October 2008

Friday should come more than once a week

No spiders today!

La’s having a celebratory contest – stop by to get the details, caption a photo, and maybe win some of her gorgeous sock yarn. Contest ends 5 pm PST, November 7.

Cheryl was one of the winners in Chaos’ birthday contest. One of the “goodies” she received was a “make your very own black cat” kit. Here’s what she emailed me about opening the kit: “It was amazing! Except for the big pom-poms and ears, almost everything else was in a little tiny package (about 1″ by 2″) that must have been vacuum-compressed – it practically exploded kitty parts when I opened it.” She has more details (and pictures) of what happened after that.

Speaking of contests, I recently won over at Nicole’s and at Tink’s! (Hmm, maybe I also have the Random Number Generator Fairy?) Nicole sent a copy of Moongazer (the Amazon.com review describes it as a combination of The Matrix, Snow Crash, and Blade Runner), black kitty socks (how did she know??), and a bar of dark chocolate with espresso beans. Thank you, Nicole! Tink sent really cool SkullCandy ear buds, which I am eager to start using with my mp3 player. Thanks, Tink! (Now I’ll probably have to fight off Amy, who’s sure to notice that the packaging and ear buds are very Day of the Deadesque and will thus covet them something fierce.)

“What the heck is this?! So many swirly lines swirling and swirling… Whoa. I’m getting dizzy.” -Chaos

“I am Mayhem’s Tail, and I approve this message.” -Mayhem’s Tail

Here’s an unobstructed picture:

Happy weekend! Is it next Friday yet?


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In which autumn progresses (and surprises no one)

See the wee kittens at itty bitty kitty committee battle a spider bigger than themselves! Go, kittens, go!

It was so dreary and rainy and chilly while I was writing this post… I clung (somewhat desperately) to the memory that only this past weekend it was warm and sunny as I checked autumn’s progress while walking around Lake of the Isles.

Ahh…. That’s more like it…

“I still can’t believe May offered me up to the giant spiders like that. That’s cold.” -Chaos

Tales of the Neighborhood

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Guess I’ll add Excelsior to my list of places to avoid until they get that nasty spider infestation under control… (Get out while you can, Deb!) (Really, I had no idea it was going to turn into Spider Week here at SoC.)

Anyone want to bet that they have very few parking violations? Or even museum guests?! 😉

“On second thought, those giant spiders look more like something the big kitty would enjoy. I’ll just hide under the covers until they’re done with him and go away… I mean, until he’s got them under control.” -Mayhem

Rebecca is having surgery today. Please keep her in your thoughts and send her lots of healing vibes! Thanks.

See the Sights

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Sure to be at least one link that intrigues you

Stephania’s having a contest – leave her a comment about the etsy/Ravelry/elsewhere crafter who particularly inspires you, and you could win a skein of her hand-painted sock yarn. Contest closes midnight, November 7, PDT.

Hee hee – have you seen the “Ye Olde Google Charts” sailing directions for Columbus?

In the future, will your plants be wandering around, competing with your kitties for the sunny spots? (I’m sure Mayhem won’t take any crap from the plants – I can hear the *crunch crunch crunch, nom nom nom* now.)

Hmm… here’s a nice IKEA hack that creates a cat friendly charging station.

If you haven’t switched to Google Reader from Bloglines, maybe this article about Bloglines’ failure to update and further failure to communicate what’s up will inspire you. The article includes information on how to export your blogs from Bloglines and import them into another feed reader – very easy. I ran Google Reader and Bloglines in parallel for a month or so earlier this year, and Google Reader was definitely more reliable. (Interestingly, it appears Bloglines fixed the update issue and communicated about it not long after Lifehacker posted about the problem.)

Megabus is coming to Minneapolis – a ticket to Chicago starting for less than $11? Same amount of time as the train or driving? And free wi-fi? Hmm…

Have paranormal romances killed off the contemporary romance? The folks over at Smart Bitches, Trashy Books weigh in.

If you’re a fan of Rachel Caine’s Weather Warden series, Caine’s agent has a Weather Warden short story posted on her blog.

I only found out about Saturday’s Readathon on Friday (from Nicole), so I didn’t participate this time. But there’s another one coming up in April. Cursingmama and I are already in training!

Reading Update
Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr. This is the tattoo-focused sequel to Wicked Lovely – much of it won’t make sense unless you read that book first. It was good, but it bothered me – not quite the same squinky feeling that, say, reading the Twilight novels gave me – but definite discomfort. And the ending was odd – it felt as if there was a chapter or two missing before the final two chapters.
Hot Spell by Emma Holly, Lora Leigh, Shiloh Walker, and Meljean Brook. I picked this up for “Falling for Anthony,” which is the first tale of the Guardians. I also read the stories by Leigh and Walker – the stories were ok, but I’m not inspired to check out anything else they wrote. Speaking of Meljean Brook, she’s having daily contests until November 4, when the seventh Guardian novel, Demon Bound, is released.

Cockatiels at Seven (A Meg Langslow Mystery) by Donna Andrews. Yet another madcap installment in the Meg Langslow series, featuring a borrowed toddler, a boa constrictor, dancing poodles, wayward sheep, and missing Gouldian finches. My only complaint was the book’s abrupt ending – things were definitely left hanging.
Blood Drive and The Watcher (The Anna Strong Chronicles, Book 2-3) by Jeanne C. Stein. Being the further adventures of newly turned and reluctant vampire, bounty hunter Anna Strong.
A Rush of Wings by Adrian Phoenix. A very dark and suspenseful first novel – I’ll definitely read the next book when it comes out later this year. (Note that I kept reading even though I am not a fan of novels with serial killers in them.) (Sorry, CarrieK, there are vampires in this one, too.)

“Why do you think I’d be a good spokescat for Caribou Coffee’s Obsidian blend, Mom? Are there spiders in it?” -Mayhem

Click the picture to discover the answer to the spokescat question…


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I think I’ll stay away from Lowry Hill until after a few hard frosts kill off all the spiders…

“Mom! I can’t believe you didn’t bring us any of those tasty spiders!” -Mayhem

Tales of the Neighborhood

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