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Reading Update
Ten Second Staircase (Bryant & May #4) by Christopher Fowler. Pretty good addition to the series, as Bryant and May struggle to close both a current case and one of their cold cases while the Home Office looks for ways to shut down the Peculiar Crimes Unit.
Half-Resurrection Blues (Bone Street Rumba #1) by Daniel Jose Older. Half-alive, half-dead, Carlos works for the NYC Council of the Dead, dealing with problems between the living and the dead. I was a lot happier with this before the tragic love interest showed up. :sigh:
Midnight Taxi Tango (Bone Street Rumba #2) by Daniel Jose Older. Good continuation of the series – this adds several other points of view, which was good, as Carlos definitely wasn’t my favorite of the book.
Just One Damned Thing After Another (The Chronicles of St Mary’s #1) by Jodi Taylor. I have really mixed feelings about this one. While it was a pretty enjoyable read, every similarity to Connie Willis’ time-traveling historians of Oxford annoyed the heck out of me. Plus the first-person POV character, Lucy, is one of my least favorite types of characters – she’s the type that has nearly everyone half in love with her and her natural charisma and leadership qualities shine through, blah blah blah. (See Anita Blake for reference.)
Handmade Books by Ray Hemachandra. It’s a coffee table book for a very, very tiny coffee table. Lovely to look at, but one you should get from the library instead of buying (unless you find it used, as I did). The materials used on the included books range from egg cartons to bird spines to acrylic sheets to copper.
The Medium is the Massage: An Inventory of Effects by Marshall McLuhan. For a book published 5o years ago, this short book has aged very well (beyond a few references to the technology of the times). Still can’t believe that we didn’t read this in my graduate program, since so many authors name dropped McLuhan.
Sidney Crosby: The Inspirational Story of Hockey Superstar Sidney Crosby by Bill Redban. Awful. Wikipedia is probably more informative and the writing is definitely better. Plus 66 pages is only achieved with a large font and lots of empty pages between chapters, etc.

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