Read in 2010

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Total books read for 2010 = 864. I tagged 858 of those as m/m, 826 as ebooks, 350 as shorts, and 24 as rereads.

Author Title
Adams, Diane Blue Skies
Aedin, M. Jules All the Things You Are
Aedin, M. Jules Can’t Hurry Love
Aedin, M. Jules Windows in Time
Agawa, Kouko Golden Prince And Argent King
Aile, Rhianne Bargaining
Aile, Rhianne The One that Got Away (Second Edition)
Albright, Addison Cow Pie Bingo
Albright, Addison Moving Along (Moving On, Book 2)
Albright, Addison Moving On
Albright, Addison Nevermore
Albright, Addison Now and Forever
Alexander, Fyn Precious Jade
Allen, Katie Hideout
Allen, Katie Private Dicks
Allen, Tamara Downtime
Amara, Astrid Carol of the Bellskis
Amara, Astrid Holiday Outing
Anderson, Andi A Realistic Romance
Anderson, Evangeline Heart and Soul (The Assignment, Book 2)
Anderson, Maura Bittersweet
Anderson, Maura Giving Thanks
Anderson, Simone Finding Love
Andrews, Keira Daybreak (Eight Nights, Book 2)
Andrews, Keira Eight Nights
Anson, James The Larton Chronicles
Arvin, Eric Simple Men
Arvin, Eric The Rest Is Illusion
Ashling, Mickie B. Cutting Cords
Ashling, Mickie B. Loving Edits
AuburnImp Hajiri’s Pet (Midnight Rain, Book 1)
Auster, Rayne Lift Me Up
Banis, Victor J. Deadly Dreams (Deadly, Book 3)
Banis, Victor J. Deadly Nightshade (Deadly, Book 1)
Banis, Victor J. Deadly Silence (Deadly Mysteries, Book 5)
Banis, Victor J. Deadly Slumber (Deadly, Book 4)
Banis, Victor J. Deadly Wrong (Deadly, Book 2)
Barnaby, J. P. The Perfect Tree (The Forbidden Room, Book 3)
Barnaby, J. P. ‘Twas a Dark and Delicious Christmas: Manlove Edition
Barnette, Michael Let It Snow!
Baumbach, Laura Scared Stiff
Beecroft, Alex Shining in the Sun
Bekins, Alix When Work Is a Pleasure
Bell, Sara Aquamarine
Bell, Sara Heart Song
Bell, Sara Pool Hall Green
Bell, Sara The Five of Wands
Bell, Sara The Lovers
Bell, Sara The Magic in Your Touch (Reed, Book 1)
Bell, Sara The Manny
Bell, Sara The Way You Say My Name (Reed, Book 2)
Benoit, Lee Someplace in this World
Berry, Nica Nature’s Own
Black, Fabian Bittersweet Seasons
Black, Fabian Dance with a Vampire
Black, Fabian Moving On
Black, Fabian The Christmas Wreath (Tales from the Bell End Cafe, Book 1)
Black, Fabian The Jitters
Black, Lenore All’s Fair in Love and Advertising
Black, Lenore Rules Were Made To Be Broken
Black, Lenore Spam! It’s What’s for Christmas
Black, Mychael Artistically Yours
Black, Sarah Anagama Fires
Black, Sarah Big Balls and Trouble
Black, Sarah Gregori’s Ghost
Black, Sarah Idaho Battlegrounds
Black, Sarah Idaho Pride
Black, Sarah Vindaloo and the T-Bird
Black, Theda After Anna (Book 1)
Black, Theda Touch Like Breathing (After Anna, Book 2)
Blackwell, Scarlet Captive
Blackwell, Scarlet Just Desserts
Blackwell, Scarlet Rescue Me
Blaise, S. Vampire Movie Night
Blue, Ally Snow Plowed (Bay City Paranormal Investigations)
Blue, T. C. A Game of Chances (Farmingdale Gentleman’s Club, Book 1)
Blue, T. C. A Game of Skills (The Farmingdale Gentleman’s Club, Book 2)
Blue, T. C. Lemon Yellow: Making Lemonade
Blue, T. C. Life Changes Everything (Life, Book 2)
Blue, T. C. Lime Green: Margarita Mondays
Blue, T. C. Matchmen, Ltd.
Blue, T. C. Snow and Mistletoe
Blue, T. C. The One That Broke Free
Blue, T. C. The One That Stayed
Blue, T. C. Unconventional (Conventions, Book 3)
Bogdonoff, Noah Number Theory
Bowie, J. P. Friction
Brannigan, Ashleigh The Man in the Woods
Brody, Selina Comfort and Joy
Brooke, Anne A Stranger’s Touch
Brooke, Anne Give and Take
Brooke, Anne Martin and the Wolf
Brooke, Anne The Hit List
Brooke, Anne Tommy’s Blind Date
Brooks, Elizabeth Of Sound Mind
Brown, Bethany Picture Perfect (Lost Boys & Love Letters, Book 2)
Brown, Bethany True North (Lost Boys & Love Letters, Book 1)
Brown, H.C. Floggers’ Holiday Sale
Buchanan, James All or Nothing (Taking the Odds, Book 3)
Byrnes, Jenna Never Say Goodbye (Slippery When Wet, Book 3)
Cairo, Laney One Way Street
Calmes, Mary First Day of Forever
Calmes, Mary His Hearth
Calmes, Mary Ice Around the Edges
Calmes, Mary Romanus
Calmes, Mary The Guardian
Calmes, Mary Tooth and Nail (Warder, Book 2)
Carmichael, Shayne Dark Submission
Cartwright, J.M. A Change of Tune
Cartwright, J.M. How Did I Lose My Passport – And Find My Love
Castille, Jenna Faerie Bound
Champa, Heidi White Out
Chapel, Janey Get What You Need
Chapel, Janey The Wild Side
Chase, T. A. Be the Air for You
Chase, T. A. With This Ring (Tabloid Star, Book 1.5)
Christopher, Bren Friday Night Jamie
Coleman, Dallas Burnt Orange: Sooner or Later
Collins, Tom When Irish Eyes Are Sparkling
Connor, Shae Sharing Christmas
Conwy, C. B. Going Home
Cooper, William Broken Bones, Mended Hearts
Copland, Diana Beautiful Forever
Copland, Elizabeth Careful What You Wish For
Craig, Jamie Brindisi Bedfellows
Craig, Jamie Calendar Boys April: Out of the Storm
Craig, Jamie Calendar Boys August: Scorched
Craig, Jamie Calendar Boys March: Kiss Me
Craig, Jamie Calendar Boys October: Trick of Silver
Craig, Jamie Hearts Afire: April
Craig, Jamie Nowhere Man
Craig, Jamie On the Ragged Edge of the World (Trick of Silver, Book 2)
Craig, Jamie Word on a Wing
Crow, Anah A Trick of the Senses (Sensational #4)
Crow, Anah Slow Bloom
Crow, Anah Uneven
Cullinan, Heidi Boys of Pleasure
Cullinan, Heidi Double Blind (Special Delivery, Book 2)
Cullinan, Heidi Hero
Cullinan, Heidi Miles and the Magic Flute
Cullinan, Heidi Special Delivery
Cullinan, Heidi Sweet Son
Cullinan, Heidi The Wounds in the Walls
Currie, Justine A Reason To Come Home
d’Abo, Christine Commanding Acquisitions (1-800-DOM-HELP, Book 2)
Dale, Leiland Paul’s D’Marco
Dane, Adrianna The Messenger
Dane, Cameron Aidan and Ethan (Seeking Redemption, Book 1)
Dane, Cameron Devlin and Garrick (Seeking Redemption, Book 2)
Dane, Cameron Falling (Hawkins Ranch, Book 2)
Dane, Cameron Finding Home (Quinn Security, Book 1)
Dane, Cameron Knowing Caleb (Hawkins Ranch, Book 5)
Dane, Cameron ReneCade (Hawkins Ranch, Book 3)
Dane, Cameron Saying I Do (Quinn Security, Book 3)
Dare, Kim Bi Now, Gay Later (Perfect Timing, Book 5)
Dare, Kim Blood Slave
Dare, Kim Cameron’s Pride (Thrown to the Lions, Book 4)
Dare, Kim Duck!
Dare, Kim Ellery’s Duty (Thrown to the Lions, Book 3)
Dare, Kim Gay Best Friend (G-A-Y, Book 10)
Dare, Kim Gay Day! Gay Day! (G-A-Y, Book 11)
Dare, Kim Gay Divorcee (G-A-Y, Book 5)
Dare, Kim Gay Friendly (G-A-Y, Book 9)
Dare, Kim Gay Man Seeks Seem (G-A-Y, Book 8)
Dare, Kim Gay Pride (G-A-Y, Book 7)
Dare, Kim Gay Since Today (G-A-Y, Book 6)
Dare, Kim Gaydar (G-A-Y, Book 1)
Dare, Kim Gayish (G-A-Y, Book 12)
Dare, Kim Handcuffs and Glory Holes (Rawlings Men, Book 2)
Dare, Kim Handcuffs and Headlocks (Rawlings Men, Book 3)
Dare, Kim Handcuffs and Leather (Rawlings Men, Book 1)
Dare, Kim Handcuffs and Trouble (Rawlings Men, Book 4)
Dare, Kim In the Heat of the Moment
Dare, Kim Marrick’s Promise (Thrown to the Lions, Book 2)
Dare, Kim Mistletoe and Submission
Dare, Kim Ryland’s Sacrifice (Thrown to the Lions, Book 1)
Dare, Kim Strength of a Gamma (Pack Discipline, Book 2)
Dare, Kim Temptation
Dare, Kim The Mark of an Alpha (Pack Discipline, Book 1)
Dare, Kim Turquoise and Leather (Collared, Book 1)
Dare, Kim War Games
Davis, Cooper Bound by Nature (Forces of Nature, Book 1)
Davis, Cooper Boys of Summer
Davis, Lisa Marie Here and Now
Davis, Lisa Marie Unstoppable Force
Davitt, Jane Bound and Determined
Davitt, Jane Bound Together
Davitt, Jane Broomsticks and Stones
Davitt, Jane Cat Scratch Fever
Davitt, Jane Drawing Closer
Davitt, Jane Laying a Ghost (Ghost 1)
Davitt, Jane Truthful Change
Davitt, Jane Wild Raspberries
Day, Ethan At Piper’s Point
Day, Ethan Life in Fusion (Sno Ho, Book 2)
Day, Ethan Sno Ho (Book 1)
Deacon, Andi Christmas Bells
Deacon, Andi Love Among the Stacks
Dean, Vivien Colliding in Free Fall
Dee, Bonnie Hearts Afire: January
Dee, Bonnie Seducing Stephen
Dee, Bonnie Undeniable Magnetism
Delacroix, Martin Winston Quirk
Dennis, Nicole A Christmas Eve Wish
DeRicci, Diana Delany’s Catch
DeRicci, Diana First Christmas
Derr, Megan Lilacs
Devlin, Zoe Give the Devil His Due
Diablo, Keta Crossroads (Crossroads, Book 1)
Drew, Libby Beneath Lake Redemption
Durango, M. House Sitting
Dylan, Kris Between Want and Need To
Eisenberg, Andy Unexpected Guest (Patient Eyes, Book 2)
Ellwood, Leigh By the Chimney with Dare
Ellwood, Leigh GPS
Ellwood, Leigh Surveillance
Ellwood, Leigh Why, Why, Zed?
em, est Age Called Blue
Emrys, Phoenix Valley of Shadows
Erno, Jeff The Landlord
Erno, Jeff Trust Me
Espinoza, Pepper Hearts Afire: November
Falconer, Jade Escape
Falconer, Jade Eye of the Beholder
Falconer, Jade Murder by Design
Falconer, Jade The Perfect Gift
Falconer, Jade Use Your Illusion
Field, Ryan Sleepless in San Francisco
Ford, Catt Summer Fever
Fox, Harper Life After Joe
France, Christiane Some Place Only We Know
France, Christiane The Club at Cool Harbor
France, Christiane The Cop and the Drifter
Freeman, Jamie 66 Hours in the Devil’s House
Fullan, Rebecca Lynne The Hanukkah Surprise
Gardner, Kimberly Almost Heaven
Gardner, Kimberly Bound to Please (Phoenix Rising, Book 2)
Gardner, Kimberly Phoenix Rising
Gardner, Kimberly Sexy Summer Fling
Gassert, N. L. The Protector
Gibson, Rachel Nothing But Trouble
Gilbert, Evan Raiders
Gilbert, L. A. Witness
Glenn, Stormy A Promise Given
Glenn, Stormy A Promise Kept
Glenn, Stormy Blood Prince (Wolf Creek Pack, Book 4)
Glenn, Stormy Call Me Sir (Sir, Book 1)
Glenn, Stormy Call Me Sir, Too
Glenn, Stormy His Dirty Little Secret (Sammy & Friends, Book 3)
Glenn, Stormy My Girl
Glenn, Stormy Picture Me Perfect (Sammy Dane, Book 2)
Glenn, Stormy Sweet Treats
Gold, Cassandra After Hours
Gold, Cassandra Double or Nothing
Gold, Cassandra Falling
Gold, Cassandra Fantasies: Christmas
Gold, Cassandra Fantasies: Thanksgiving
Gold, Cassandra Fool for Love
Gold, Cassandra Hit By Love
Gold, Cassandra In a Wolf’s Eyes
Gold, Cassandra Quinn’s Hart
Gordon, Nicole Almost Home
Grace, Lily Forces of Nature
Grant, Cat Appearing Nightly (The First Real Thing, Book 2)
Grant, Cat The First Real Thing
Grant, K. T. The Prince’s Groom
Gray, Carolyn A Red-Tainted Silence
Green, Amber One Good Turn (Turner & Turner, Book 1)
Green, Simon R. The Good, the Bad, and the Uncanny (Nightside, Book 10)
Greene, Jack Corruption
Greene, Jack Hard Lessons and Security (Binary Stars, Book 1)
Greene, Jack News at Eleven
Gregg, L. B. Catch Me If You Can (Romano & Albright, Book 1)
Gregg, L. B. Dudleytown
Gregg, L. B. In and Out (Men of Smithfield, Book 4)
Gregg, L. B. Trust Me If You Dare (Romano and Albright, Book 2)
Grey, Andrew Mariah the Christmas Moose
Grey, Andrew Uncorked
Grey-Garou, Philippa Hearts Afire: September
Haldeman-Time, Matthew Affair in Paradise
Haldeman-Time, Matthew Hot Weather
Hardcourt, A. J. Beg for More
Hardcourt, A. J. Dark Submission
Harper, India Sea of Sin (Creatures of Sin, Book 3)
Harte, Treva Leftovers
Harte, Treva Maxxed Out
Hauser, G. A. Calling Dr. Love
Hauser, G. A. Dark Angel
Hauser, G. A. The Wedding Planner
Hauser, G.A. Fun with Dick
Hawke, Morgan Torrid
Hawkins, Lori C. Revelations of the Heart
Hawkins, Lori C. What’s Past Is Presence
Hecht, Stephani A Feral Christmas (Lost Shifters, Book 2)
Hecht, Stephani A Shifter Christmas (The Lost Shifters, Book 8)
Hecht, Stephani A Tempting Distraction (Lost Shifters, Book 7)
Hecht, Stephani A Wicked Caress (The Lost Shifters, Book 5)
Hecht, Stephani Blast from the Past
Hecht, Stephani Bound by Blood (The Drone Vampire Chronicles, Book 7)
Hecht, Stephani Carnal Intentions (Lost Shifters, Book 4)
Hecht, Stephani Code Blue (EMS Heat, Book 5)
Hecht, Stephani Double Shot Cappuccino
Hecht, Stephani Enslaved by Blood (Drone Vampires, Book 10)
Hecht, Stephani I’ll Run Away for the Holidays
Hecht, Stephani In Passion and Blood (Drone Vampire Chronicles, Book 4)
Hecht, Stephani In the Crease
Hecht, Stephani Lights and Sirens
Hecht, Stephani Mad Blood (Drone Vampire Chronicles, Book 2)
Hecht, Stephani Man Down
Hecht, Stephani Out of Balance
Hecht, Stephani Primal Passions (Lost Shifters, Book 1)
Hecht, Stephani Priority One
Hecht, Stephani Reborn in Blood (The Drone Vampire Chronicles, Book 8)
Hecht, Stephani Red Lights and Silver Bells (EMS Heat, Book 6)
Hecht, Stephani Retribution in Blood (Drone Vampires, Book 9)
Hecht, Stephani Running Hot
Hecht, Stephani Ruthless Pursuit (The Lost Shifters, Book 6)
Hecht, Stephani Savage Awakenings (Lost Shifters, Book 3)
Hecht, Stephani Saved by Love’s Blood (The Drone Vampire Chronicles, Book 5)
Hecht, Stephani The Third Floor
Hoshino, Lily Chocolate Surprise
Houston, Michelle Caging the Tiger (Animal Attraction, Book 4)
Houston, Michelle Taming the Wolf
Houston, Michelle Unleashing the Jaguar
Irving, Jan Mastering Toby
Ismine, Mara It’s a Calling
Ismine, Mara Journey To Compromise
Ismine, Mara Persistence Pays
Ivey, Felicitas There’s Something About Spot
Izanaki, Misa Feeding Dragons
James, Dean Posted To Death (Simon Kirby-Jones, Book 1)
Jensen, J. L. Finding the Divine
Jewell, Elizabeth The Chocolatier
Johnson, Dawn Kimberly Biting the Christmas Biscuit (Broken, Book 1.2)
Johnson, Dawn Kimberly Broken
Johnson, Dawn Kimberly Fishbowl
Johnson, Dawn Kimberly Reverie
Jones, A. Leigh Practice, Practice
Jones, Jambrea Jo Heart Song
Jones, Jambrea Jo Once Upon a Dragon
Jones, Jambrea Jo Runaway Man
Jones, Jenna Breathe Into Me
Jones, Jenna The Best Man
Jones, Jenna Your Forever (The Eight of Wands)
Juris, D. C. Taste Test: Shot through the Heart
Kane, Ashlyn Hang a Shining Star
Kasar, Kalita Guardian
Kazumi, Maki Desire: Dangerous Feelings
Keaton, Anna Leigh Soren’s Surrender (Incognito, Book 10)
Keegan, Mel Crimes of Passion
Kelly, Kiernan As Serious as the Grave
Kelly, Kiernan A-Viking
Kelly, Kiernan Change of Heart
Kelly, Kiernan El Cedral
Kelly, Kiernan Il Cavaliere delle Tazze
Kelly, Kiernan Staking His Life
Kelly, Kiernan Turquoise: Something’s Gotta Give
Kelly, Kiernan Where the Moon Touches
Kendricks, K. C. A Hard Habit To Break
Kendricks, K. C. Give Me One Night
Kendricks, K. C. Netting Neptune (Southern Cross Resort, Book 1)
Kendricks, K. C. No One But You (Shining Victory, Book 2)
Kendricks, K. C. Passion’s Victory
Kennedy, Sean I Fell in Love with a Zombie
Kennedy, Sean One Less Stiff at the Funeral (Petit Morts #8)
Kennedy, Sean Ports of Call
Kennedy, Sean Protests and Proposals
Kennedy, Sean Two Steps Up
Kenny, K.I.L. Another Border
Kenny, K.I.L. Halfway
Kersten, Shayla Forever (Thirty Days, Book 2)
Kersten, Shayla Gaps in Your Soul
Kersten, Shayla Icing on the Cake
Kersten, Shayla River of Need (Tennessee Cops, Book 4)
Kersten, Shayla Thirty Days (Book 1)
King, M. Angelfish
King, M. Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
King, M. Dream Thief
King, M. Ice Shack
King, M. Safe House
King, M. Samhain Enchanted Evening
King, M. Thirteen Maidens
Klein, Kris A Wet Dream on Elm Street
Kluger, Steve Almost Like Being in Love: A Novel
Knight, Geoffrey The Cross of Sins (Fathom’s Five, Book 1)
Konohara, Narise Don’t Worry Mama
Kousaka, Yuuki Sweet Admiration
Kovalin, Val Trinity Trespass
Kovalin, Val Wicked Cool
Kyle, Celia BDSFerret
Kyle, Celia In Knots
Kyle, Celia Rock Bottom
Lane, Amy Bewitched by Bella’s Brother
Lane, Amy Christmas with Danny Fit
Lane, Amy If I Must
Lane, Amy Keeping Promise Rock
Lane, Amy Phonebook
Lane, Amy Talker
Lane, Amy Truth in the Dark
Lane, Jourdan Never Let Go
Lane, Jourdan Soul Mates 1: Bound by Blood
Lane, Shawn His One and Only (Only, Book 4)
Lane, Shawn Manfred’s Curse
Lane, Shawn Only for Him (Only, Book 2)
Lane, Shawn Only His Heart (Only, #3)
Lane, Shawn Only in His Dreams (Only, Book 1)
Lane, Shawn Pulling Away
Lane, Shawn Still the One (The Best Gift, Book 2)
Lane, Shawn The Beach House
Lane, Shawn Twice in a Lifetime (Sutter’s Bay, Book 2)
Lane, Shawn Until the End of Time (At Long Last, Book 2)
Langley, J. L. My Fair Captain
Langley, J. L. The Englor Affair (Sci-Regency, Book 2)
Lanyon, Josh A Limited Engagement
Lanyon, Josh A Vintage Affair
Lanyon, Josh All She Wrote (Holmes & Moriarity, Book 2)
Lanyon, Josh Blood Heat (Dangerous Ground, Book 3)
Lanyon, Josh Critic’s Choice (Petit Morts #9)
Lanyon, Josh Death of a Pirate King (Adrien English, Book 4)
Lanyon, Josh Fair Game
Lanyon, Josh His for the Holidays
Lanyon, Josh Other People’s Weddings (Petit Morts 4)
Lanyon, Josh Out of the Blue
Lanyon, Josh Slings and Arrows (Petit Morts 2)
Lanyon, Josh Sort of Stranger than Fiction (Petit Morts #7)
Lanyon, Josh The Adrien English Mysteries (Fatal Shadows & A Dangerous Thing)
Lanyon, Josh The Dark Farewell
Lanyon, Josh The Dark Tide (Adrien English, Book 5)
Lanyon, Josh The Darkling Thrush
Lanyon, Josh The Dickens with Love
Lanyon, Josh The French Have a Word for It
Lanyon, Josh The Hell You Say (Adrien English, Book 3)
Larson, Kara Where a Hand Is Always Needed
Lee, Morgan Cold Steel
Leigh, Calissa The Aluria Chronicles
Levesque, J. J. The Gray Ghost
Li, Augusta Juicy, Melty, Fun to Share (Book 1)
Li, Augusta Lockdown
Li, Augusta Twelfth Night (Juicy, Melty, Fun to Share, Book 2)
Llewellyn, A. J. Fire and Ice
Lochland, Taylor Copper Country Gold
Lochland, Taylor Take It Slow
London, Clare 72 Hours
London, Clare Between a Rock and a Hard Place
London, Clare Blinded By Our Eyes
London, Clare Charlie Chuckles
London, Clare Footprints
London, Clare His Gift
London, Clare Home Sweet Home
London, Clare In the Closet
London, Clare Just Like in the Movies
London, Clare Just Like Scrooge
London, Clare Pop-Ups
London, Clare True Colors
London, Clare Upwardly Mobile
London, Clare What Not To Wear
Lopez, Lolita Swap Meet
Lorenz, Lynn Pinky Swear
Lowe, Barry Four on the Floor (Book 1)
Lowe, Barry Jolly Rogering (Four on the Floor, Book 2)
Lowe, Barry The Devil His Due (Four on the Floor, Book 3)
Lowe, Barry The Min Min Lights
Lygon, Jay Bonded
Lygon, Jay Chaos Magic
Lygon, Jay Love Runes (Chaos Magic, Book 2)
Lygon, Jay Personal Demons (Chaos Magic, Book 3)
Lygon, Jay The Harem Boy
Lygon, Jay The Quality of Mercy (Bonded)
Lygon, Jay Twice Blest (Bonded)
Lygon, Jay Unbound: Bonded II
Lyn, Viki Blue Skye
Lyn, Viki Last Chance
Lyn, Viki Out of Bounds
Lyn, Viki Ryan’s Harbor (Blue Skye, Book 2)
Lynley, E. M. Pineapples & Chocolate
Lynley, E. M. Well-Hung by the Chimney
Lynley, EM Sex, Lies and Wedding Bells
Lynne, Carol A Biker’s Vow (Campus Cravings, Book 9)
Lynne, Carol Coach (Campus Cravings, Book 1)
Lynne, Carol Different Suits (Poker Night, Book 4)
Lynne, Carol Garron’s Gift (Good-Time Boys, Book 2)
Lynne, Carol Gaymes
Lynne, Carol Healing Doctor Ryan
Lynne, Carol In Bear’s Bed (Campus Cravings, Book 7)
Lynne, Carol Office Advances (Campus Cravings, Book 8)
Lynne, Carol Pocket Pair (Poker Night, Book 3)
Lynne, Carol Poker Night 5: Full House
Lynne, Carol Rawley’s Redemption (Good-Time Boys, Book 3)
Lynne, Carol Slow Play (Poker Night, Book 2)
Lynne, Carol Sonny’s Salvation (Good Time Boys, Book 1)
Lynne, Carol Texas Hold ‘Em (Poker Night, Book 1)
Lynne, Carol Theron’s Return (Campus Cravings, Book 11)
Madison, L. D. Caught by Surprise
Madison, Sarah Unspeakable Words
Malone, Misty Dead Men Get No Tail
Malone, Misty The Hitcher and His Ride
Maltese, William Melting the Slopes
Manly, D. J. He Scores
Manly, D. J. Melting Ice
Manly, D. J. Melting Ice (Book 2)
Manly, D. J. Skipping Stones
Manly, D. J. So Much More Than Naked
Manly, D. J. So Much More Than Naked (Book 2)
Manly, D. J. Walking the Straight Line
Manly, DJ Christmas Tail
Mann, Marilu Changing Perspective (Lusting Wild)
Mann, Marilu Needing Harte (1-800-DOM-help, Book 1)
March, Ava Beyond Reckless
March, Ava Bound by Deception (Bound, Book 1)
March, Ava Bound to Him (Bound, Book 2)
March, Ava Convincing Arthur
March, Ava Deliberately Unbound (Bound, Book 2.5)
March, Ava From Afar
March, Ava Object of His Desire
March, Ava Pleasures of Somerville Park (Object of His Desire, Book 2)
Marcus-Jacobs, Alex What You Wish For
Martinez, Angel Aftermath
Maruya, Kae Lover’s Pledge
Mason, Jude Alex’s Appeal (Kindred Spirits, Book 3)
Mason, Jude Ethan’s Choice (Kindred Spirits, Book 1)
Mason, Jude Ghost of a Chance
Mason, Jude Hunter’s Light (Kindred Spirits, Book 2)
Massa, J. J. Learning Curve
Massa, J. J. The Wedding Party
Masters, Sarah Beautiful Sunset
Matthews, Lissa Masked
Maxfield, Z. A. Burning Up
Maxfield, Z. A. Jacob’s Ladder (St. Nacho’s, Book 3)
Maxfield, Z. A. Runaway Love
Maxfield, Z. A. Stirring Up Trouble
May, Anna Marie Green Lake
Mayle, Anna Bedtime Story for a Stolen Child
McBride, Belinda An Uncommon Whore
McBride, Belinda Bad Angels: Falling
McBride, Belinda Blacque/Bleu
McBride, Belinda Last Call Europe: Black Wolf
McCain, Moria Wishes
McDonald, J. B. Hero in Me
McDonald, J. B. In the Rough
McGynley, Sid Little Fishes
McKenna, Cara Backwoods
McKinney, T. D. The Wolfe Proxy
McKnight, Raven Hot Comfort
McMurray, Kate In Hot Pursuit
McMurray, Kate Kindling Fire with Snow
Merrow, J. L. A Real Boy
Merrow, J. L. Batteries Not Included
Merrow, J. L. Becoming the Spoils
Merrow, J. L. Pricks and Pragmatism
Michael, Patric The Santa Mug
Michael, Patric Timeless
Michael, Sean Catching a Second Wind
Michael, Sean Just the Right Notes
Michael, Sean Marked
Michael, Sean Rescue
Michael, Sean Secret Skin (Secrets, Skin and Leather, Book 2)
Michael, Sean Straight as an Arrow
Michaels, Aaron The Perfect Pumpkin Pie
Michaels, Tere Duty and Devotion
Michaels, Tere Faith and Fidelity
Michaels, Tere Love and Loyalty
Michalski, C. J. Noodle Shop Affair Volume 1
Mills, Margaret The Next Twenty
Minami, Haruka Love a La Carte
Mitchell, K. A. Chasing Smoke
Mitchell, K. A. Custom Ride
Mitchell, K. A. Life, Over Easy (Fragments, Book 1)
Mitchell, K. A. No Souvenirs
Moler, A. R. A Glimpse Inside (Inches of Trust, Book 3)
Moler, A. R. A Taste of Darkness (Inches of Trust, Book 2)
Moler, A. R. Crimson Regret (Inches of Trust, Book 1)
Moler, A. R. Windows and Walls (Inches of Trust, Book 4)
Moler, A.R. My Life in Your Hands
Moore, Michelle Enchanted Grounds
Moreton, Emily Have Hope
Morgan, Alex Prisoner of the State
Morgan, Alex Safe Word
Morrow, Jez Force of Law
Morrow, Jez Touch of a Wolf
Munder, Chrissy Better with Sprinkles
Munder, Chrissy Fair Winds
Munder, Chrissy Start from the Beginning
Munder, Chrissy The Reason for the Season
Munder, Chrissy The Scenic Route
Murdoc, Johnny The Horror in Dunwich Hall
Murray, H. T. Sticky Fingers (Go Fish, Book 2)
Mykles, Jet Indigo Knights 1: Squire
Mykles, Jet Just for You
Mykles, Jet Two Man Team (Team, Book 2)
Myles, Josephine Twinkle, Twinkle
Nacht, Clancy Dead End Job
Neko, Yayoi Incubus Volume 1
Neko, Yayoi Incubus Volume 2
Neko, Yayoi Incubus Volume 3
Nichols, Zoe I Take Thee
Nichols, Zoe Pain Management
Nolan, Nick Double Bound (Strings Attached, Book 2)
Nolan, Nick Strings Attached (Book 1)
North, Elizabeth Curious? A Woman’s Introduction to Gay Romance
O’Dare, Deirdre You Were Always on My Mind
Okati, Willa And Call Me in the Morning
Okati, Willa Because It’s True
Okati, Willa Game of the Season
Okati, Willa Sex and Sexuality
Okati, Willa The Name of the Game
O’Niall, Erin Topping Timothy: A Novel of Gay Bondage and Romance
O’Reilly, Terry Finding the Words
Ougi, Yuzuha Rising Storm
Owen, Chris Apotrope
Owen, Chris Carbon and Ash
Owen, Chris Good Cop, Bad Cop
Owen, Chris Weighted Measure
Owens, Zahra Balance
Owens, Zahra I Can See Right Through You
Owens, Zahra You Can’t Choose Your Family
Parhelion, Lucius Acquisitions and Mergers
Parker, Elle Like Pizza and Beer (Dino & Seth, Book 2)
Parker, Sloan A Lesson in Truth
Parker, Sloan Breathe
Parker, Sloan More Than Just a Good Book
Path, Mallory Handle with Care
Path, Mallory The Night Sky Man: The Nine of Wands
Payne, Jodi Dress to Impress
Payne, Jodi The Handyman
Perry, Laurie Home Is Where the Wine Is: Making the Most of What You’ve Got One Stitch (and Cocktail!) at a Time
Petros, Nerine Oliver and Angus (Shifting Perspectives, Book 1)
Picaro, L. Coming Home
Price, Jordan Castillo Betweentimes
Price, Jordan Castillo Hue, Tint and Shade (Petit Morts 1)
Price, Jordan Castillo Moolah and Moonshine (Petit Morts 3)
Price, Jordan Castillo Pretty Ugly (Petit Morts #6)
Price, Jordan Castillo Sleepwalker
Price, Jordan Castillo Spanish Fly Guy (Petit Morts 5)
Price, Jordan Castillo Wishink Well (Petit Morts #10)
Price, Nora Catherine Silver Thaw
Priest, Zathyn Left of Center
Priest, Zathyn One of Those Days
Prieto, Luisa Dark Designs (Half Lives, Book 1)
Raines, Hunter A Big Hunk O’ Love
Raiya, M. The Rosebud
Rayne, Alexandria Lifting Spirits
Rebel, Dakota A Wolf in Men’s Clothing (A Not Quite Wicked Tale)
Rebel, Dakota Mitch
Rebel, Dakota Raven
Rebel, Dakota To Hate and To Hold
Reed, Rick R. Reckless
Reed, Rick R. The Blue Moon Cafe
Reilly, Linda All I Want for Christmas
Rhodes, Devon A Detour Home
Rhodes, Devon A Pint Light
Rhodes, Devon Making His List
Rhodes, Devon One Wild Wish
Rhodes, Devon Pride and Joey
Rhodes, Devon Silver and Gold
Rhodes, Devon The Swap
Rhodes, Devon Through the Red Door
Rhodes, M. L. Out of My Mind
Rhodes, M. L. The Elf and Shoemaker
Richards, GR Vintage Toys for Lucky Boys
Riley, A. M. Blood on the Ice
Riley, A. M. Love Me Dead
Riley, A. M. Of the Clan O’Grady
Riley, A. M. Son of a Gun
Rocci, J. Dreggers Deep
Rodman, Lorne Bump and Grind
Roman, Kate Chainbreaker
Roman, Kate Enter the Succubus
Roman, Kate Man and Wolf
Rosenthal, Cindy Twenty Years Until Forever
Rowan, Tracy The Pavilion
Ryan, Cassidy Hit and Run
Ryan, Cassidy What the Heart Wants
Ryersson, Scott Poisoned Ivy
Samms, Jaime Apron Strings
Samms, Jaime Life After
Samms, Jaime Moving Day
Sampson, Steve Beautiful Viking
Scannell, Kathryn Borders
Scofield, Jamie Brushback (Evan Austin, Book 1)
Scott. R.J. The Christmas Throwaway
Seville, Jane A Very D Christmas (Zero at the Bone)
Sexton, Marie A to Z
Sexton, Marie Promises
Sexton, Marie Strawberries for Dessert
Sexton, Marie The Letter Z (Coda, Colorado, Book 3)
Shayne, Meredith Eyes Wide Shut
Shimizu, Yuki Love Mode, Vol. 1
Shimizu, Yuki Ze Volume 1 (Yaoi)
Silversmith, Alexi And Is Never Shaken
Silversmith, Alexi What They Say About Love
Simpson, John Officers in Need (Book 1)
Simpson, John Uniform Hardness (Officers in Need, Book 2)
Sinclair, Jenna Hilary Admit One
Sinclair, Skylar The Stud Farm
Singer, P.D. 8 Seconds on the Mountain (Mountain, #4)
Singer, P.D. Cross the Mountain (Mountain, #6)
Singer, P.D. Fall Down the Mountain (Mountain, #5)
Singer, P.D. On Call: Afternoon (On Call, Book 1)
Singer, P.D. On Call: Crossroads (On Call, Book 3)
Singer, P.D. On Call: Dancing (On Call, Book 2)
Singer, P.D. Storm on the Mountain (Mountain, #7)
Singer, P.D. Waiting
Skye, Joely Lynx
Skyze, Amber Wild Lickins
Slayde, Andy Last One Standing (The Five of Swords)
Slayde, Andy Mist Gray: Falling Apart, Falling Together
Slayde, Andy Sandalwood and a Potato
Slayde, Andy Time Zone Impaired
Slayde, Andy Vanilla: The Dominant Ingredient
Smith, Amberly GI Joe Holiday
Snow, K. Z. Bastards and Pretty Boys
Snow, K. Z. Fugly
Snow, K. Z. Jude in Chains
Snow, K. Z. Mobry’s Dick
Snow, K. Z. The Prayer Waltz
Snyder, J. M. A Little Something for Santa
Snyder, J. M. Beautiful Disaster
Snyder, J. M. Carey’d Away
Snyder, J. M. Double Standard
Snyder, J. M. Money’s Worth
Snyder, J. M. Picture Postcards
Snyder, J. M. Speed Trap (Working Man)
Snyder, J. M. The New Client
Snyder, J. M. Vince
Snyder, Jillian JackMagic
Soitino, Glyn Only Human
Sparrow, Angelia Chain-Male
Sparrow, Angelia Collared Hearts (Book 1)
Sparrow, Angelia Frosted Hearts (Collared Hearts, Book 2)
Spencer, Sonja Feeling Safe
Spenser, Mel Coming Out for Christmas (Miss Me 2)
Spenser, Mel Miss Me?
Steele, Kate Darling Brat (Thaw in Winter, Book 1.5)
Steele, Kate Hoosier Werewolf: Howl and Prowl
Steele, Kate Thaw in Winter
Stone, Ethan In the Flesh
Sudbury, Rowena If
Sutherland, Fae 629 Miles To Love
Sutherland, Fae Entanglements
Sutherland, Fae The Mask He Wears
Tachna, Ariel Sutcliffe Cove
Takaku, Shoko Shy Intentions
Talbot, Julia Jumping into Things (Thatcher Brothers, Book 1)
Talbot, Julia Landing with Both Feet (Thatcher Brothers, Book 2)
Talbot, Julia Love Dot Com
Talbot, Julia Purple Pen Diaries
Talbot, Julia Rock Bottom
Talbot, Julia Taking the Leap (Thatcher Brothers, Book 3)
Talbot, Julia The Cat House 2: Catnip Crazy
Talbot, Julia You Don’t Need a Doctor
Tam Secret Santa Surprise
Temple, Tory The Sound of Cicadas
Thomas, Anne Just Friends
Thomas, B.G. All Snug
Thomas, B.G. Christmas Wish
Thompson, Claire A Test of Love (Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay, Book 2)
Thompson, Claire Blind Faith
Thompson, Claire Continuum of Longing
Thompson, Claire Finding Chandler (Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay, Book 1)
Thompson, Claire Golden Boy (Golden Boy, Book 1)
Thompson, Claire Golden Man (Golden Boy, Book 2)
Thompson, Claire Island of Temptation
Thompson, Claire Masked Submission
Thompson, Claire Masks of Emotion
Thompson, Claire Safe in His Arms (Wicked Hearts, Book 2)
Thompson, Claire Stardust (Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay, Book 4)
Thompson, Claire Sub for Hire
Thompson, Claire Submission Times Two
Thompson, Claire Switch
Thompson, Claire Switching Gears (Solitary Knights of Pelham Bay, Book 3)
Thompson, Claire Wicked Hearts
Thornton, Marshall The Christmas Visit
Topol, Carolyn LeVine Healthy Obsession
Topol, Carolyn LeVine Seasons of Change
Traxx, Aeryn All I Want for Christmas
Turner, L. M. Resistance
Turner, L. M. The Subtle Build of Perfection
Urban, Jenny Winner Takes All
Urban, Madeleine Caught Running
Urban, Madeleine Love Ahead
Urban, Madeleine Warrior’s Cross
Valentine, Jaye Damn Gorgeous
Valentine, Lex Fire Season (Tales of the Darkworld, Book 3)
Vandrew, Matthew I’ll Tell You a Secret, Jackalope
Vandrew, Matthew Strange Carnivorous Flowers from Outer Space
Vaughan, Stephanie Fundamental Things (OC Pride, Book 2.5)
Vaughn, S. W. Skin Deep
Wadsworth, Deanna Secret Santa
Wakatsuki, Kyoko Selfish Demon King
Walsh, Haley Foxe Tail (Skyler Fox Mysteries, Book 1)
Walton, Ashleigh Sweet Surrender
Ward, J.R. Lover Mine: A Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood
Watts, Mia Bad Boys, Bad Boys (The Boys in Blue, Book 1)
Watts, Mia Dangerous Distraction
Watts, Mia Eat Me
Watts, Mia Faery Surprising (Faerily Imperfect, Book 2)
Watts, Mia Freeze Frame (Faerily Imperfect, Book 3)
Watts, Mia FU
Watts, Mia Knight’s Fall (Boys in Blue, Book 4)
Watts, Mia Open Sesame (A Not Quite Wicked Tale)
Watts, Mia Reasonable Doubt (The Boys in Blue, Book 2)
Watts, Mia Wild Thing
Welsh, Missy WHAT
West, Chloe Private Property
West, Rachel The First
Wiley, G. S. Mightier: The Seven of Swords
Wiley, G. S. The Nest
Wiley, G. S. The Oubliette
Williams, Laine Lessons in Mastery 1: Under Control
Williams, Laine Lessons in Mastery 2: Under Restraint
Williams, Laine Lessons in Mastery 3: Under Fire
Winter, Nix Just One Bite (Volume 1)
Winter, Vic Black Leather
Winter, Vic Christmas for Gary
Winter, Vic Cinnamon Dreams
Winter, Vic Reunion
Winter, Vic Somewhere Over the Rainbow
Winters, Eden Duet
Winters, Eden Night Watch (A Story of The Telling)
Winters, Eden Same Time Next Year
Winters, Eden The Angel of 13th Street
Winters, Eden The Boy Under the Bridge
Winters, Eden The Match Before Christmas
Winters, Eden The Telling
Winters, Eden The Wish
Winters, Eden Tinsel and Frost
Winters, Eden Valentine Wish
Winters, Eden What You Can’t Live Without
Witt, L. A. Cover Me
Witt, L. A. Nine-tenths of the Law
Witt, L. A. Rules of Engagement
Witt, L. A. The Best Man
Witt, L. A. The Distance Between Us
Wolf, Jamieson Harder
Woods, Em Chasing Alex
Woods, Em Not Anymore
Woods, Stevie Revenge Is a Dish
Woods, Stevie The Hitch-Hiker (The Tomcat Line, Book 1)
Woods, Stevie The Lost Temple (The Tomcat Line, Book 2)
Worrall, Lisa Halfway House
Wren, Indigo The Trap
Wylde, Beth Dinner and a Movie
Yamane, Ayano A Foreign Love Affair
Yamane, Ayano Finder Volume 1: Target in the View Finder
Yamane, Ayano Finder Volume 2: Cage in the View Finder
Yamane, Ayano The Crimson Spell
Yamane, Ayano The Crimson Spell 2
Yates, Serena To Find and To Keep
Yoo, Hajin Totally Captivated, Vol 2
Yoo, Hajin Totally Captivated, Vol 3
Yoo, Hajin Totally Captivated, Vol 4
Yoo, Hajin Totally Captivated, Vol 5
Yoo, Hajin Totally Captivated, Vol 6
Young, Amanda Screwed
Zachary, Drew Do You Believe in Magic
Zachary, Drew Emergency (A City Hospital Novel)
Zachary, Drew Loving the Rain
Zachary, Drew Night at the Office
Zachary, Drew Once Upon a Veterinarian
Zachary, Drew Playing the Market
Zachary, Drew Slap and Tickle
Zachary, Drew The Painted House
Zachary, Drew You Can Go Home Again
Zeno, Avery The Boyfriend Line