January 2008

Chaising around

Aw, thanks to those who’ve included SoC in their lists of blogs that make their day – Karen, kmkat, and Chris, I’m blushing! 🙂

About a month ago, Jeanne sent me a link to something she thought Chaos, with his deep and abiding passion for cardboard scratchers, would really like – a SmartyKat CatChaise cardboard scratcher. (As Crazy Aunt Purl notes, you can’t find this $15 product on either the Target website, even though we each found this product at Target, or the company’s website.) (Of course, this small “chaise” scratcher turns out to be nothing compared to others I saw online… but Chaos and Mayhem will just have to live with the disappointment of not having a chaise that costs ten times as much as theirs!) Anyway…

*sniff sniff sniff* -Chaos

*sniff sniff sniff* – Mayhem

*sniff sniff sniff* -Chaos

“Mmm, it’s got nip on it, big kitty. You don’t mind if I stand on your head, do you?” -Mayhem

“Well, now that you mention it, May…” -Chaos

“…I do mind. This is my kitty chais scratcher doohickey! Mine!” -Chaos

“So you just keep on moving on there, missy, or I’ll take you out with my laser eye!” -Chaos

“Hmph.” -Mayhem

Those Cats

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Shouldn’t she be weaned by now?!?

Holly’s having a destashing contest –leave her a comment about your favorite fictional or autobiographical book and you could win some lovely laceweight mohair. Contest closes midnight PST, January 27.

Sallee’s having a contest to celebrate her blogiversary – leave her a comment explaining why you think she should select a particular color combination for a fair isle hat and you could win. Contest closes 5 pm EST, January 27.

Emily’s having her first baby and you can participate in the baby pool! Send your guess by February 8, 2008. Do not despair, you non-knitters out there – prizes will be “Regular” (for non-knitters) or “Extra Fiber” (for knitters). (And thanks to Emily for the link that proves there really is a kids’ book for everything!)

Maryse sent up the bat signal because Elisa needs our help. Her dad’s recuperating from a stroke in a VA hospital, with very little support from his family. Maryse is collecting 8″ afghan squares for an afghan to let Elisa’s dad know he hasn’t been forgotten.

Mayhem will be two years old at the end of May. Shouldn’t she be weaned by now?!

*purrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr* -Mayhem

Let’s not even get into the biological impediments here…

“Let’s not. I love my kitten! Well, usually at least. Her teeth can be awfully sharp sometimes.” -Chaos

Those Cats

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In which I finish a pair of socks, bitter cold notwithstanding

‘Tis the season for destashing! Wanda’s having a multipart yarn stash sale. Mouse is also starting a multipart stash sale – yesterday was fiber and novelty yarns.

It must also be the season for contests! Brace yourselves…

To celebrate her birthday, the Knit Witch is collecting embarassing stories – share your embarassing story with her by midnight EST, January 23, and you could win yarn or a yarn bowl.

Guess how many baby socks Diane knitted in the first 20 days of January and you could win some sock yarn! Contest closes at noon EST, January 25.

Ambermoggie’s having a contest to brighten up the dark winter days and to thank everyone for their good thoughts during Mr. Mogs’s cancer woes. Leave a comment about why you’re looking forward to spring and you could win some goodies (orange yarn, stitch markers, and an elemental figure). Contest closes January 26.

Phyl’s having a pet foot contest (The Central Park Footie) – send her a picture of your pet’s foot by 6 pm EST, January 27, and you could be eligible for sock yarn.


Knitting Update
I know, I know – probably poor Marina’s fallen over in shock. 😉 I finally finished my plain old socks! The yarn is Wisdom Yarns, Marathon Socks – Boston (color 212), knit on 2mm needles. I love this colorway! Stripey blue, purple, and black – life is good.

“What? What do you mean, I’m not the subject of this photo?!” -Mayhem

“Fine, be that way. But I’m sure everyone will like the other photo better!” -Mayhem


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She looks so innocent…

Wendy’s having a contest – before 4 pm EST, January 22, send her an email guessing how the pictured sock was knit, and you could win a skein of Wollmeise.

Nikki is having a contest to celebrate her blogiversary, 200th post, and new WordPress blog! Simply leave her a comment by January 24 and you could win a fibery prize.

Dotty and Gladys are celebrating their blogiversary with a contest, too. To participate, leave them a comment with a link to a rectangular stole pattern by midnight PST, January 31.

Reading Update
Kitty and the Silver Bullet by Carrie Vaughn. Radio personality and werewolf Kitty returns for another solid installment in this series.
Crime Seen: A Pyschic Eye Mystery by Victoria Laurie. Psychic Abby Cooper is back in another light’n’fluffy mystery.
Back to the Bedroom by Janet Evanovich. These old, reissued romances from Evanovich are trite and boring and not recommended (even though there are four black kittens at the end of the book).
Cybermancy by Kelly McCullough. This is the sequel to Webmage, which I recently read and enjoyed. Decent writing and a heck of a premise that mixes cyberpunk with Greek mythology make this a series I’ll continue reading. I think McCullough’s influences include Jim Butcher’s series about wizard Harry Dresden and Roger Zelazney’s Amber series (particularly Corwin).
Wolf Moon by Charles de Lint. This is an old one (1988) and definitely not as skillful or involving as more recent works. It isn’t Lint’s trademark urban fantasy, but it does put a nice twist on some some fantasy archetypes.
Promises To Keep by Charles de Lint. This Jilly Coppercorn story seemed awfully familiar to me – maybe just because it’s described as a prequel to Widdershins?
Old Man Crow by Charles de Lint. Is Joey Creel “a man dreaming he’s a crow, or crow dreaming he’s a man”?
Paste Magazine #39. Many thanks to Margene for turning me on to this magazine! Each issue comes with a sampler cd – what’s not to love about that?

Mayhem (literally) Update
Mayhem had a busy weekend. Saturday she extricated the FM antenna from its supposedly safe perch, then gnawed about six inches off of it (I don’t think she ingested any, fortunately). Sunday I woke up to the sound of her tipping over a heavy oak kitchen chair onto the tile floor and cracking the floor… Maybe she really does have cabin fever!

“Quit telling tales, Mom!” -Mayhem

“I can’t believe you’d fib about me like that. I can’t even look at you.” -Mayhem

“I am so disappointed in you. Obviously, if such things had even happened, the big kitty would’ve done them!” -Mayhem


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Oh oh…

“Bwahaha! My diabolical plan is coming together nicely. You will pay for all those bib pictures, Mom!” -Chaos

“Oh yeah, I am so in, big kitty! Bwahaha!” -Mayhem

Those Cats

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