In which I discover it wasn’t raccoons ransacking the trash

“Nothing to see here. Move along, move along.” -Mayhem

“Oh! Shiny!” -Mayhem

“Mom!!!! I told you there was nothing to see here!!” -Mayhem

“Hmph. I bet you’re going to portray this in the worst possible light, aren’t you?” -Mayhem

“I’m outta here.” -Mayhem

30 thoughts on “In which I discover it wasn’t raccoons ransacking the trash”

  1. Cute kitty!

    Once when my Shih tzu was much younger, my husband and I were going out, but had forgotten something and came back in to find said Shih tzu precariously balanced on the trashcan munching happily on dinner scraps. She had that same “Who, me?” expression when she saw us.

  2. Guilty!!! My boys do the samet thing, in the dead of night, usually after a salmon filet has been served for dinner and mom forgot to put the trash out…

  3. She’s got the “Surprised Owl” look crossed with “Guilty Gopher.”

    The red circles on the Target Bag could be symbols for “nothing-to-see-here-folks” …

    Poor May. Caught red-pawed.

  4. Caught in the act!! May, you’re only supposed to do that during the 8-10 hours Chris is at work (out in the hallway). That way you can blame it on Chaos.

    She does know she is being naughty.

  5. hee heee heee

    We call our black cat, named Jack, Jack-in-the-box (although he was officially named Jack-o-lantern)

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