December 2007

Instead of ruby slippers, how about ruby sheep pjs?

Just a few random things to finish off the year… Here’s my final FO of the year – toddler socks from some yarn I dyed a few months ago.

“Do you have any idea how happy I am that I’m not modeling those?!” -Mayhem

Mayhem received a fish-shaped Christmas stocking this year – only fair, since Chaos already had a Christmas stocking (“Spoiled”).

“Mine is better, big kitty – it has fur on it! And it’s shaped like a fish!” -Mayhem

“Don’t rub it in, May – mine doesn’t even have a picture of me on it. I don’t know what that little fuzzy thing is that Mom keeps insisting is me!” -Chaos

I got some fun presents to keep me busy in the new year…

“Can we watch an hour of our kitty dvd for every hour of 24 you watch?” -Mayhem

And… I got Ruby Sheep pajamas! 🙂

“Hmph. Why aren’t there more black cat pajamas?!? Always with the sheep pajamas.” -Chaos

I hope you all have a happy and safe New Year’s! (I’m just hoping for a much less painful start to 2008 than to 2007, personally.)


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Can’t blog – vacuuming

Sylvie of ChezPlum is having a contest. If you’ve knit one of her patterns (including the free ones) and have pictures, you could win French yarn, needles, or patterns. Contest closes January 15.

For the past few years, I’ve been using the same Rainbow vacuum cleaner I vacuumed with as a child. The Rainbow is still a darn good vacuum cleaner, but I’m tired of dealing with the sludge (it uses a water basin instead of bags), the cannister doesn’t fit in the closet, and the unwieldy attachments seemingly have miles of tubing and always fall out of the closet onto me or the kitties. Enough! So as my Christmas present to myself, I bought a Dyson Slim Vac, which fits nicely into the closet and doesn’t use bags, either. I love it – amazing how much less onerous vacuuming is when you don’t hate the vacuum! (If my brother is reading this, he should definitely not mention to Dad that the Rainbow will be returning to his garage this weekend…)

“This is so much less scary than that old R2-D2 style vacuum. Its motor made horrible noises and the wheels squeaked! I had to flee and hide from it, which isn’t good for my image.” -Chaos

“I’m not sure, big kitty. I think it’s trying to lure us into a sense of complacency… then it will strike and take us out! Do you have any idea how many kitties are consumed by vacuum cleaners every year?!” -Mayhem


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Please, sir, may I have S’Mores?

Debby has a really nice post about how you can help out animal shelters and rescue organizations in your city.

Hopefully the City of Minneapolis has finally plowed our alley so I can make it to work this morning. It’s a good thing I took yesterday off, because I couldn’t have made it in to work! I spent a quiet and relaxing day recuperating from the festivities (Christmas Eve at my brother and SIL’s, then Christmas Day at Jeanne and Michael’s) and looking forward to this weekend’s festivities.

Reading Update
Karma Girl by Jennifer Estep. The book before Hot Mama – amusing chick lit about superheroes.
The Wednesday Night Witches by Lee Nichols. Three friends on a Maine island discover that they have witchy powers.
Morrigan’s Cross: Book One of the Circle Trilogy by Nora Roberts. This is a well-written sword’n’sorcery’n’vampire novel, set in twelth-century and modern day Ireland. I’m already waiting for the rest of the trilogy to be available at my library. I liked this much better than Divine Evil.
Killer Insight: A Psychic Eye Mystery by Victoria Laurie. I continue to be surprised by the whole “niche mystery” phenomenon!
A Bite to Remember: Argeneau Vampires, Book 5 by Lynsay Sands. Romance/mystery/vampires – this book has it all and is actually a decent read. Unsurprisingly, I haven’t read the previous four books yet.
Territory by Emma Bull. Besides making boisterous Celtic music as part of The Flash Girls, Emma Bull writes some damned good urban fantasy – her novel War for the Oaks is one of my favorites (and not just because parts of it takes place in my neighborhood!). In Territory, Bull heads back to Tombstone, Arizona, in the days of the Earps and Doc Holliday and adds a bit of sorcery to liven things up.

Holiday Cuteness
WendyG sent me the cutest knitting S’Mores ornament! Thanks, Wendy!

*sniff sniff sniff* -Chaos

*sniff sniff sniff* -Mayhem

“Well, big kitty – what do you think?” -Mayhem

“This is a tricky one, May. It looks like food, but it sure doesn’t smell like food.” -Chaos

“May, why don’t you take a little taste, just to see what’s up?” -Chaos

“Are you sure I won’t break a fang on this very unyarny yarn?!” -Mayhem

“Help! Help!” -Marshmallow Snowman

The ornament was quickly rescued!


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Snow day

“I don’t know why you people spend so much time upside down. Anyway, Mom sent me to tell you that she had a very lovely holiday with both family and friends, but since she spent the time she was going to blog digging her stuck car out of the alley and then the parking lot (our dinner was six hours late!), she really can’t come up with anything to say. Actually, she seems to be muttering a lot of words that I don’t think she’d let Mayhem or I use. Best to just come back tomorrow.” -Chaos

ETA: The car “fun” only contributed to one hour of kitty dinner lateness!


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Pass the Silk Nog, please

Stop over and welcome Deb’s new black kitty, Sammy!

There’s a pretty cool contest over at Kathryn Ivy right now – you can win a complete Easter Egg Yarn Dyeing Kit. The drawing for the kit is limited to residents of the continenal US, but there’s a separate drawing for patterns that’s open to folks outside the US48. To enter, leave a comment (by noon PST, December 27) letting them know what you’re wishing for most this holiday season.

Scout’s looking for knitting inspiration – leave her a comment with your project idea by 8 pm MST, December 24, and you could win some goodies.

The present gnawer is definitely Mayhem. I watched her remove chunks from the poor thing last night. I wonder how picky my brother’s going to be about his present? It’s no longer even close to pristine. In fact, it sort of looks as if a furry, demented kitty girl has been going to town on it…

Some of you (*cough* Marina *cough*) may have noticed a certain lack of knitting around these here parts of late. I really haven’t felt all that inspired knittingwise. However, that hasn’t stopped me from having a plain old sock on the needles. The yarn is Wisdom Yarns, Marathon Socks – Boston (color 212).

“My goodness, Mom, I didn’t realize you still did this stuff.” -Mayhem

“Don’t move, Mom, or the sock is history.” -Chaos

“Told you not to move, Mom!” -Chaos

In the above picture, my pale wintery leg has been blacked out to spare all of you. It’s better this way. Trust me.

I may or may not post on Monday; I hope everyone has a good weekend and a wonderful holiday!


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