Sleepy linkity

Mayhem and Polly!

Harry and Polly looking out the window.


4 thoughts on “Sleepy linkity”

  1. Woah. That thing is really cool!

    I love the dragon comic. Fishtrouts does some great stuff.

    Some of those Dept of Wildlife (etc) accounts have the best humor in them. And it’s humor alongside actual helpful information! Just perfect.

    BLACK CAT HOUSE. That is so much fun! (Though I don’t know what I’d actually think of living in it.)

    Those are some neat conversions! I like the train station the best, but the school one turned out really neat too.

    I have to agree with the Tumblr commenter: that closet is like the Winchester Mystery House. And HOW are there still so many new pictures of stairs that will kill you? There are so many weird setups!

  2. There’s definitely nothing here that I’d want to live in.

    That little closet would make a great… broom closet. There’s plenty of room for a broom. Or a stick vac.

  3. Ideal home shopping list 9/29/2023:
    Gold bathroom art in the Not That Wallpaper house.
    Gorgeous woodwork pass-through in Minneapolis WIP Vic.
    Mural, ceiling and wonderful wood wardrobe wall in Fanciest Tower house.
    Cathedral and swimming pool in No Curtains house.
    Pink (would prefer light teal) wall with silhouette kitties/birdcage.
    Black fireplace in before/after Gothic.
    The “leftovers” counter top from Hmm house, but for a batroom. Or maybe a bathroom. Can’t decide.
    A “not-very-useful” closet. It’ll still hold a skeleton or two.

    I also like the huge 3 door fridge in the Gothic, but that’s really a bit much for one person. Even one like me, who’ almost as large as it is already.

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