January 2008

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Don’t forget that Saturday, February 2, is the Third Annual Bloggers’ (Silent) Poetry Reading for the Feast of St. Brigid. (Year One; Year Two)

Sock Madness 2 is just around the corner – you can already get updated buttons on the blog!

Lucy of the Free-From Blog has a great list of gluten-free knitters – go add yourself if you’re a gf knitter who isn’t on her list!

Nice article on Pet Connection about cats – my favorite quote is “‘Cats are not as domestic as you might think… They are probably allowing you to live with them, not the other way around.'” Hence Fraro’s brilliant description of we cat “owners” as “catstaff.”

Speaking of Fraro, she sent me this link yesterday – does it remind you of any particular kitty you know?! And then she sent me this link. Hee hee – that is exactly what Chaos and Mayhem would email or IM me while I’m at work.

And then, continuing the cat theme here, Eklectika sent me a link to an adorable tea set.

And then Lisa sent me an amusing link on how to make a “cat burglar joule thief.”

Oy – was I radiating “send me links!” vibes yesterday or what?!

I think I’ve done this one before, but hey, since I’m not reading the same book… Open the book you’re currently reading, turn to page 161, and copy the fifth sentence on the page:

“Beats the fuck out of me, but it’s not a squid.”

And there you have it. What? The book? You want to know what book? Oh. Ok – Long Hot Summoning (The Keeper’s Chronicles #3) by Tanya Huff.

“Cheesecake? Who you calling cheesecake?!” -Chaos

“Beefcake? Who you calling beefcake?!” -Chaos


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Examples of poorly composed photos

Stop by and wish Carole a happy blogiversary! If you leave a comment on her blogiversary post by 8 pm EST, February 1, you could win brownies.

Kerry nicely summed up our local weather right now. We aren’t getting the blizzards that other parts of the state are getting, but the windchill is -41°F as I type this. As Kerry noted, when your home goes from the +41°F of Monday to this, it makes very startling booming noises as it contracts.

I’ve been working on another pair of Kristi’s Flatiron Socks from Great Adirondack Silky Sock (color Nightshades). Please ignore that furry bit wandering through my first photo. It wasn’t there when I started taking the shot… This sock was going better (as in I was turning the heel) before I took these photos and realized the sock is a bit too short for my foot – and now the sock is a bit shorter, waiting for me to reknit the foot back to the heel!

“What random furry bit?! That’s me! Hmph.” -Chaos

“I’ll random furry bit you!” -Chaos

“Hey, this is a new needle flavor, not the usual Addi flavor…” -Chaos


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Look! Over there! Tummy!

KathyMarie is having a contest to celebrate her birthday. Leave her a comment with your favorite birthday memory and you could win some prizes. Contest closes midnight CST, January 31.

Shelly’s fluffy black kitty Bailey recently celebrated his birthday, and Shelly’s having Bailey’s Birthday Challenge in his honor. Check out the details on her blog – you have until February 29 to complete the challenge.

Heh – really, Chaos and May shouldn’t complain… Kmkat’s poor black kitty Hannibal had to model eight different preemie hats in one modeling session!

Don’t forget that Super International Pajama Day is this Sunday! Celia’s provided some helpful tips for making your SIPD a success.

Many, many thanks to all of you who’ve nominated this blog as being excellent, or as one that makes your day!! 🙂

Last week, Chaos developed a very odd fixation. Yup, you’re seeing that right. He became fixated on the Nora Roberts novel Key of Light, which Jeanne had just returned. She swears she didn’t soak it in nip or cat pheromones…

“I have no idea what you’re talking about, Mom. What book?” -Chaos

He spent two days lying on that book, holding that book, rubbing that book on his face… and all I got were these two lousy pictures. D’oh!

“Really, I don’t see a book. Have you been hitting the nip?” -Chaos

Can anyone spot Chaos’s bellybutton in the picture above?


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4Paws gives cause to pause…

Last week, I mentioned that Maryse was collecting afghan squares for an afghan for Elisa’s dad. Now Maryse is having a contest – anyone who sends her an afghan square by February 14 will be included in a prize drawing!

Ha – you think Chaos and May have had it bad with the bibs?! They shouldn’t complain – they could be wearing petal bibs.

Well, my experiment on Friday got a little out of hand, but it was a lot of fun – thanks to everyone who participated in the discussion! I’m definitely sticking with email responses to comments, but I will try to remember to also respond in the comments when appropriate.

Reading Update
Summon the Keeper by Tanya Huff. Hard to beat the tagline: “They were supposed to be saving the world, not running a B&B where Hell was one of the guests…”
The Second Summoning (The Keeper’s Chronicles #2) by Tanya Huff. Still a good read, but not as over-the-top good as Summon the Keeper.
Gate of Darkness, Circle of Light by Tanya Huff. More well-written urban fantasy (set in Toronto) from Canadian Tanya Huff.
Sorcery and the Single Girl by Mindy Klasky. Librarian and novice witch Jane Madison returns in another enjoyable novel of paranormal chick lit.

Surreality Update
I apologize in advance for the blurry pictures you are about to view. Dim lighting and no tripod conspired to create a more surreal effect than I’d planned… Yesterday I happened to be in Calhoun Square before it opened and noticed 4Paws Boutique (no website that I found), which is a store for “the pampered pet.” I’d say!

“But did she bring any goodies home for us?! Nope. Hmph.” -Chaos

Don’t you think he’d be grateful that I didn’t bring him home a leopard print cat jacket with pink trim?!

Tales of the Neighborhood

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The unexpected side effects of blogging

Frarochvia noticed an important detail in one of yesterday’s pictures – an ASL book. Last night I started taking ASL classes through Minneapolis Community Education.

“Hey, big kitty, what does this mean in Kitty Sign Language (KSL)?” -Mayhem

“It means you’re smooshing my ear and cruising for a bruising, May!” -Chaos

ASL is one of those unexpected side effects of blogging. (Not making the connection yet? Read on!) Like many of you, I’ve developed a number of friendships through blogging and have met bloggers from the Twin Cities, from across the US, and from overseas. Spoken English has been the common language; however, it isn’t the common language of some deaf bloggers I very much hope to meet and spend time with: my dear friend Fraro, local Limedragon, and Tiphanie. I don’t want our meetings to consist of us typing frantically and staring at our computer screens – we already have that down without leaving our own living rooms.

So I’ve been inspired to go forth and learn ASL. And I find myself thinking about blogging and the direct benefits (connection! community! friendship! laughter and tears!) and some indirect benefits, such as this ASL class. What have the expected and unexpected benefits of blogging been for you? The direct and indirect benefits? I’m curious. This seems a great topic for discussion.

Speaking of discussion, recently, Deb aka Chappysmom wrote about a post she’d read on getting more blog comments by replying to comments via comments instead of via email. She was curious what we thought about it; a very interesting discussion subsequently developed in her comments as the author of the aforementioned post and others participated.

Now, I personally really like replying to comments via email because some great conversations and friendships get started that way. You know who you are! 😉 But since I’m curious to see what sort of discussion develops in the comments if I reply there and maybe some of you return a time or two to contribute additional thoughts to the discussion, I’m not going to reply to the emailed comments for this post. Nor am I going to reply to every single comment with a comment of my own. I’m just going to participate in the discussion, and I hope you will, too!

“Gee, I guess he wasn’t kidding about that one… Hey, what do you think this is the sign for in KSL? Maybe ‘Help?!!’ Or ‘Unpaw me, you wretch?!!'” -Mayhem

(Nope, they aren’t dusty or dirty – they are simply covered in catnip…)


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