April 2007

How can it be Monday again already?!

Andi’s having a contest – guess which STR colorways she ordered for socks for she and her husband and you could win a Blue Moon Fiber Arts gift certificate. She’ll accept guesses until noon MST on April 30 (aka today).

Check out the Knitflix Summer Blockbuster Swap – you can sign up until May 11.

My apologies to everyone in bloglines who was pinged to death over the weekend by my “The lacy dress, it is done” post of last week. I’ve tried a few different things and hopefully it’s all better now…*crosses fingers*

Check out the great picture Jeanne got of Chaos and I Friday night when she and Deb came over to knit! And Peeve has some fun pictures of Mayhem from when the Peeves visited us.

We had a gorgeous weekend here in the Twin Cities – lots of sun and temperatures in the upper 70s and lower 80s. Things are getting green out there, but more rain would definitely help.

I’ve been meaning to test knit a dishcloth pattern I designed over a year ago, and Carrie’s contest gave me the perfect excuse to do so.

“Big kitty sent me to ask if that’s a bib…” -Mayhem

Oh, it would make a very thick and absorbent bib, May! But it’s just a dishcloth. Isn’t the texture fun?

“I don’t like Mondays, either, Mom. You leave us alone forever. It makes me a little crazy.” -Mayhem


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In which I finally post a clear picture of the lacy tank dress

Nicole is celebrating her blogiversary and a comment milestone. Leave her a comment by May 6 with a link to your first blog post and you could win some really amazing prizes. If you don’t have a blog, you can leave a comment with a link to the first blog you remember reading.

KnitNZu is having a contest – by April 29, guess what sort of critter is living on her kitchen table and you could win something from her stash.

Ta-da! The lacy tank dress, mostly dry.

Pattern: Lacy tank dress from Knitting for Babies, modified by knitting in the round to the armholes and by picking up and knitting a round on the hem, then binding off in purl (hopefully to help control the curl). If I knit this again, I will probably knit a few rounds of garter stitch on the hem to control the curl a bit better, but I didn’t have enough yarn this time. This took me 10 days to knit and finish.
Yarn: Five skeins of SWTC A-MAIZ-ing (100% corn fiber, machine wash and dry) in Imperial Purple. This yarn is a knit tube type ribbon yarn. I thought it had good stitch definition and a lot more give than cotton.

I don’t think Mayhem is too emotionally scarred by wearing the dress, as she certainly made herself comfortable while it was blocking (it’s inside out in the next two pictures).

*slurp slurp slurp* -Mayhem

“Pssst. Hey, big kitty, this is that dress Mom made us wear. I’m showing it who’s boss now!” -Mayhem

“Um, May? Like the dress really cares.” -Chaos


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Hiding out

Valerie’s celebrating her blogiversary with a contest. Suggest a name for her new spinning wheel by midnight, April 30, and you could win “something nice.”

Mistress of the Stash is having a contest – leave a comment (by 12:00 pm CDT on May 2) about your favorite colorway and you could win a skein of sportweight Claudia’s Handpaint.

Carrie is having a contest to celebrate spring and starting new things. To participate, cast on a crazy new dishcloth and send her a picture by May 5 – you could win a skein of Austermann Step sock yarn.

I don’t know if you’re following the pet food recall, but contaminants now have been found in not only wheat gluten, but also rice protein and corn gluten. Over 889 pet food items under 100 brand names have been recalled. Some of the recalled pet food may have been fed to hogs destined for human consumption. Pet Connection and Pet Food Tracker seem to be doing a good job covering all of this.

Knitting Update
You will get to see other pictures of the dress! It’s blocking even as I type – hopefully it will be dry by tonight.

KitKatKnit wondered if Chaos would be happier if the dress complemented his eyes, so she sent me this:

Nope, he doesn’t look happier to me, either.

“Go away, Mom. We’re hiding from you.” -Mayhem

“Hmph.” -Chaos


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The lacy dress, it is done

“New low, Mom. That’s all I’m sayin’.” -Mayhem

“How could you?!” -Chaos

Those Cats

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Maestro Mayhem

Reading Update
Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides. Wow. Just wow. This Pulitzer-winning novel kept me enthralled for over 500 pages. It was also one of my TBR Challenge books. I’ll be reading Eudenides’ novel The Virgin Suicides in the near future!
Cast On, Bets Off by Jack Olesker. I know, I just picked it up Saturday, but I was curious. It’s about yarn store owners Max and Lisa, who are deputized by Max’s brother to help solve a murder. It seemed a wee bit overdone at times, but I think that might just be because I read it right after Middlesex… It’ll be interesting to see how the characters develop in the next book. The Yarn Harlot has a tiny spot in the book, which was very fun to read. Strangely, as I was reading it, May walked up and ate part of the front cover while I gaped at her! That’s an unpleasant new development in the her ongoing snacking on household items project.

Speaking of May, I shall momentarily distract you with cute pictures of her, since I got nothin’ else. I’m nearly done with the toddler dress – just a bazillion ends to weave in. And I’m working on a secret project, which we all know is bad for the blog, but necessary for the life. 🙂

“A little more from the bassoon section, please! Let’s take it from the top, people!!” -M

“Bright. Stripey.” -M

“Big kitty! Help! My paws are transparent!! I’m meeeeelllllllltttttttttting!!” -M


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