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Linkity for the April Fools (feel free to interpret that however you’d like)

Congrats to Kimberly, who won Three Alarm Fire (EMS Heat #8) by Stephani Hecht! Three Alarm Fire is being released today by eXtasy Books.

Congrats to Kero, who won Precious Possession by Clare London!

Congrats to Lily, who won Resisting the Temptation by Valentina Heart!

Congrats to Dana A, who won Taste by Mickie B. Ashling! Taste will be released by Dreamspinner Press on April 4.


  • Knitnzu’s having her annual Snow Melt Contest! Hurry and get your guesses in by 6 pm EDT today, April 1, for your chance to win yarn, a needle case, or a $25 donation to your favorite human rights, child advocacy, or animal welfare organization.



Think, Do, Make, Learn

  • So back when I was in grad school and would clean my apartment instead of writing a paper, it was because I knew the clutter was reducing my mental focus! (Um, right. I was procrastinating.)




Cool or Wha…?



  • I hope my kitties remember the hungry part before they start such a project

Teh Cute

Reading Update
Lover Unleashed (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 9) by J.R. Ward. Well. It was better than Phury’s book, covered a lot of ground at breakneck speed, didn’t have any boring chapters focused on the lessers, and ended most unexpectedly.
Shades of Gray by Brooke McKinley. ebook. Excellent m/m romantic suspense about an FBI agent who’s spent his whole life looking at things in black and white and blocking out what he doesn’t want to see or acknowledge. Things get infinitely more complicated for him when he has to keep an ex-con alive to testify against a drug kingpin.
Concubine by Jill Knowles. ebook. Very good kinky m/m fantasy romance about a prince who suddenly and most unexpectedly finds himself as a demon warlord’s concubine.
Out There in the Night (Out There, Book 1) by Laura Baumbach. ebook. Very steamy paranormal m/m romance about a doctor working in Alaska for six months who’s rescued by a very mysterious and compelling man after being seriously injured.
Horizons by Mickie B. Ashling. ebook. reread. Very good m/m romance about a deeply closeted college football player with a homophobic family who finds himself falling (despite himself) for the very out ER doctor who cares for his broken arm. That bizarre cover does such a disservice to this book!
Accidentally His by Shawn Lane. ebook. Good m/m romance about two guys who sort of meet after a bus accident during their commute.
Breaking Point by Chris Quinton. ebook short. Good short m/m romance about a guy who’s supposed to meet his ex to accompany him to a book auction but gets upset and a bit vengeful when his ex doesn’t show.
Clue Game (Breaking Point, Book 2) by Chris Quinton. ebook short. Good short m/m romance about two guys who’d really rather spend the day in bed together, but get up to help an annoying friend with her scavenger hunt clues.
Breaking Logan’s Laws (Quinn Security, Book 4) by Cameron Dane. ebook. Steamy m/m romantic suspense about Quinn Security’s newest employee, Logan, who lives by a series of rules designed to keep his heart safe. The sex and romance are completely overdone and unrealistic in the usual Cameron Dane way.
Christmas at Reynolds Hall (With or Without, Book 4.1) by J.L. Langley. free ebook short. Good short paranormal m/m romance about Matt’s first Christmas dinner away from his family in New Mexico.
Attack of the Killer Dust Bunnies (With or Without, Book 4.2) by J.L. Langley. free ebook short. Cute short paranormal m/m romance about Aubrey, Matt, and Matt’s young twin brothers.
In the Light of Day by Sasha Devlin. ebook. Good m/m romantic suspense about a straight cop who’s been struggling with his feelings for the guy he went undercover with to break up some sort of porn film ring. I kept thinking there had to be a previous book about their undercover stint, but this is the author’s first book.
Mane Attraction by Sarah Masters. ebook. Ok paranormal m/m romance about a London man who see a lion change into a man on his fire escape. Little does he know that things are going to get stranger after that… This was obviously the first book in a new series (things were left really open-ended), but I can’t say that I have any interest in reading future books.
Undercover Sins by Hayley B. James. ebook. Trainwreck. This m/m romantic suspense about an undercover cop working as a rentboy in order to get close to one of the honchos in a human trafficking ring was extremely convoluted. The plot had as many holes as loops, no one behaved consistently or believably, and I never came to care what happened to the main characters. Be warned that there’s noncon and a complete absence of lube.

“What are you doing, Mom? I hope you’re not trying to sneak that tiara onto my head!” -Mayhem

Welcome to Linkity, now available on Fridays! (Warning: This post is guaranteed to exceed your daily allowable dose of exclamation points!)

Congrats to Naomi, who won the copy of The One That Got Away (One  & One) by TC Blue!

Congrats to KC (Smokinhotbooks), who won the copy of In and Out (Men of Smithfield) by LB Gregg!

And congrats to orannia, who won the copy of Carnal Intentions (Lost Shifters, Book 4) by Stephani Hecht!


Yes, you read correctly – Linkity is now going to be on Fridays instead of Thursdays. *waits for bereft sobbing to die down* Moving right along! πŸ˜‰


Books & Reading

  • Have you checked out the Author Fan Letter Blog Crawl yet? I’m up on May 29th. No, I haven’t selected my author yet. It’ll be a surprise to all of us. πŸ™‚


Learn, Make, Do





  • And I’m not sure that paper furniture would survive Chaos and Mayhem…


  • I don’t know about you, but I’m very pleased to not be a mother opossum.
  • Lions and tigers and bears, oh my!


  • Good luck at your forever home, Maura!

Reading Update
Lover Mine (Black Dagger Brotherhood, Book 8 ) by J.R. Ward. *gasp* Not an ebook (bless the library). Not (precisely) m/m! This paranormal romance isn’t one you should pick up unless you’ve read the previous seven books. Fortunately, Lover Mine, being the story of John Matthew and Xhex, was very good. (Oh, come on, aren’t you a little paranoid with each new book now, after the debacle that was Lover Enshrined? And don’t even get me started on “Doc Jane”…) I even got a bit teary once or twice. And if Qhuinn had appeared in my living room, I would’ve smacked him silly.
In and Out (Men of Smithfield) by L.B. Gregg. ebook ARC. Very good m/m romance about a disgraced and now agoraphobic writer whose sanctuary is breached by a gardener, a corpse, his ex, and more! I was late to work yesterday morning because I had to finish reading it. πŸ™‚ LB does such a nice job balancing the tender with the madcap, while managing to infuse both with plenty of humor. (I also liked the tie-in to Gobsmacked.)
Curious? A Woman’s Introduction to Gay Romance, edited by Elizabeth North. ebook collection. Very good m/m romance collection featuring stories by Amy Lane, Sean Kennedy, S. Blaise, M. Jules Aedin, Anna J. Linden, Chrissy Munder, Ashlyn Kane, Jaymz Connelly, Catt Ford, Isabelle Rowan, Bethany Brown, G.S. Wiley, and Janey Chapel. I really can’t remember if I’ve read a collection that I liked better. I think it would indeed serve as a good introduction to the genre.
Pain Management by Cassidy Ryan & Zoe Nichols. ebook. Very good m/m romance about two guys who are business partners and best friends, until a drunken night together threatens all of it. Um, I might’ve cried a bit – this one really got to me!
Between Want and Need To by Kris Dylan. ebook. Very good m/m romance about a fashion photographer who’s lived behind sturdy emotional walls for a long time – will he be able to face his demons and get beyond those walls?
Deadly Nightshade, Deadly Wrong, Deadly Dreams, and Deadly Slumber (Deadly Mysteries, Books 1-4) by Victor J. Banis. ebooks. rereads. These excellent m/m mysteries are set in San Francisco. (I’m rereading so I’m ready for the release of the fifth book. I actually reread the first two last month, but don’t seem to have mentioned them here…) Anyway! In the first book, gay police rookie Stanley must be the perfect guy to work on solving murders committed by a drag queen, right? While the SFPD thinks so, straight cop Tom, who gets stuck with Stanley as a partner, is not at all convinced. The first book, Deadly Nightshade, is available free at the GLBT Bookshelf (go! go now!), but be warned that if you start to read it and like it, you should immediately purchase the second book. You will be most unhappy if you finish the first book without the second book on hand. Trust me on this one.
Broken Bones, Mended Hearts by William Cooper. ebook short. Good non-angsty m/m romance short about a college student whose best friend helps him out after he’s been severely beaten.
Gay Pride (G-A-Y, Book 7) by Kim Dare. ebook short. Enjoyable m/m romance about a dom, not very active in the scene lately due to his activism, who opens his door to discover a drunk young man wearing nothing but a Pride flag.
Your Forever (Eight of Wands) by Jenna Jones. ebook short. Sweet m/m romance about a guy who over thinks everything, including getting involved with his best friend’s younger half-brother.
Taste Test: Shot Through the Heart by D.C. Juris, J.L. Merrow, and Lenore Black. ebook collection. This collection contained three short’n’sweet m/m romances loosely organized around the theme of Cupid.
Il Cavaliere delle Tazze (The Knight of Cups) by Kiernan Kelly. ebook short. Ok m/m time travel romance about a starving actor who receives a mysterious Tarot card in the mail – and the card takes him on a very unexpected journey.
Crossroads by Keta Diablo. ebook. So-so paranormal m/m about a cop turned private investigator who communicates with the dead when he meditates. Be warned that this book contains dub con – I’m not a fan, although it’s totally an old school romance and yaoi trope. (Hi, Torso Guy!)
Blood Prince (Wolf Creek Pack, Book 4) by Stormy Glenn. ebook. Pretty much what you expect from a Stormy Glenn m/m paranormal, although I’d be surprised if anyone actually edited this one.
Walking the Straight Line by D.J. Manly. ebook short. Ok m/m romance short about a dentist who has a crush on his straight best friend from college… and then his friend visits with a guy in tow…
Somewhere Over the Rainbow by Vic Winter. ebook short. Good m/m romance short about a guy who’s dragged to a gay B&B for the weekend, in the hope that it will help him get over his ex.

** “Bwa-ha-ha! All your souls are mine mine mine! Bwa-ha-ha!” -Chaos

Have a lovely weekend, everyone! I’m definitely looking forward to a little sunshine after a cold’n’cloudy week here.