Chaos: A photographic journey

Haven’t done any knitting in the past few days, so here are a few pictures of Chaos to provide a better idea of how bizarre he really is.

Why, yes, that is a paper bag from the liquor store on his head. No, no, I’m not torturing him. It all started when I dropped one of those bags on the floor when he was a kitten, and he got his head stuck in it. I rescued him… and he did it again. And again. And again. Now I leave a bag out at all times, and he’ll wander up to it, pop his head in, and proceed to walk around (with his special “I have a bag on my head” walk) and climb onto things. Which seems dangerous to me, but hey.

This shot also provides a lovely view of his jungle pouch. Ok, yeah, so he got a little heavy last year… but he did have a jungle pouch when he was born. It was much cuter then.

Chaos loves books. Please note that this is not a public library approved use of your library books.

“Hey baby, wanna get lucky?”

15 thoughts on “Chaos: A photographic journey”

  1. He’s such a sweetie! We had a kitten once who got her head stuck in a paper bag, panicked, and bolted in a straight line – until she ran smack into the coffee table, which dislodged the paper bag. I am sure we should dashed to see if she was all right before we laughed ourselves sick.

    Cats and sleep aren’t as synonymous as people would think. Our youngest one (silver stripy, big green eyes, cute as the dickens) saw a big moth in our room the other night. It got away. Every night since then, she’s wandered around and around our room mrowling forlornly cause the moth won’t come back. Sigh.

  2. I can hear that forlorn meow now. “Mom, where’s my moth? Mom, where’s my moth? Mom…”

    Oh, I forgot to mention how he gets the bag off his head – no pictures of that yet. He sits up on his haunches and uses his front paws to lift the bag off. It’s a little scary. Can you guess how glad I am that he doesn’t have opposable thumbs?! He would be so playing with matches when I wasn’t home.

  3. “Chaos be nimble and Chaos be quick, Chaos jump over where Ana knits.”

    Hee hee. Now, there’s a useless skill. I can take any rhyme or song and twist it to be about my cat.

  4. That’s too funny! The cat I had when I was younger liked to have a plastic bag wrapped around his foot,he’d do it himself, so he could run around and have it “follow” him. He looked like a race car at a drag strip with it’s parachute out!

  5. Hee hee. If one of our cats sticks their head in our eldest cat’s bowl, she just reaches into the bowl with her paw and hooks it back out from under their heads.

  6. I love the dragster cat image!

    Right now I’m trying to work from home, but since I have to stop typing every few seconds to throw red sparkly mouse for Chaos to fetch, it’s not going very fast…

  7. omg… chaos fetches too? thats so crazy…

    nappy has this huge, grey, nearly furless rattling rat thing that he *loves* to death (litterally… it’s on the verge) and he fetches when we throw it… he gets all out of breath cuz he goes zooming after it… he never runs into things tho… he’s got good breaks…

    as for bags… chaos is so cute in his paper bag… so innocent and carefree *lalala… i’m in my bag…*
    as i’ve blogged with pictures, naps gets into bags, all bags, no matter what’s in them, he loves being in bags… bags bags bags…

    what’s up with cats and bags?

  8. I’ll have to check out your archives for more pictures of the Napster and his bag fetish. Love kitten pictures. Yum yum yum. Must resist temptation to get kitten.

    Here’s another great picture of him in his bag. I always marvel at this picture, because he was able to get to the back of the chair from the floor with the bag on his head.

    If you’ve keen eyes, you can spot me reflected in the background…

  9. Heh. I’m actually reading about Naps on catster right now…
    –insert spooky music–
    🙂 What a cutie!

    Chaos isn’t on catster, but there’s a link in the sidebar of my blog to The Cat Chaotic, which is where I used to put pictures of him before I started blogging.

  10. Oh man, the cat pictures are craking me up! We have the twin… Carmen… same black kitty… and just the other day she had the handle of a gift bag around her neck and was walking around with the bag on her back, like a little backpack! Still not sure how she did that!

  11. I *love* these pictures. Chaos strongly resembles the best cat I ever had, Misery, whom I still miss dearly. I love the one of him peeking out from the book. He looks like a cat with a great personality, like my Miz. 😉

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