August 2008

Friday, Friday

Susan’s giving away a copy of Casual Elegant Knits – if you’d like to win, leave a comment with a question for the authors. Plus, Susan’s birthday was yesterday, so you should wish her a happy birthday if you stop by!

If you like to read fantasy or urban fantasy, check out these cool book giveaways.

Head on over and vote in the 2008 Knitter’s Hunk contest!

Can anyone recommend a good ftp program that works in XP SP3? I had been using SmartFTP, but suddenly they want $40 for it. I’d pay $10 or so, but not $40. I’m using FireFTP, but it doesn’t remember the last connected directory when you reconnect. I tried FileZilla, but can’t remember why I uninstalled it – probably because, like CoreFTP Lite, it doesn’t have a nice right click to copy the file path. I just tried WinSCP and I think it will work! Thanks for the recommendations!

“Where is dangly thing??!!! Dangly thing! Dangly thing!” -Chaos

“Get a grip, big kitty! It’s at the other end of the bag, on the zipper. Have you no shame?” -Mayhem

Since I know there are those amongst you who actually like to see unobstructed pictures of the knitting… 😉 I mostly like how my graduated dyeing experiment is coming out. However, if I do this again, I won’t make the color sections so long (i.e., I’ll have more colors) and I’ll increase the overlapping/graduated sections. While I only have four colors, Jeanne has six colors, so it could be perfect! (No pressure, Jeanne…)


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A new bag… or two

I think you’re all well aware of my weakness for bags at this point, right? And you might remember that a few months ago, I got rid of two tote bags that just didn’t work out for me. Of course, that meant I’ve had my eye out for a new bag, since I really am tired of the piece of REI carry on luggage I’ve been lugging around. A few weeks ago, I picked up a Case Logic canvas messenger bag and I love it! It has a laptop sleeve that works well for carrying books and work stuff, too. I also picked up a new hardshell camera case for my Olympus 1010 to protect it while it’s in my messenger bag. (You can almost see the camera case under May’s tummy below.)

“Out of my way, May.” -Chaos

“As if! You’re not the boss of me, big kitty!” -Mayhem

Fortunately, before that could devolve any further, I pulled out my newest sock project bag, which completely distracted Chaos.

“Hmm, what is that little dangly thing?” -Chaos

“This dangly thing rocks!” -Chaos

“I love you, dangly thing!” -Chaos

*nom nom nom* -Chaos


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Tails that pass in the evening

Identify the location in the last picture of Tracey’s post by August 22, 10 pm EDT, and you could win a $25 gift certificate to Blue Moon Fiber Arts!

So how amusing is it that I, known for captioning cat pictures, win a paranormal romance novel, which I am known for reading, by… captioning cat pictures?! Mine is the caption on Photo #3. 🙂

Reading Update
The Accidental Time Machine by Joe Haldeman. A grad student inadvertently invents a time machine and his life gets very, very strange. Not as powerful as Haldeman’s Forever War, but an entertaining read.
Irish Dreams (Irish Rebel & Sullivan’s Woman) by Nora Roberts. Older stuff, so ok, but not great.
Drinking Midnight Wine by Simon R. Green. So-so urban fantasy set in Bradon-on-Avon about a bookstore clerk who follows the wrong (or is it right?) woman in the train station one evening.
A Vintage Murder: A Wine Lover’s Mystery by Michele Scott. The latest in an ok mystery/romance series usually set in Napa Valley, although this particular book is set in Australia.
Bedlam, Bath and Beyond (World of the Storm Ravens, Book 1) by J. D. Warren. A surprisingly good paranormal romance that really can’t be judged by title or cover, as neither of them seem to be related to the content!
Angel with Attitude by Michelle Rowen. It’s harsh to be a fallen angel dropped naked into the shark tank at Marineworld…
Bound to Love Her by Esri Rose. A Boulder woman finds a hunky unconscious elf in the woods while she’s out walking her neighbor’s dog. Started out strong, but I thought it lost steam near the end.

As accidental exposures go, I like this one a lot. 🙂


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A very fetching cat

May’s favorite thing is playing fetch. She is indefatigable…

“Dum de dum…” -Mayhem

“…de dum…” -Mayhem

“…de dum…” -Mayhem

“…de dum…” -Mayhem

“…de dum!” -Mayhem

Those Cats

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Back from the north country

Post about the Red Scarf Project, in which knitters knit red scarves for orphans, and you could win a special skein of Scout’s sock yarn, plus a $25 gift certificate to her shop. Post fast, because this contest closes at August 18 (aka today), 6 pm, MDT.

Nicole’s giving away a copy of Lynn Viehl’s paranormal romance Evermore: A Novel of the Darkyn. Leave Nicole a comment by August 22 for your chance to win.

Guess how many pictures Eva’s going to take during her trip to Amsterdam and you could win some of Meilenweit’s new merino sock yarn. Contest closes August 22, midnight PDT.

This sheep chair boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

Hmm… Chaos or Mayhem?

Pao thought of me when he saw this picture… aw, thanks?! 😉

The two full days I had at the cabin were wonderful. I didn’t knit a stitch, but I did pick wild blueberries (yum!), help build a deck (mostly by holding things so my brother could attach them), lounge about talking, drink a few beers, and read a little. Ahhhhh…

“It’s nice that you’re back, Mom, but the big kitty said I have to be mad at you and pretend to ignore you.” -Mayhem

See the Sights

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