I can’t even think of a witty title today

Margene is having a contest. Guess when Salt Lake City will hit the normal temperature of 37F and if you guess the date (or closest to it), you could win a spiffy handknit washcloth, soap, and yarn.

Thanks to Jeanne for the heads up on a new TV series based on the Harry Dresden novels that I like so much. Guess I know what I’ll be watching on DVD next year (besides season six of 24, that is).

And thanks to all of you for your well wishes last week! I am feeling better, but if I was a superhero, I would be Phlegm Girl. Ick!

Reading Update
Notice how these have slowed down considerably since I started watching 24?! I did finish my third and fourth From the Stacks Winter Challenge books:
Like the Red Panda by Andrea Seigel. This was an ok book about honor student Stella’s last two weeks of high school. I’m not sure why this book didn’t engage me as much as Seigel’s later work, To Feel Stuff.
Lambs of God by Marele Day. I loved this book! It’s spiritual and mythic and religious and earthy and a fascinating yet fairly simple story. Plus, it has sheep! And spinning! And knitting!

Knitting Update
I finished the Jitterbug socks. I decided to tough out the pooling; the sock stopped pooling within an inch.

“Oh, look, socks on the floor again.” *yawn* -C
“Oh, goody, socks on the floor again!!” -M

May seems rather proprietary, doesn’t she?

“If it’s on the floor, it’s mine!” -M

“What do you mean, you want me to move?!! I’m sure everyone would rather look at me than at boring old socks.” -M

The sock on the left was the one I was fussing about. The other sock was knit from the opposite end of the ball, so I could maximize sock height and yarn use. Unfortunately, since I only had two 2.25mm needles, that meant I knit most of the final ribbing with both socks side by side on my needles. I hate that. Yeah, yeah, I know it leads to identical socks. I still hate it. 🙂

Here’s what the other sides look like.

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