June 2016

In which there’s no linkity because bookbinding

No linkity today because I am on vacation/staycation and finishing off an intensive bookbinding class at the Minnesota Center for Book Arts! But I did finish a few books last weekend before my class started…

Reading Update
Life on the Autism Spectrum: A Guide for Girls and Women by Karen McKibbin. While I as a female Aspie am supposed to be part of the target audience for this book, it didn’t feel that way as I was reading – it felt much more aimed at parents of Aspie girls. The “case study” used throughout the book, presumably to humanize topics and make them more relatable, had the opposite effect and made it harder for me to get into the book.
Journal Your Way: Designing and Using Handmade Books by Gwen Diehn. Very good book that uses a “select your own bookbinding adventure” style to help you put together a journal perfectly suited to your requirements. Recommended.

“You have been gone every day, Mom. I do not approve of such behavior.” -Chaos the Crabby


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Art Journaling Monday!

Welcome back to Art Journaling Monday!

Ink mess.


“If you are making art…”

Mapped 3D geometric doodle.

Be kind.

Lyric head.


“…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…” -Chaos

Art Journaling

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Linkity’s about to go on staycation!


Do, Think, Learn, Make


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Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

  • Wow. Apparently I found nothing cute this week. O.O

Reading Update

  • *whistling*

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