A holiday message from Chaos

“Ho *blippin’* ho. Someone will die painfully today. I’m looking at you, Mom.” -Chaos

*wide-eyed innocence* Happy Holidays to everyone! SoC will return on Monday.

44 thoughts on “A holiday message from Chaos”

  1. Chaos! Who will feed you? Plus, you’ll be handling Princess Mayhem all by yourself. Does that sound fun?

    Merry Christmas and all that jazz, Chris!!

  2. Merry Christmas to you and your kittehs! (I think we may have been adopted by a stray cat this week, and the kids in turn have decided to make him/her a permanent resident!)

  3. Merry Ho ho to you too!! LOL!!!

    From my two puppies to your two kitties…
    Barff Barff Barfffff… Merry Christmas honey! Hope you have a wonderful Chrsitmas!

  4. ….. sorry guys that i couldnt send the bowl of salmon goodness your way as i was cooking this morning. stalker kitty is now in a salmon coma, belly exposed and out cold!

  5. Vengeance is such a ugly word, Chaos. There are more subtle ways to get what you want, no?

    Meanwhile, Happy Holidays / Merry Christmas to the whole SoC crew!

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