Inadvertently stealthy

Grumperina’s giving away two skeins of the Lorna’s Laces Grumperina colorway – leave her a comment before 11:59 pm EDT, April 8 (aka today), to be included in the drawing.

Check out the Third Annual Movie-Plot Threat Contest. Entries are due by May 1. Last year’s winner got a $50 Amazon gift certificate and signed copies of Bruce Schneier’s books

Kmkat nicely sums up my feelings about the brief bout of snow we had yesterday morning. Hmph.

Knitting Update
On Sunday, I finished a pair of socks you didn’t know I was knitting. 🙂 These were started March 11. The pattern is Elegance, from Sockamania. The yarn is ALWO Strumpfwolle, which I begged off of Jane after she decided she didn’t like the colorway (06). Jane, how many stitches were you using when it was pooling like that?! I really like the effect I got at 72 stitches on 2mm needles (around 8 stitches/inch).

“Mayhem!! I’m trying to take pictures of my socks! Not the time or place for a bath!” -me

*groom groom groom* -Mayhem

“Sheesh, simmer down there, Mom. Um… you aren’t going to use that picture, right?” -Mayhem

“Hee hee hee. Of course not, sweetie. Hee hee hee.” -me

37 thoughts on “Inadvertently stealthy”

  1. Hee hee…not a flattering picture! But, if she’s going to clean there, so be it. 😀

    You got snow yesterday?? Ugh. Poor you…

    Aw, those are purty socks! I like the little horizontal colour stripes running through them.

  2. Poor May, if she only knew. Oh well, every parent has that “embarrassing” photo. Well ok, most parents have a whole album full.

    Awesome socks!

  3. Look at May, being all discreet. LOL!

    Chewy does the something similar and he usually only does it, ironically enough, when we have company over. He’ll wander in to the den, flop down on the rug in front of the fireplace and roll over on to his back. He’ll stretch himself out, stick his paws in the air and lie like that, completely spread eagle, for like, two hours. Dave and I say that he’s rockin’ out with his cock out.


  4. Your sock output is astonishing! I’ve knit a whole THREE SOCKS in my life so far, yet for some reason I have a sizeable stash of sock yarn. Hmmm. I guess I ought to start knitting it up…

  5. I do like that Elegance sock pattern – I’m working on her cables sock pattern right now and I like that one too.

  6. Chris- You are a brave woman- size 2 needles!

    When a comment is made about Chops licking his nether regions, I always ask if they’d be willing to clean them for him.

    So far, no takers.

  7. It’s getting so a lady can’t even do her laundry without someone trying to take a picture! Lovely socks, I’m blushing for May.

  8. I don’t know….when they toss their legs over their heads in that carefree way? Well, it makes me wish I were 6 again and could turn cartwheels! She’s lean, she’s lithe, why shouldn’t she show that off?
    NICE socks!

  9. Wow, your sock looks nothing like Jane’s! It’s amazing how a slight change can make all the difference. And while a kitty’s gotta do what a kitty’s gotta do, May did that on purpose. Wonder if she’s got a bit of a saucy streak in her…..

  10. At my house, we call that the “cello”…and like Naomi, I am also tempted to grab the foot that is sticking up – I almost always give in 🙂

  11. At least the camera angle is discreet.

    Very nice socks! My mom wants to knit a pair of socks with one or two easy cables. She has small size 7 feet (usually knits a 56-st sock). Do you think this pattern would work?

  12. This is why I make a little swatch when I get space-dyed yarn. Your socks came out (uh, oh, those darn co-workers again)––okay, your socks came out great. I gotta get my sock mojo back. The ankles tend to be too big.

    I love cats––they just do not care, do they? Maybe if I start bathing myself at my desk, they’ll stop walking by. LOL

    Have you ever read “The Cat Who…” mystery series?

  13. I love that sock yarn! Not that I need more sock yarn.

    It’s a good thing to have a blackmail photo or 2 of your “children”. Not that cats would stoop low enough to cave in to blackmail.

  14. Great socks!

    Isn’t incredible how differently yarn/patterns will turn out knitter to knitter? Another wonderful thing about knitting, I think!

  15. Mayhem, mayhem… I think we’d best send you to girl-kitty charm school…. Mom keeps catching you in “those” kinds of poses… ahem…. Camera out = pose and look aloof.

    Love the socks.

  16. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me that you produced such a pretty pair of socks with that yarn! I knit loosely, and was using my usual 64 stitches with size 0 dpns. From now on, you get all the yarn I can’t make work, because clearly, you have the “touch!”

  17. Lovely socks.

    I miss snow. Seriously. Yes! I agree with you about how a few stitches can make a difference. Am knitting with STR Nodding Violets. 72 stitches and 64 stitches – MAJOR difference.

    luv the orange stripes.

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