November 2007

Ready for turkey?

“Mom said now that she has me all ready, I have to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving. But then she said there wasn’t any tuna involved in Thanksgiving. What kind of crappy holiday is that?! Hmph.” -Chaos

Those Cats

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Cat scratcher fever

Cathy’s celebrating her November birthday with a contest. Share your favorite poem or quotation with her and you could win some yarn – there’s a twist to this one, so make sure you read the details as it’s a fun twist! Leave your comments by noon CST, November 27.

Have you heard about the One Laptop One Child program? The New York Times has a particularly nice overview article about it. Between now and November 26, there’s a cool program called Give One, Get One – for a $399 donation, you give a laptop to a child in a developing country, receive one of the same children’s laptops (and they are very, very cool), and get a $200 tax deduction on top of it. This is the technology that could make all those cyberpunk novels come true.

A few weeks ago, Jeanne finally guilted me into getting a new cardboard scratcher for Chaos. Ok, it was definitely past time to do so (um, he’d had the old one for nearly four years and had worn out both sides of it), and I’d been meaning to, but… Anyway, you can definitely see the difference between the two:

I hung on to the old scratcher for a few days, just to make sure that the new scratcher was acceptable – last thing I wanted was a feline meltdown about not having the right scratcher. It turned out to be no problem whatsoever.

“New scratcher. Mmmmmm…” -Chaos

“New scratcher. Mine. All mine!” -Chaos

“Mine mine mine mine mine mine mine.” -Chaos

“I totally don’t get it. Are you ok, big kitty?” -Mayhem

“Happy happy mine mine.” -Chaos

“Back off, Mayhem, unless you want to lose that paw. This is my scratcher. Mine.” -Chaos

“Mine… zzzzzzzzzzzzz…” -Chaos

“I really don’t get it.” -Mayhem

“…zzzzzzzminezzzzzzzzz…” -Chaos

“Hmph. Well, who wants to scratch on cardboard anyway?!” -Mayhem

Those Cats

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Mundane Monday

Valerie made it back to the East Coast from the Midwest and has written about our lunch at 318.

Jennifer’s having a contest to come up with themes for FiberFlix. Leave her a comment with your theme idea by midnight PST, November 20, and you could win some sock yarn.

You may remember the Biteberry Yarn Contest, won by Anne of Paper Tiger Knits. Anne has suffered through all of the ends in that poor skein of yarn and has finished her cats paw lace socks!

Wayward Elf of Zurich has a nice post up about work and science, including some links to recent research. Make sure you check out the article about how praise affects kids, even if you don’t have kids – it’s an article that definitely has me thinking.

Reading Update
The Gumshoe, the Witch, and the Virtual Corpse by Keith Hartman. Don’t judge this book by the silly title – it’s a surprisingly good detective story, set in the not-too-distant future. I think Hartman does an excellent job of projecting societal trends (primarily group polarization by interests), then highlighting how breaking down that polarization is critical if society is to survive. But I probably wouldn’t even have checked this book out if it hadn’t had a glowing review by Charles de Lint
Charlie All Night by Jennifer Crusie. This light romance, set at a small radio station, is another of Crusie’s rereleased Harlequin titles.

Life Update
Thanks for all of your birthday wishes! I had a very lowkey and pleasant birthday hanging out with my family. I got some Sugar’n’Cream cotton to keep up my bib production, a cute basket, a few decks of cards (I just had Ranma 1/2 cards, which were impossible to use), a Caribou card, a pound of Caribou Obsidian (if you’re keeping track, you realize I will not be buying coffee for quite a while!), a 2008 black cat calendar, 101 Designer One-Skein Wonders (it has some really cute patterns), and a Barnes & Noble gift card. Thank you, family!

I got nothin’ else today. I got sucked into adding projects to Ravelry. I’ve been a member since April, but have only been adding new projects to it… until yesterday. Where did the weekend go?! Heck, where did the year go?! How can it be Thanksgiving in just a few days?!

Anyway, perhaps this cute picture will distract you… 😉

“I do not understand this ‘time’ of which you speak, Mom, but I’m worried about it! I hope it had its collar on before it went away so that it isn’t gone forever.” -Mayhem


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Yarn and books and cats, oh my!

TGIF… *yawn* If you suffer through this epic post, there’s a special treat at the end – one of the funniest birthday cards I’ve ever received (and it features a kitty and yarn)!

It amazes me how long it takes a package to travel between Minnesota and Ontario… and it isn’t just anticipation. But this package from Brigitte and friends was definitely worth the wait. 🙂 From the top, a cute wooden black kitty and Crazy Cat Lady Magnetic Sculpture from Lorraine – thank you! That sculpture is already on my desk at work. Below that is a lovely skein of Colinette Jitterbug (Velvet Bilberry) and a Knit Happens magnet from Rachel H – many, many thanks, Rachel!

The rest of the package was from Brigitte, who is possibly my long lost sibling. We need to talk to our parents some more about the possible details. 😉 From the upper left, a gorgeous skein of Lisa Souza sock yarn in Black Purple, a black kitty Webkinz (with a kinked tail, even!), three books I haven’t read before, a black cat “snow” globe, some very tasty “Kick Ass” coffee from Kicking Horse, Halloween pencils, catnip toys, two tiny black kitty beads, and a book of ChocoCat stickers. Thank you, Brigitte!

Actually, the catnip toys were from Atticus, Mae, and Gandalf for Chaos and May:

The kitties had to check out the nip right away.

“Big kitty! These are from that hottie, Gandalf! Oh! This is too cool!” -Mayhem

“Now, now, Mayhem, these are also from Atticus and the other Mae, not just from Gandalf.” -Chaos

“Whatever. Mmmm… Gandalf….” -Mayhem

Marsha was my Coffee Swap III partner and she sent some great goodies. Gluten-free snickerdoodles, a coffee mug with coffee beans all over the side and coffee-colored yarn in it, Regia Strato (you know how I love stripes), a funny magnet (not pictured, whoops), and enough espresso roast coffee from Porto Rico in NYC to keep me awake for quite a while. Thanks, Marsh!

“I don’t care what anyone says – I have a waist, dammit!” -Chaos

Wednesday night, Jeanne and Deb had a little knitterly birthday party for me (I turn 41 tomorrow – eeep!). Jeanne made our favorite extraordinarily simple flourless chocolate cake and there were presents! New Pathways for Sock Knitters and the 2008 SnB calendar from Jeanne, and The Knitter’s Book of Yarn and two skeins of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Sock in my beloved Black Purl colorway (please use your imagination to picture some black, purple, and grey yarn in the picture) from Deb. Aw, you guys. *sniff* Thank you! (Jeanne has a very, um, interesting picture of me from Wednesday night…)

“Hmm, I detect essence of Pudd, Kreature, Bugman, and Greta.” -Mayhem

“Wait, that can’t be right – I’m sure I smell Tig and Holly. How can this be?!” -Chaos

Mayhem apparently can’t resist napping on everything I put on the floor.

“A cat nappin’ on a Cat. Zzzzz…” -Mayhem

And if you’ve made it this far, here’s the wonderful card Deb gave me – you definitely want to embiggen this one! I can picture Mayhem in the role of the cat and Chaos in the role of the dog…

On the inside, it says “Hope you get all that you wish for” and has this very cute picture:

Thanks again to everyone! Have a great weekend, all.


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I survived my first day back at work! I was pretty tired by the end of the day – but I must admit that it was one of those mornings when I woke up feeling tired. I’m blaming the aggressive kitty snuggling I was subjected to overnight! And curses, does work ever cut into reading blogs or what? Dang. I’m already way behind in bloglines. Woe.

Back before I had Mayhem, RheLynn of KnitOwl made me a wonderful mini-Chaos. She just sent me an adorable mini-Mayhem, too. Aw, thank you so much, RheLynn!

“It is very cute. But I am the real Mayhem! Me! And I am still the cutest!” -Mayhem

I finally sewed buttons on to the last of the bibs I knitted. Whew!

For some reason, Mayhem felt the need to show those bibs who was the boss.

“Ha! Take that, you wicked bibs!” -Mayhem

Those Cats

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