Lap queue forms to the left, please

*waiting patiently* -Mayhem

*not ever planning to move* -Chaos

“Chaos, do you think you could move over and share with Mayhem, please?” -me

“Yeah, you selfish big kitty, you!” -Mayhem

“Are you f…ing kidding me? Ha!” -Chaos

*gazing dramatically off into the distance* “Woe. Woe.” -Mayhem

*grumping* -Chaos

*sigh* -me

26 thoughts on “Lap queue forms to the left, please”

  1. When I was a little girl, my grandma’s Siamese cat, Chat (French for cat, not a verb to talk) would hog her lap, and her orange tabby, Max, would bite Chat right at the base of his tale. Then Chat would jump down angling for a fight, but Max would take over Grandma’s lap. Grandma would ignore the whole shenanigans.

    I would think Chaos would be lap numbingly heavy after a while.

  2. Oh my gosh… they are something else!!! Chaos is just a little ticked off that he was not in the running for softest kittie eva! He told me that the other night… he is still holding a grudge!!!
    Have a great weekend my friend!!!

  3. I love your kitties.. I have 3, they are so different in temperment, voice, and actions. They all want to rule the house but only MissKallie can, and she does spit & howl. Would love to win.

  4. I’m familiar with this scene from, “It’s A Cat’s Life.” Well played, Chaos, for holding the inside track on the lap position. Kudos to Mayhem as well in her role as the aggrieved party.

  5. Tell them it is possible to share a lap. Last night on the couch, I had two on the lap, one on either side, and one behind my head. Yes, I had me some toasty.

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