The lives of the unnaturally flexible and furry

This fascinates and freaks me out every time she does it.

“Not seeing what the big deal is, Mom!” -Mayhem

43 thoughts on “The lives of the unnaturally flexible and furry”

  1. A variation of what Boo does that we call “SUPER BOO” May’s front paw is bent because she is turning in mid air in her dreams.

  2. I love when my puppy/dog lay this way but on their back for a belly rub!!!
    May… you look like an Egpyt Princess Cat!!

  3. The flexibility of cats has always astounded me! The positions they can contort their bodies into is absolutely amazing. And, they can get through the tiniest of spaces – to much fun.

    Neat post Chris!!

    Happy Reading

  4. I like the tail off at a right angle to the legs. That’s just showing off. If I remember correctly, the English translation for that pose in yoga (sans tail!) is Lion Pose. (Perhaps it should be changed to Panther Pose.)

  5. When the bunnies flop out like that we alternately call it the “frog flop” or “super bunny”. I don’t know why this position is so darned cute, but it is. 🙂

  6. Hez wishes she could do that.

    BookSeer is giving me other titles from the same author. Handy. I think I need the new iPhone to properly utilize it.

  7. My hips hurt just looking at May. You know, don’t tell May but if you only look at the right (aft) half, it looks like a doggy head with floppy ears. And the eye is… never mind. (long day here at work)

  8. Its froggy butt! I get lots of froggy butt when it gets hot – apparently its a good way to cool off. If only I could contort myself…

  9. What I love is when my blue cat does this, but upside down on his back–watching his hind legs stretch out, then slowly release down. Like a little man.

  10. My Persian used to do that too! And her tail would flick back and forth fanning the back legs. But make a sound in another room and – vroom she was up and running lickety split.

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