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  • Many thanks to Marta Acosta, who put together an Amazon playlist of my Vampire Mix in her sidebar! Please note that the playlist is of Amazon’s song samples, which are about 30 seconds each.

Black Kitties Running Amok

Reading Update
Faith and Fidelity by Tere Michaels. ebook. Good grief. You’d think, since I was rereading this excellent m/m romance, that I wouldn’t cry. You would be so, so wrong.
Love and Loyalty by Tere Michaels. ebook. Another reread. Tere Michaels can write a darn good m/m romance, even if this one didn’t have as much impact on me as Faith and Fidelity (i.e., I didn’t cry).
Catnip Crazy (Cat House, Book 2) by Julia Talbot. ebook short. Not Talbot’s best, but sort of a cute (if a bit silly) m/m paranormal.
Jumping into Things (Thatcher Brothers, Book 1) by Julia Talbot. ebook. This book actually contains two pretty good m/m romances. The first is about pilot Jed Thatcher who falls for a prickly fire jumper. The second is about Army Airborne instructor Ross Thatcher, who hasn’t ever been attracted to another guy before.
Open Sesame (A Not Quite Wicked Tale) by Mia Watts. ebook short. Fun and very steamy m/m romance based on Ali Baba and the 40 Thieves, updated with insider trading and many fewer thieves.
A Wolf in Men’s Clothing (A Not Quite Wicked Tale) by Dakota Rebel. ebook short. Very enjoyable m/m paranormal romance based on Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf, with Red now being a guy in a red hoodie and the Wolf now being a werewolf.
One of Those Days by Zathyn Priest. free ebook short. Nicely done short m/m romance about a chiropractor who discovers the jock who bullied him in high school is his next patient.
Entanglements by Fae Sutherland and Marguerite Labbe. ebook. Decent m/m romance about whether it’s worth risking everything to maybe have it all.
With This Ring (Tabloid Star, Book 1.5) by T. A. Chase. ebook short. Ok m/m romance about the guys from Tabloid Star tying the knot. I fear it exceeded my syrupy sugary quotient…
Leftovers by Treva Harte. ebook. Good m/m romance about two guys who only see each other once a year, at Thanksgiving. After eight years, that isn’t enough for either of them anymore.
Loving the Rain by Drew Zachary. ebook short. Decent m/m romance (set in Ottawa) about an environmentalist and an artist who uses recycled materials who meet while they’re waiting out a cloudburst in a coffee shop.
The Painted House by Drew Zachary. ebook. Nice, non-angsty m/m romance about a location scout who meets an artist while looking for a location in Nova Scotia.
Once Upon a Veterinarian by Drew Zachary. ebook. A cop and a veterinarian meet when the cop starts investigating a string of pet poisonings in this m/m romance.
Summer Fever by Catt Ford. ebook. Pretty good m/m romance about a guy staying at a lake cabin and the cop he asked for directions on the way there.
Feeding Dragons by Misa Izanaki. ebook short. Ok m/m paranormal romance about a dragon shapeshifter who takes a liking to a young Japanese cook. (For those of you who really enjoy descriptions of food in your reading, this might be of particular interest.)
In the Heat of the Moment by Kim Dare. ebook. Steamy and kinky m/m tale in which a dominant works to convince a submissive that there’s nothing shameful in being submissive.
All’s Fair in Love and Advertising by Lenore Black. ebook. I really enjoyed this m/m romance about a hyper advertising exec who knows better than to get involved with a prospective client… usually.
Broomsticks and Stones by Jane Davitt. ebook short. Cute paranormal m/m romance short about two wizards.
Change of Heart by Kiernan Kelly. So-so paranormal m/m romance about a vet (who’s a werewolf) who hasn’t been doing a very good job getting over his evil ex.
Feeling Safe by Sonja Spencer. ebook. A cop rescues a guy from an in-progress burglary, then takes the guy home. My biggest complaint was the sometimes dizzying point-of-view changes – every paragraph for a while… including the cat.

“I think that more books should include the cat’s point of view. That’s what everyone’s interested in anyway.” -Chaos

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Thursday bull(et)ish post

  • Eeep!
  • Eeep!
  • It explains so very, very much, doesn’t it?
  • His/their posture most especially. 🙂
  • Dear Mozilla – Iz kinda hatez Firefox 3.6 on Windows 7 (64-bit). Shiny, but oh, the memory leak…
  • In order to keep my number of computers under four, I gave the oldest laptop to my brother and SIL.
  • A lot.
  • And then rained for several days, causing numerous roof leaks.
  • And then got cold.
  • And started to snow.
  • And then got colder.
  • Which brings us back to the last time I whined about the weather!

Doctor Mayhem cares deeply about all of our problems. Can’t you tell just by looking at her?

“What?! No I don’t. I’m a cat! Your petty problems are of no interest to me.” -Mayhem


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Ebook Giveaway: Keeping Promise Rock by Amy Lane [CONTEST CLOSED]

Many thanks to author (and knitter) Amy Lane, who’s offering up an ebook copy of her new m/m romance release, Keeping Promise Rock, for one lucky commenter! Plus additional thanks to Amy, because I won a copy of the ebook in a contest on her blog, Yarning to Write. 🙂

A bit about the book:

Carrick Francis has spent most of his life jumping into trouble with both feet. The only thing saving him from prison or worse is his absolute devotion to Deacon Winters. Deacon was Crick’s sanity and salvation during a miserable, abusive childhood, and Crick would do anything to stay with him forever. So when Deacon’s father dies, Crick puts his college plans on hold to help Deacon as Deacon has helped him.

Deacon’s greatest wish is to see Crick escape his memories and the town they grew up in so Crick can enjoy a shining future. But after two years of growing feelings and temptation, the painfully shy Deacon finally succumbs to Crick’s determined advances and admits he sees himself as part of Crick’s life.

It nearly destroys Deacon when he discovers Crick has been waiting to be pushed away, which is what Crick’s family did in the past. When Crick’s knack for volatile decisions lands him far away from home, Deacon is left, shell-shocked and alone, struggling to reforge his heart in a world where love with Crick is a promise, but by no means a certainty.

And a bit about Amy:

Amy Lane mothers four children, teaches high school part time, and when the dragon roars in her blood, she writes. Her house is a demolition zone, her car is an accident waiting to happen, but her children love movies, science fiction, and prefer plastic swords to any other toy so she figures she’s done her job well. She spent five years as an independent writer and although she loves m/m and will continue to write it, she still has stories to tell from her Little Goddess series and isn’t going to give up being an indie any time soon. She is currently working on the sequel to Keeping Promise Rock, which is titled Making Promises, and then she’ll move on to the final installment of her novella series, Jack and Teague (and Katy): A Story of Green’s Hill. (The first five installments of this last one are available on her website for absolutely free!)

Contest Rules

  • To enter, leave a comment below stating that you are entering the contest. Leave your comments by 7 pm CST, Wednesday, February 3.
  • If you haven’t commented before, your comment will not be visible until after I moderate it. Please do not leave a second comment because your first doesn’t show up! The blog gnomes will decide your comments are spam and then only luck and adopting ten shelter kitties will salvage your entry…
  • If your comment is actually an advertisement or if your CommentLuv link turns it into an advertisement, your comment will be deleted. (Most of you do not need to worry – this just refers to some pretty clever comment spam.)
  • Winner will be selected by random number.
  • You must leave a valid email address in the “Email” portion of the comment form.
  • Please make sure that your spam filter allows email from stumblingoverchaos.com!
  • If a winner doesn’t respond to my congratulations email within 48 hours, I will select another winner.
  • This contest is open worldwide!

“Who cares about Mom trying to regain some of her long lost knitting cred with this pathetic sock?! Check out these yummy needles!” *munch* -Mayhem

“Mayhem! No!” -me

*mope* -Mayhem


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“So this is the new year, and I don’t feel any different.”

– Death Cab for Cutie, “The New Year” (No, really, I haven’t used this title before. Really. See? Similar, but different.)

I realized that I was running out of time to do a 2009 in review post and not have it be utterly silly. So, allow me to present my year in reading and knitting.

In 2009, I read a lot. Really. A lot. Um, 811 books is a lot, right?! Here’s the complete list, sorted by rating and then by author. You’ll notice that there are some books that look as if I read them in 2010 – those are rereads that I also read in 2009. (For reference, I read 388 books in 2008.)

My now beloved ebook reader had a huge impact on my reading last year. Although I didn’t get the reader until April, I read 500 ebooks last year; 445 of those were m/m titles. At this point, I would rather read ebooks than print books!

Please note that part of the reason for what looks like a crazy number of books read last year is because ebooks tend to be shorter overall than print books. While I tagged 79 books as shorts (all were ebooks), I didn’t start using that tag until a few months ago.

In 2009, I completed two reading challenges by joining them after I had met the requirements: 2009 Support Your Local Library Challenge and 100+ Reading Challenge. That’s apparently the secret for me and challenges – find out about them after I’ve completed them without knowing I’ve completed them. 🙂

This was not a good year for knitting, due to neck/back pain and lack of inspiration. (And, sadly, 2010 isn’t off to a great start knittingwise.) I completed a neck cozy, a baby blanket, a sweater that was mostly already knit, some bibs, and seven pairs of socks.

“Um, Mom? Those knitters aren’t stupid. They’re going to remember that you posted this same sock done to the same point already. But whatever. It’s your blog, your shame. Doesn’t mean I have to stick around to witness it.” -Chaos


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Misadventures in Stock Photography: Burning Questions

Several of you have wondered if Slouching Guy and Open Black Jacket Guy (OBJG) are the same person.

Hmm. Good question. I can’t quite tell.

What do you think?

I think they both have the same… belt.

And is this the same guy, or just someone else wearing that same jacket (now with bonus cop’s shield)?!


“These are my pink sparklies. Mine. MINE!!! You stay away, you big kitty, you.” -Mayhem

I think it’s safe to say she likes them, Nicole – thank you!


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