicked dose of romance show what loving is all about for Marlin and Gabe.

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About Valentina

Valentina Heart lives at different locations in Split, at the coast of the Adriatic Sea. Like the directions of her stories her life takes a new twist with every passing year and she welcomes every single one.

As an avid reader for many years, she had a habit of mixing fiction with reality, until she realized that she could simply breathe life to her characters and make them as real as they could get. From forever romantic to deeply troubled, they bring joy to their creator as well as frustration with their naughty behavior.

Kinky imagination aside, she enjoys music and movies just as much as reading, but give her summer all year round and she’ll be ready to free climb, swim, or stretch in all those mind stirring yoga positions.

You can find out more about Valentina at her website, on Goodreads, or on Facebook.

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29 thoughts on “Ebook Giveaway: Memories by Valentina Heart [CONTEST CLOSED]”

  1. Please count me in! About 10 (actually more) years ago, I worked as a temp in a doctor’s office for only about 2 weeks. Almost 10 years later, there was a huge series of articles about his transformation from male to female and how hard it was for his family and how he was adjusting. She’s doing well from the last time I checked and I can imagine reading this story and thinking good thoughts for the people I know who are transgender.

    (Also, I think I had my first instance of comment spam today on one of my blog posts from February. If I send you the link, do you think you could confirm for me? You’ve probably seen more of them than I have.)
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  2. I’m entering the contest.

    Valentina Heart is a new author for me. I look forward in reading her works.

  3. I’ve not read a transgender story before, this would be a first for me! Which makes me a virgin, all lovely & pure!

  4. My May are we territorial! She does look sort of queen-like up there doesn’t she? Or is May a boy It’s hard for me to tell.

    Count me in too please!

  5. lol the cover spooked me! For a moment I thought this was a *GASP* het romance.

    Please count me in, okay?

  6. I want it too!!! O_O
    OMG seems soooooooo good!
    Thanks for this contest!

    Camila (Aka bookwatcher in goodreads)


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