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Linkity hopes normal service will be restored next week

The insurance company now owns the remains of my old car. I now own a new-to-me car and will pick it up today, when I’ll deal with a few final related things. I’m hoping things will be back to normal next week. Here’s some brief linkity, in roughly the order it would be in if there were headings and all. 🙂

Reading Update
Book Play: Creative Adventures in Handmade Books by Margaret Couch Cogswell. This book starts with a very thorough overview of materials and techniques, then moves on to making a few basic books before finishing up with some unusual and creative interpretations of the book form. Definitely a good reference book.
Paint Mojo – A Mixed-Media Workshop: Creative Layering Techniques for Personal Expression by Tracy Verdugo. It was ok. I think. I skimmed a lot. Here it is, six days later, and I remember pretty much nothing about this book. D’oh.

*contemplating his diabolical plans for world domination… after he figures out how to get the lock on the kitty food pantry cupboard open*