Linkity demands green growing things

Congrats to Paula S, who won Soul Magic (Triad #3) by Poppy Dennison! Soul Magic will be released by Dreamspinner Press on May 6.

Congrats to Dianna, who won A Sticky Wicket in Bollywood by Devon Rhodes and TA Chase! A Sticky Wicket in Bollywood will be released by Total-E-Bound on May 6.


  • Chaos’ favorite toy at the moment is… a leaf of romaine lettuce. Please let me remember to find it before it starts to rot under the couch…
  • My absolute favorite gluten-free, dairy-free bread for toast is Kinnikinnick Sunflower Flax Rice Bread, which isn’t carried in my area anymore… but I  can order 10 loaves of it shipped overnight from Kinnickinnick Foods in Canada for less per loaf than I was buying it for locally. *blink blink*




Think, Learn, Do, Make





Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

Reading Update

  • Look! Up in the sky!

“Don’t make me any crabbier. You won’t like it when I’m crabbier.” -Chaos

12 thoughts on “Linkity demands green growing things”

  1. I’m Chaos right now, looking forward to linkity, it has been one Hell of a crappy week
    Got mugged Wednesday (am OK) and had to put a dog to sleep yesterday (am not so OK), I need an escape for a while

  2. My cat name is Sir Fluffy McMittens. 😀

    Also, did you WATCH the first game in the Pens/Islanders series? Holy FUCK. Just…hope they can keep that momentum going! Also, how freaking ADORABLE is Beau Bennett? I read an article about him — apparently his nickname with the team is “Sunshine”…

  3. Thanks again for the great set of links! I’m again appalled by the behavior of a famous author who, through antics like this, becomes infamous. It’s spoiled child behavior and I hope she’ll be called out by more on it.

    Have a great weekend Chris! I’ll be seeing Iron Man 3 tomorrow so that will be the highlight of my weekend.
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  4. Hmph! There’re people who come into my place of work who are wearing shirts that haven’t been washed in 100 days. 🙁

  5. Romaine lettuce? He is almost as odd as Tamyra.

    Thanks for the link about Tor Books, will definitely check them out properly.

    Yippeee! It is hug your cat day today!

  6. I loved War for the Oaks when I read it — it took me back to younger, single days when my friends and I would roam the city in the wee hours, skinny dipping at the hidden beach on Cedar Lake and people-watching at the Embers on 26th & Hennepin.

    As a transplanted Wisconsinite, I feel that Bloody Mary concoction is missing an important Wisconsin icon: beer.
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