Retro kitties

It’s Wendy’s 6th blogiversary and she’s having a WendyKnits trivia contest. First prize is a $50 gift certificate to the Loopy Ewe! Deadline to enter is noon EDT, April 3.

Knitnzu is having a snow melt contest – guess when the monstrous pile of snow will finish melting and you could win yarn. Leave your guesses by April 4, 6 pm EDT.

My KnitPicks Options needle case arrived from Zonda! I also had her make me a sock knitting bag from the same fabric. I absolutely adore both.

“Can’t… quite… reach… itchy spot.” -Chaos

“It sure was nice of Mom to get us this brand new kitty bed, wasn’t it, big kitty? Is this a pillow over here?” -Mayhem

“Dum dee dum dee dum… Maybe if I ignore the itchy spot, it will stop itching… Did you say something, May?” -Chaos

“I was just wondering if this was a pillow or what.” -Mayhem

“Um, May? You’re a cat. You don’t need a pillow. Suck it up and be tough like me! Cursed itchy spot. Where’s Mom when you need her?” -Chaos

“Well, that sent May off in a huff, didn’t it? Oh, what do we have over here?” -Chaos

“Cool! This comes with a nifty purple cat toy! Purple’s my second favorite color, you know. Hey, I don’t feel itchy anymore!” -Chaos

Oh oh – gotta go and rescue that cable!

31 thoughts on “Retro kitties”

  1. Thanks for the plug! Love the pattern on those cases… makes me want to be sitting back, cold drink in hand, looking at not much over some nice water (ocean? lake?).

  2. That’s a great cat bed! I mean case… And Bartholamew doesn’t always subscribe to the “I don’t need a pillow just because I’m a cat” line of thinking.

  3. I love the case and the bag. Nice spokesmodels. I have got two Options cases-I really need to figure that out, as my fabric stash rivals the yarn one. 🙂

  4. oooh – now I’m really in the mood for summer with that blue butterfly chair print! Can feel the sun beating down on me right now. Very cute cat approved bags.

  5. Great cases! I love that print.

    Have you tried the needles yet? I’m curious to know how well you like them. M has offered to get me a set, but I’ve kept putting him off.

    What is it with your cats and needle cables? Are they ‘nip scented?

  6. Lovely bag! Does it have spots for holding the cables, too? I can’t quite see them in the photo. Something about a cat in the middle of everything…

  7. Cute cases! Plus they can double as cat beds/cat toy holders. 🙂 It’s always good to get the kitty stamp of approval before you start using them.

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