September 2008

Back to work again, hi ho, hi ho

Today I go back to work after my staycation. *sigh*

Northern Minnesota was very lovely over the weekend. Cool nights, sunny days, and no bugs – ahhhhh… On Saturday, we wandered in to Grand Rapids to the Goods from the Woods craft fair. We took a rambling route back to the cabin, which included driving through such metropolises as Effie and Togo. We stopped at this river to stretch our legs and skip a few stones.

On the drive home Sunday, I tried to get a few shots of the fall colors.

I couldn’t bring myself to stop and take better pictures – after slowly working my way up through assorted campers and trucks and the like on the two-lane highway, I didn’t want to have to pass all of those pokey vehicles again!

“Hmph. You were gone, Mom. You sure didn’t have my permission to be gone.” -Mayhem

See the Sights

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Thanks and links and even a feather toy, oh boy!

Many, many thanks for your many wonderful comments for Carol yesterday. I think she was a bit overwhelmed by how great you guys are, but in a good way. 🙂 Here’s what she asked me to post for all of you:

Cyber-love is real. I can feel the healing. Thank you all for your blessings and well wishes. I am lucky in a couple of respects already. One is that my cancer is a curable lymphoma and the other is that Chris is my neighbor.

Chaos and Mayhem are nice neighbors for the most part also. Chaos gets a little loud sometimes but that’s only when Chris doesn’t feed him enough or something.




For those wanting to see a modeled shot of my new glasses, Jodi got one when we met up for coffee and knitting on Saturday.

Only one half of a sleeve (plus weaving in ends and blocking) left on my shaped cardigan!

Here’s a knitting t-shirt I haven’t seen before – also available as a totebag). Actually, this site has a lot of edgy, wicked, and/or offensive t-shirts – I particularly like the reading t-shirt and the crazy cat lady t-shirt.

Purrsonals, the dating and social networking site for cat staff. I haven’t worked up enough nerve to check it out yet. Besides, I’m willing to bet the female to male ratio is heavily skewed!

Looking for urban fantasy book reviews and ideas on what to read next? Check out Urban Fantasy Land.

Reading Update
Sex and the Immortal Bad Boy (Immortally Sexy, Book 4) by Stephanie Rowe. You know me – how could I resist such a cheesy title?! I may or may not read any other books in the series.
Fantasy Lover, Night Pleasures, Night Embrace, Dance with the Devil and Kiss of the Night (Dark-Hunter, Books 1-5) by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I’m on a quest to re-read the series and get a better grasp on why I was so disappointed by Acheron. This project has really cut into my Nora Roberts reading. 😉

Have a great weekend, everyone! I’m going to take a little vacation from posting (and I’ll be heading up to the cabin for a few days) – look for me again Tuesday morning.

“Feather toy, oh sweet feather toy – I’m glad I have you to keep me company while Mom is gone.” -Mayhem


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A very special request after the contest info…

Brenda’s giving away some lovely sock yarn in belated celebration of her blogiversary. To participate, simply leave her a comment – and if you would include condolences for Rip, her family’s kitty who just turned 20 and is nearing his end, it would be much appreciated.

My next-door neighbor Carol is just a bit older than I am. She’s the one who takes care of the kitties when I travel to the cabin or take longer journeys. Last week, she was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins lymphoma. Considering that they at first thought she had aggressive lung cancer, this is relatively good news. Anyway, Carol had a bone marrow biopsy yesterday and will probably start chemo in the next few days. I’m helping her out as much as I can (picking her up from appointments and such), but what I’d like to ask all of you for is your good thoughts and/or prayers for Carol as she prepares to start her treatment. I completely believe that all of the positive energy you sent my way last fall helped me get better after my surgery. I will pass along comments to Carol. Please, no scary stories, ok? This is all about positive, healing energy.

Many thanks to all of you.

“Even though I growl and hiss at you when you come over to take care of me when Mom’s gone, I think you’re pretty ok for someone who isn’t Mom, Carol, and I hope you get better quickly!” -Chaos


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Sort of new glasses

Yes, I picked up my new glasses on Friday… and I’m pretty sure no one will ever notice that they’re new. Why? Because I got the exact same frames in a slightly different shade. Below, the glasses in back (old) are “Tan” and the glasses in front (new) are “Olive.”

Pretty radical change, eh? Not. I always go in for new glasses, resolving to get something exciting and different… and then reality hits. I have a narrow face, so there aren’t a lot of adult glasses that will even fit me. Since most of the kids’ glasses aren’t really my thing (Hot pink! With butterflies! And daisies!), I won’t wear plastic frames (must have the nose pads that wire frames use), I’m anti-bling on glasses (the JLo line was particularly scary), and my prescription restricts me to somewhat small lenses… Yeah. I didn’t see anything that I liked more than the poor old beat up frames I already had.

“Hmm. These aren’t knitting needles.” -Mayhem

“Let’s just give them a taste anyway…” -Mayhem

Gotta go! Must rescue glasses!


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There’s a rumor of sunshine in the forecast…

Vacation Summary So Far
Friday – Biked, went to the library, picked up new glasses, read, knitted.

Saturday – Moaned about the rain, read, knitted, met Jodi of A Caffeinated Yarn at Common Roots for coffee, conversation, and knitting while she was in the area.

Sunday – Moaned about the rain, read, knitted, ripped, re-knitted, bothered the cats, randomly selected contest winner. Congrats to Lisa! Your copy of Night Shift will be on its way as soon as I make it to the post office.

Reading Update
Gale Force (Weather Warden, Book 7) by Rachel Caine. This is a series I continue to enjoy, but boo hiss to the cliffhanger endings! (If you read either Caine’s Weather Warden or Morganville Vampire series, check out the free online short stories on her website.)
Birthright and Two of a Kind (Impulse / The Best Mistake) by Nora Roberts. It’s starting to scare me how much she’s written…
Acheron (Dark-Hunter, Book 12) by Sherrilyn Kenyon. This book was hefty – over 700 pages worth of heft. The first half, about Ash’s human life, is not easy reading. The second half seemed really choppy and not very well-written – not sure if I was just reading too fast, or if I had expectations for this book that it couldn’t quite meet.
Witch in the House by Jenna McKnight. Another light’n’fluffy paranormal romance, featuring a witch and a Pierce Brosnan lookalike PI.

“Sheesh, Mom, can’t a guy sprawl in his own living room without ending up on the internets?” -Chaos

“I didn’t do it! You can’t prove it! Oh, wait, what?” -Mayhem


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