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Reading Update
Stamp Stencil Paint: Making Extraordinary Patterned Projects by Hand by Anna Joyce. Ok look at embellishing decorative items by carving your own stamps, cutting your own stencils, and painting. I skimmed a lot of this one – I was hoping to pick up some tips on stamp carving or stencil making, but didn’t really.
The Art of Mistakes: Unexpected Painting Techniques and the Practice of Creative Thinking by Melanie Rothschild. Very good thoughts about creativity and the importance of playing and feeling free to make mistakes to the creative process. The section of art projects to help develop techniques for creative artistic play and experimentation felt like the weakest part of the book to me – I think the section could’ve been better integrated so its purpose was much more clear. That bit notwithstanding, this is one I’ll pick up used so I can reread and highlight all the quotes I jotted down during my first read. 🙂

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