Linkity looks out upon the green, green grass of October

Mayhem having a think.

Polly has Things to SAY!

What the heck are you looking at, Harry?!

5 thoughts on “Linkity looks out upon the green, green grass of October”

  1. Some lovely homes today! The converted barn is very nicely done, though I wouldn’t want to live in it. I do really like the “very nice” one. I could live in that. The A-frame one is lovely, as long as I didn’t have to go up and down that spiral staircase very often. I saw the modern farmhouse one the other day. Too many rectangles and vertical lines – it made me dizzy.

    Very awesome embroidery!

  2. Oh WOW, that solar system embroidery is so cool!

    Animal photos can be so funny when taken out of context! But not your kitties, of course. They are always elegant and lovely. I hadn’t realized before that Polly has a white patch in about the same place that Mayhem does!

    That converted barn is neat, but I don’t think the bookcase was meant to be used as more than decor. That A Frame house is stunning, but I wouldn’t want to be the one cleaning the windows. And the really colorful one just feels like Florida… I’ve been in a hotel or two that felt very similar to that.

    That Victorian in IL is nice and all, but I want the train. And the carousel. Those are much more the highlight of the place than the house itself.

    OMG. More deadly stairs! And in a hotel / Air BnB? That should be illegal.

  3. This week, as I look at all these homes, I think “My flat is better than any of these. All it needs is a little vacuuming, dusting, dishwashing, laundry doing, bathroom cleaning, mopping, clothes/yarn/art supplies/empty boxes and bags/and assorted other bits and bobs picking-upping, fixer-up type freecycled furniture up-fixed so it can hold all the up-picked stuff, wall washing/spackling/sanding/painting to repair the damage from the 1989 earthquake, documents-dating-back-20-40-years shredding, and maybe the tenant (me) showering, shaving, and putting some clothes on. That’s all.”

    Excuse me, I’m gonna go take a second look.

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