June 2007

Yard sale finds

Total spent: $8.00

“Oh no – more books!” -Mayhem

Tales of the Neighborhood

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And I thought I bruised my credit card before…

Check out the Summer Stash Swap (but hurry – you have to leave a sign-up comment by June 30!) – besides the swap and the blog, there will be prizes.

Julie’s having a blogiversary contest – leave her a comment with a name suggestion for her new bag pattern before midnight 6/30 and you could win some sock-related goodies!

Deb has some bonus pictures of Chaos and May!

Ok, due to overwhelming pressure (*cough*Marina*cough*), I shall not continue with my tale of reaching Estes (stay tuned for that next week). Instead, I present… the purchases.

From Estes, clockwise from May’s nose, a big ol’ hank of Interlacements rayon-linen in some very unChrislike colors (should be enough for a tank top – they print you a customized pattern right in the booth), a skein of variegated wool from Plain & Fancy Wool, a ball of amazingly soft black 5% cashmere/95% merino laceweight, two skeins of cormo/alpaca that I’m going to dye sometime when I am feeling very brave, two skeins of Brooks Farm Four Play (50% silk/50% wool) (they may become a contest prize someday!), two skeins of the Brooks Farm Acero sock yarn, and a pair of cute sheep socks. Whew!

“Is it safe?! That hank of yarn is bigger than me!” -Mayhem

Chaos was quite taken with the cormo/alpaca.

“Mmmm… smells sheepy and alpaca-y!” -Chaos

Some yarns from my yarn crawling with Kristi (who has great pictures of some of our adventures) – black Berroco Suede (half off!), Panda cotton, and Panda wool. (The Panda yarns make really yummy socks – stretchy, but nowhere near as thick as Fixation.)

“Hmm, where to start, where to start…” -Mayhem

A bit more yarn – top row (Opal) from My Sister Knits in Ft. Collins (Opal without a label is half off) and the bottom two skeins are Jojoland Melody Superwash from Colorful Yarns in Centennial.

“I think the pink suits me best, don’t you? Plus it looks especially tasty.” -Mayhem

I also stopped at the Brown Sheep outlet near Scottsbluff, Nebraska, during my travels. I bought a few pounds of Cotton Fleece and Serendipity Tweed, a few skeins of Wildfoote, and a bit of Lamb’s Pride.

“Yowza! The other stuff must’ve been the appetizers – this sure looks like a main course.” -Mayhem

I also have a small weakness for bags and picked up a few of those along the way… Hmm, just realized that the laptop sleeve I purchased at the Sierra Trading Post outlet in Wyoming isn’t in that picture – well, it’s brown with black trim and light purple corduroy lining. (Edit: The bag on the far left is a Kavu Reversible Bag in black/lilac, now on clearance!)

No cats were interested in the bags.

You might have noticed that I’m a bit of a reader – here are the books that I purchased over vacation at various locations, including the Boulder Bookstore, High Crimes Mystery Bookshop, and Anthology Book Company.

“Good grief! Aren’t there already enough books stacked up around this place?!” -Chaos

“No kidding, big kitty. Pretty soon, between the books and the yarn, there won’t be room for us.” -Mayhem

“Hmph.” -Chaos and Mayhem


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Redrum random!

I left blog writing until too late last night, alas, and so didn’t get photos organized for my continuing vacation adventures (and purchases). This work thing – I am not quite used to it yet after vacation! So, let’s see what I found lurking in my photo folder, shall we? A-ha, here’s an Estes picture – anyone recognize it? 😉


Oh, and a few pictures of Chaos – shhhhhh… he looks sort of sleepy.





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In which I report on several more days of vacation

After a promising start to taking a lot of vacation pictures, my picture taking became quite a bit more erratic. I’ll muddle along as best I can. After all, if you were desperately into cohesive narrative, you probably wouldn’t be here in the first place, right? 😉

Some views from Michaele’s place – see the really large REI in the second picture? I got a pair of Keens there…



The day after the party (Wednesday, June 13), I rambled around downtown Denver in the morning. You’ve already seen my best pictures from that day in the Things to do in Denver when you’re alive post. Then Michaele and I stopped at Fancy Tiger (where the horndribbles are plentiful), Colorful Yarns, and A Knitted Peace on our way to Buca to celebrate Stacey’s birthday in the Pope Room.


I cannot sufficiently emphasize the freakiness of the Pope Room! You might remember my picture of the Pope under glass on a spinner… The womens’ room at Buca was massively entertaining, but I restrained myself from spending the entire evening in there taking pictures.


After Buca, we went back to Colorful Yarns and knit for a while with some of the folks from Stacey’s party. (Yes, yes, of course I made purchases at our various stops, but you’ll have to wait for the purchases post, since everything’s been so muddled together now!)

Thursday the 14th, Michaele and I headed up to Boulder for a bit of morning hiking along the Flatirons. Then we wandered along Pearl Street, dining and exploring shops. You’ll have to completely imagine this part, since I apparently didn’t take a single picture of our idyllic day. We camped at a table outside the Bookend Cafe, next to the Boulder Bookstore, enjoying excellent people watching, conversation, and a bit of knitting. In the evening, Anne joined us for knitting and conversation before we headed back to Denver.

Friday the 15th, I wandered up to Estes Park, checked into our cabin, and headed across the street to a thrift shop while I waited for everyone else to arrive. I think I was meant to go to that shop. What do you think?


The chenille black cat, black cat coasters, knitting pattern and booklet, and eight vintage Estes Park postcards (not pictured, because they were ready to be mailed) set me back a whopping $2.15.

Ok, more on Estes later – this has gone on long enough!


“Look, Mom, no cavities (or paper)!” -Mayhem

See the Sights

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Vacation knitting

Have a special knitting friend who could really use some gorgeous sock blockers? Nominate her/him in the comments over at Leggy Creations before noon EDT, June 30, and he/she might receive a set of special friendship sock blockers.

Kristi’s got a new etsy store, where she’ll be selling handcrafted personal care products. Leave her a comment about your favorite scent before midnight EDT on July 4 and you could be randomly selected to win some of her concoctions.

You can join the Tour de France KAL anytime before the Tour officially starts on July 7 – and you don’t need to be a bicycling fiend to participate. 🙂

Oh, I had grand plans for all the knitting I would get done over vacation! I took all sorts of things along toward that end. Ha! I did about 2″ on my first July Sockamania sock (left, below) and I started the Meilenweit Colortweed sock (right, below) at Michaele’s Stumbling Over Chris party. That’s it.

“Knitting needles! Oh, how I missed our special time together while you were gone, Mom.” -Mayhem

“See? See how much I missed you? I am hugging your foot!” -Mayhem

“Whatever, May. You’re such a goof.” -Chaos

“You take that back, big kitty! I am not a goof!” -Mayhem


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