May 2009

Happy birthday, MayMay!

On Sunday, my baby girl turns three. *sniff*

She was a wee mite of three months when I brought her home from the rescue org in September 2006, but that never stopped her from taking on the big kitty:

“Take that, big kitty! I’m not afraid of you!!” – Mayhem
“Good grief!” – Chaos

She’s still as sassy and energetic as ever. Happy birthday, MayMay!

“Oh, goody – presents! Bring ’em on! I better get a Panther Princess Tiara this year. Sparkly, furry, and hot pink, if you please.” -Mayhem

Those Cats

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Reading our lives away

For your chance to win a set of six classic short story collections from authors such as Willa Cather, Leo Tolstoy, and Herman Melville), leave a comment at Largehearted Boy by midnight CDT, May 29.

If you’d like a chance to win an audiobook copy of James Patterson’s The 8th Confession, leave a comment at J. Kaye’s Book Blog before June 27. Please remember that J. Kaye doesn’t notify winners – you need to keep an eye on the blog to see if you’ve won.

Free download of The Guide to Pirate Parenting!

Smart Bitches had some great links recently, including to free audiobooks.

I definitely don’t write as much as I used to (since I seem to type most things now), but when I do handwrite something, it doesn’t take long for my hand to hurt. Maybe my grip is part of the problem.

Use six books (that you don’t like) to make invisible speakers.

How to make your very own book pillow to help you read in comfort.

Dear Author’s weekly tech roundup has some good stuff this week, including info on colorful new ebook readers and an ebook price comparison website (I’m definitely bookmarking that one!).

I thought these seven organization tips to help you reduce your TBR (to be read) pile were great in theory, but… I know I won’t do any of them. 🙂

If you’re trying to read more, maybe these 16 ideas will help – I know that not watching tv and speed reading probably help me the most. Missing from that list was making sure you always have something to read with you so you can take advantage of unexpected free time (such as when waiting in lines).

A look at the good, the bad, and the ugly of the Kindle 2.0 from an avid user after 100 days of use. Also, Kindle owners can now view their notes and highlights in a web browser and not just on their Kindles.

Reading Update
Just the Sexiest Man Alive by Julie James. This was a great contemporary romance about a Chicago lawyer who’s in LA to work on a big case when she gets stuck providing legal insight to a handsome movie star who’s researching his role in a legal thriller.
Undone (Outcast Season, Book 1) by Rachel Caine. This is a spin-off from Caine’s Weather Warden series. It features Cassiel, a fallen Djinn. Lots and lots and lots of open questions at the end of this one. *sigh*
The Immortal Hunter: A Rogue Hunter Novel (Argeneau Vampires) by Lynsay Sands. Ack. More of the lots and lots of open questions thing here. Hmph.
Dead Girls Are Easy, A Match Made in Hell, and You’re the One that I Haunt (Nicki Styx, Books 1-3) by Terri Garey. Nicki was dead for a few minutes in the ER and when she came back, she could see ghosts. Ghosts who want her to do things for them, ranging from the innocuous to the deadly. Overall, I enjoyed these, although there was a story arc that I found annoying and which I really hope was completed in the third book.
Witch Fire (Elemental Witches, Book 1) by Anya Bast. This book starts in Minneapolis! I’m always a sucker for that. I thought this was a good completely vampire and werewolf free read (also very steamy) – the next two books are already on my TBR shelf and I’m planning to pick up the latest book on June 6 at Uncle Hugo’s, when Ms. Bast will be there signing it.

“Wait, why did I think I missed you again? Obviously I forgot about the infernal flashing.” -Mayhem

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Linkity blowout

Leave Kristi a comment by midnight EST, May 31, for your chance to win a pdf of one of her cute kids sweater patterns.

Clever DIY idea for making a light box in a suitecase.

Like to build things from cardboard? This article has links to ten things you can make from cardboard, from a kitty chaise to a laptop stand to a starter macro photography kit.

Whoa. Good question.

Although the Gizmodo article’s a bit snarky, check out the pet photography tips from Li of Fat Orange Cat Studios. Yes, she does also blog at domesticrafts.

Oh my – a USB drive that transforms into a panther!

More IKEA hacks for hiding litterboxes.

Make your own deluxe kitty windowsill perch.

Hmm. Who does this print remind me of?

Doesn’t this look tasty? Gluten-free chocolate rootbeer cake. *nom nom nom*

You’re at the theater, watching a movie and you desperately have to pee but don’t want to miss anything. This website will help you figure out the best time to take your break.

Rest easy, citizens of Boston – your police department promises to alert you when the zombies attack.

I had no idea LEGO was making an Architecture line – check out the Fallingwater kit!

Feline Strategy #2 for Dealing with Unexcused Human Absence:

“Oh, did you go somewhere? I didn’t notice.” -Chaos

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Back! Buried!

It was a great weekend up north at the cabin! Sunny skies, low humidity, comfortable temps in the low 70s, and the bugs (tiny black flies at this time of year) weren’t too bad (I’d like to take this opportunity to thank my brother for being such a tasty flavor for bugs, making things much more pleasant for the rest of us). A great weekend, even though I didn’t knit at all and only read two books. The only pictures I took were pictures of family, who have requested that I maintain their anonymity. (But you can go look at lovely cabin pictures from the archives, should you desire.) (Oh, and I owe many thanks to my wonderful sister-in-law, who always comes up with the tastiest gluten-free creations – her gf Mexican pasta salad was delicious!)

I came back to over 500 entries in Google Reader, so I’m going to try to get that under control right now and get back to more normal blogging tomorrow.

“I’m still mad at you, Mom. Meanie.” -Mayhem


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Bleeding Hearts Club Band

Another picture from my rambles on Sunday:

I love bleeding hearts. I can remember being fascinated by them when I was three or four years old.

Any big weekend plans? It’s a long weekend here in the US. I’m heading up north to the cabin the tomorrow morning (returning sometime Monday), so I’ll be packing tonight when I’d usually be writing a blog post. SoC will resume publication on Tuesday.

“I’m hot.” -Chaos

No surprise, Chaos, as it was in the 90s again yesterday. Since the humidity was only about 16% (i.e., about 70% lower than it usually is at those temperatures here), I just couldn’t bear to close the windows and switch on the air. The kitties didn’t seem to find the fans as refreshing as did I.


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