June 2008

Whole lotta nothin’ goin’ on

Can’t come up with much to blog about today. Been feeling more blue than usual the past few weeks. I know it’ll pass, but the during isn’t ever much fun.

“Please cheer up, Mom! I bet playing with the MGWT would do the trick!” -Mayhem


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The cat’s in the bag

Finally it’s my turn!” -Mayhem

“Very cozy.” -Mayhem

“Really an excellent fit.” -Mayhem

“Does it have a flavor?” -Mayhem

“What do you mean, that was dangerously close to lolspeak?” -Mayhem

“There’s no call for that kinda talk, Mom. I’ll be sulking if you need me.” -Mayhem

Have a great weekend, everyone!

Those Cats

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We all need spa days

Tuesday was a mini-spa day for me. Over my lunch hour, I got a great pedicure. (And I’ve already almost adjusted to my “Cherry Crush” colored toenails, after two or three years of “Plum Attraction.”)

Then after work, I got a massage for the first time in over a year. Ahhh… It can be a challenge to find a massage place that doesn’t use scented products, so I was very happy when Ikisti mentioned that a place in our neighborhood should be suitable – and it was!

Of course, since Ancient Realms uses light olive oil for its massages, I had to shower the minute I arrived home because my Chaos Kitty lurves him some olive oil and I didn’t fancy being licked, gnawed, and mauled for the rest of the evening!

What sorts of things do you do for yourself when you need some pampering?

Reading Update
Beyond the Highland Mist, The Highlander’s Touch, Kiss of the Highlander, The Dark Highlander, The Immortal Highlander, and Spell of the Highlander (The Highlander Series, Books 1, 3, 4, 5, 6, & 7) by Karen Marie Moning. *fans self* Moning writes very readable, very steamy time traveling romances.
Powers of Detection: Stories of Mystery & Fantasy edited by Dana Stabenow. This was an excellent collection of short stories combining both fantasy and mystery. It includes stories by Anne Perry, Sharon Shinn, Donna Andrews, Dana Stabenow, and even a Sookie Stackhouse story by Charlaine Harris.
Evermore: A novel of the Darkyn by Lynn Viehl. This vampire series is slowly growing on me…
Greywalker and Poltergeist (Greywalker, Books 1 & 2) by Kat Richardson. What’s not to like about a protagonist who has a pet ferret named Chaos? 🙂 This well-written paranormal/urban fantasy series (very light on the romance) is set in Seattle.
No Rest for the Witches by MaryJanice Davidson, Lori Handeland, Cheyenne McCray, and Christine Warren. No particular surprises in this collection of stores about witches and sex, erm, “love”… other than how bad McCray’s story was. Sheesh. Short, choppy, repetitive sentences – anyone at the reading level she hit would be many years too young to read the subject matter.
Personal Demon (Women of the Otherworld, Book 8 ) by Kelley Armstrong. This continues to be an extremely readable paranormal romance series. Narrators for this book are Hope and Lucas. You should definitely read the short story “Chaotic” from the Dates from Hell collection before you read this book!
Gone with the Witch (Triplet Witch Trilogy, Book 2) by Annette Blair. Oy, these are so bad. Why do I keep reading them?! Have I no shame?? Speaking of which…
Naughty Neighbor by Janet Evanovich. Yup, another one of Evanovich’s not-so-great pre-Stephanie Plum romances.
The Hollow (Sign of the Seven Trilogy, Book 2) by Nora Roberts. The trilogy continues – a bit formulaic if you’re familiar with Roberts’ other trilogies, but a good read nonetheless.

“Some of us don’t get spa days and have to make do with the materials at paw. I can tell you, I wouldn’t mind a little cup of olive oil right now…” -Chaos


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Errors in knitting judgment, part the second

Knitting a tank top from a tweedy black wool-silk blend at four stitches to the inch definitely qualifies as an error in knitting judgment. Tahki Chelsea Silk is a sweater yarn, not a tank top yarn. I even had to rewrite the Knitting Pure & Simple Basic Shell pattern for four stitches/inch instead of five stitches/inch so that I could use this yarn. Plus, if one gets sweaty while wearing this tank top (guaranteed, due to how heavy it is), it develops that odd and unpleasant silk smell.

This was another project from 2002… obviously, 2002 was a banner year for knitting judgment errors

“Thick and cushy… but what is that smell?!” -Chaos

“Why would Mom knit us a smelly kitty bed?! It must be because you’re stinky, big kitty.” -Mayhem

“Am not!” -Chaos

“Are too!” -Mayhem

*sound of fleeing*

“Ha. Am not. Maybe the smell is hiding underneath…” -Chaos

“Nope… Hmm. Maybe I can cover the smell up?!” -Chaos


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And can you believe that it didn’t even snow?

Do I dare admit how worried I am that so many of you thought the knitted object my 16-pound cat was playing in yesterday was thong underwear or an athletic supporter?! 😮 Ye gads! I’m sure sending knitted underwear to elephantiasis victims would be noble, but…

And boo-hiss to bloglines for taking over 12 hours to pick up yesterday’s post! 🙁 I’ll just note that Google Reader tends to pick up my posts in less than 30 minutes…

If I hadn’t gotten divorced after a year of marriage and a year of separation, today would be my 19th wedding anniversary. Yup – that boggles my mind, too.

In a shocking twist, we actually had nice weather this past weekend. True, we did have a ginormous thunderstorm Saturday night, but no trees blew over on my condo, no tornado or flooding left me homeless, and no hail damage was added to my car.

During the lovely day on Saturday, I spent some time wandering around the neighborhood. Not that my picture is perfectly straight, but can you see the crazy leaning light pole of Pisa action going on there?! Here’s hoping the power wires keep the pole upright.

Is it just the Twin Cities that have these giant Adirondack chairs around? I’ll have to share some pictures of the others I see regularly.

This mobile is in front of the same building as the “Three Bears” chairs above.

I think May’s favorite part of the weekend was any time we weren’t having thunder and lightning…

“…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…” -Mayhem

Tales of the Neighborhood

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