Don’t purple jersey sheets mean spring to you?!

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Becka’s having a “Knit-Tit-Along” – check out the details on her blog. She’ll randomly select participants in the along to receive prizes on May 4.

Reading Update
A Quick Bite, Love Bites, Single White Vampire, A Bite to Remember, Bite Me if You Can, The Accidental Vampire, and Vampire, Interrupted by Lynsay Sands. Um, in one week I read seven of the nine Argeneau Vampires books… They’re somewhat predictable paranormal romances with the occasional massive internal logic breakdown, but I obviously enjoyed them, eh?
Knitting Bones by Monica Ferris. Really, the only reason I read the Betsy Devonshire Needlecraft Mysteries is that they’re set in Excelsior, Minnesota, and occasionally have amusing in-jokes.
Wife for Hire by Janet Evanovich. This is a totally silly romance that Evanovich wrote 18 years ago. A very light, fast read.

Signs of Spring
Saturday was mostly sunny and in the mid-60s and the snow but a memory. I awoke Sunday morning with “Must. Change out. Flannel. Sheets. Now.” flashing through my brain. So, after the usual 3 or 4 hours it takes to do that task around here, I’m sleeping happy in my spring/fall “transitional” jersey sheets. Ahhhh. Now, if only something green would grow outside…

“I have you trapped, big kitty! Bwa-ha-ha!” -Mayhem

“Curses. Why did Mom decide to trim my claws this weekend?!” -Chaos

35 thoughts on “Don’t purple jersey sheets mean spring to you?!”

  1. Romance novels? Isn’t that a change for you? I used to have my favourite Mills & Boon authors, but I stopped reading those after high school!

  2. ah yes, I’m well aware of how much fun sheet changing can be! There have been days that Bartholamew got closed in the bathroom for being extra “helpful”…

  3. Hmmm… Little too soon to be breaking out the sheets, and putting away the duvet. Then again, I’m always cold at night. Mmmm, but jersey sheets!

    Gandalf is a big fan of the under the covers ambush. But, he usually ends up falling asleep waiting for his prey (Atticus or me) to find him.

  4. I thought about switching out the flannel this weekend! Actually, I like plain regular sheets (all cotton!) all the time, but dh likes the flannel. Compromise, compromise….

  5. Hee hee, kitties playing in the sheets, so cute.
    How do you like your jersey sheets? I bought one pair for my daughter a few years ago and boy did they streeeetch after a while, they were so loose and flappy on her mattress that we got rid of them. I’m wondering if this is a jersey thing, or just that particular brand of sheets.

    P.S. Being pregnant and a million degrees, I’m ready to whip out the 300 count Egyptian Cotton sheets, but hubby shivers whenever I mention it.

  6. Oh, Chaos can’t fool us – we KNOW he loves The Clipping!

    Thanks for the Ravelraiser heads up!

    Some knitting over Hawaii break – but not much!

  7. You realize, of course, that because you put away the flannel sheets nature is going to strike you down for your hubris by dumping three feet of snow on you. Not on the greater Minneapolis area–just on your house.

  8. I put jersey sheets on J’s bed this weekend, and Oliver’s Spider Man sheets on his. It is gorgeous today…we are going to the park again, and hopefully Oliver won’t pee his pants this time.


  9. I read several of those Sands novels, too, ’cause The Accidental Vampire was so funny. The rest, not my favorite, but AV was totally worth it.

    Still in flannel around here, but my son’s wearing Spring PJs, short sleeves and no feet.

  10. Flashbacks of snow from last monday are getting pretty strong here in my metro area… wouldn’t be actually snowing would it? It can’t, now that you’ve changed your sheets snow, can it?

  11. Purple sheets are appropriate at any time of the year!

    I miss flannel sheets, but Mr I’m Too Hot can’t bear them so I deal with crispy cotton all year long.

  12. Hehehe! I love the kitty-in-the-sheets picture! Very cool.

    And I keep my flannel sheets for a while yet. Because I’m a wimp when it comes to temperature. =p

  13. My cat loves to play on the bed while we make it. And even though flannel sheets are one of the joys of winter — I’m really happy that we have moved on to the cotton for the year. I love your purple sheets!

  14. Your “help” seems all little off task in the bed-making department.

    We still have flannel sheets on, but we do have the heat off and sometimes the window open.

  15. Are you telling me you don’t “need” your flannel sheets?????? I keep mine on until May (usually). Although I have to admit to being really warm last night, but I live in the south (heehee, St. Louis).

  16. I’ll just hope that Marsha is wrong. But she’s right.

    I read the Betsy Devonshire books because they’re the first knitting books I’d run across and they’re a nice quick read. That said, I think I’m two or three behind.

  17. 3 hours to change sheets. Yup, sounds about right. Around here it goes something like this:
    pull off blankets. Pull cat out from middle of them.
    Unhook bottom of sheet. Unhook top of sheets. Unhook kitty from sheets.
    Put sheets in laundry basket. Pick up laundry basket. Put basket down very quickly as it is much heavier than expected due to the 10lb kitty in it, under the sheets.
    Pry kitty out of basket. Pick up quickly and speed down to basement to washer.

  18. I’m with Marsha. I try to do the six month rule along with Daylight Savings (six months of flannel, six months of cotton), but with DST early this year I’m feeling very superstitious that the snow is still around the corner. Plus, I’m still freezing.

    Re:books: Still trying to finish my last book or two in time for Anne Perry, who is giving a talk at the LBS on Wed. I love meeting authors!

  19. Sheet changing day is a major event here. Unless I’m really sneaky, I usually have at least two “helpers”. There’s nothing like getting the fitted sheet on and realizing there’s a cat and a ferret trapped underneath. 🙂

  20. I love the purple sheets. That’s a great color.

    I do like the Monica Ferris book series. In the beginning, I really enjoyed them, now they get a little trite, but I’ve been reading the series, so I like to keep going. Like reconnecting with an old friend for a couple of hours. Although I’m not from Minnesota, I always find the setting interesting.

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