December 2006

Knit Knacks, paddywhacks, give the cats some tuna…

Kat with a K is hosting UFO Resurrection Challenge 2007. Signups close January 31 and everyone who finishes will be entered in a prize drawing at the end of next year.

Hmm, not much knitting going on here (but I do have my presents wrapped!), so I think it’s time for another trip down memory lane… Check out those tights, eh? I bet you’ll all be emailing me, begging me for that pattern, because what could be more flattering to our thighs, right?! 😉

Elf hat, anyone?

How about a massive collar with bobbles?! Here’s another weird thing about me – I never wear turtlenecks because I have a long skinny neck and turtlenecks are not flattering. I see these collar thingies and picture one of them on me… and I might have nightmares.

Doesn’t the French poodle (at the bottom) look like it should be holding a roll of toilet paper in someone’s grandmother’s guest bathroom?!

Quick! There’s still time to make yourselves a sequinned hood and party slippers before New Year’s Eve…

And can you believe that there are no actual photographs of these bonnets in the booklet?! These are the best part! I’m sure we can all think of a deserving child who needs a Clothilde Cat, Oswald Owl, or Lionel Lion bonnet…

Since you’ve all been doing so well interpreting black blob pictures this week, here’s another for you. I call it “Under the Chaos Bridge.” (If it helps, Chaos’ head is just off the bottom of the picture and one of May’s ears is to the right.)

“Chaos bridges falling down, falling down, falling down, I’m a fair kitten! Or something like that.” -M


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Ruth is having a contest – leave her a comment by Friday with your best guess as to why she knows that Lamb’s Pride Worsted (color “coffee bean”) burns with green flame in the fireplace – you could win some sock yarn.

Check out the Yarn Life 2007 Crafting Challenge! By declaring your fiber-related goals for the year, you can be part of the support forum (y’know we all need support!) and eligible for prizes throughout the year.

So I might’ve mentioned that I’m a celiac and follow a gluten-free diet. Living life without wheat, rye, barley, spelt, and oats is definitely a bit of an adjustment. When I was diagnosed over 10 years ago, gluten-free products were only available over the internet or in limited selections at co-ops. Now? Wow. The times, they are a-changin’ and it’s good. One sign of this is that the Twin Cities now has a gluten-free coffeeshop and bakery!

Cooqi is located at 2186 Marshall Avenue in St. Paul – basically on the southwest corned of Marshall and Cretin – and has been open a week.

I visited them right before closing on their first day and they were a bit shellshocked (but happy!) about the response they’d received, as evident from the empty bakery case!

I’ll definitely be back to try some of their bread, have some more muffins and a mocha, and sit and knit. Cooqi is extremely warm and cozy and I wish they had more seating for knitters! 🙂

They also appear to be extremely kid friendly.

“I’ll get you for the foot incident, big kitty!” -M

See the Sights

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Another completed project of which you were completely unaware

I thought of another good weird thing after I put together my list – I can’t bear to have those stupid little postcard subscription things in any magazine I receive, so I go through and rip them all out when a magazine arrives.

It’s so hard to get out of bed at this time of year! Not only is it dark dark dark, it’s chilly, so I don’t want to crawl out from under the flannel sheets and down comforter. Plus, when my alarm goes off, both cats come in (if they weren’t there already) and snuggle and purr. Flannel, down, warm purring cats… I think I need to go back to bed!

Reading Update
Back Story by Robert B. Parker. This is one of the Spenser novels and I just read it for the tiny bit of Jesse Stone crossover in it.
Blue Screen by Robert B. Parker. I just read this Sunny Randall novel a few months ago, but it was fun to reread it after reading the Jesse Stone novels, since Sunny and Jesse get together in this one.
Shakespeare’s Champion by Charlaine Harris. This was (I think) the second Lily Bard novel and I read it totally out of order, since I finished the others weeks and weeks ago. You should definitely read these in order if you can – and it should be easier since this one was reprinted at the beginning of this month.

Knitting Update
The gifting season can be difficult for the knitblogger – you’re working on these great things, but you can’t blog more than evasive hints in case the gift recipient happens across your blog entry and the surprise is ruined. But on Saturday afternoon, I finished another 13-stitch wide Arrowhead Lace scarf and since it was a birthday gift presented Saturday evening, I can actually blog about it!

This particular scarf was made from SWTC Bamboo in Fiery Red. I was so excited to have finished it that I promptly wrapped it and forgot to take any pictures with the usual suspects! 😮 They’re probably pleased that they missed out, actually.

Why yes, that might actually be genuine Naugahyde in the background! (As opposed to artificial Naugahyde?!)

The usual suspects kept busy at home.

*glug glug glug* -M

“Licking the empty bowl isn’t going to bring Mom home any sooner to feed us our late supper, big kitty.” -C


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In which I capitulate and do the six weird things meme

Ok, although I tend not to do memes, I think I’ve hit critical mass on being tagged for the six weird things meme. First it was Anmiryam of Gromit Knits, then La, then Peeve. Um, I’m not sure I can think of six weird things that I haven’t already included in my 100 Things About Me list… I suppose, since I don’t really remember what’s on that list…

  1. I never thought of myself as being particularly into cars. Sure, I had my beloved purple Escort wagon, but that was mostly the perfect quirkiness of said vehicle. However, I’ve discovered a deep and abiding pleasure in driving the replacement for the traitorous Escort – my silver BMW 318ti (“ti” should stand for “tiny”!). This shakes me selfview a bit.
  2. I have to wear earplugs to sleep, even when it’s not noisy.
  3. I’m not sure exactly when I last turned on my tv, even to watch a movie. Um, April maybe??
  4. Smears and smudges and streaks on the inside of the glass in my car drives me crazy. Do you know how hard it is to keep that glass streak-free?!
  5. My Rainbow vacuum cleaner is the same one I used as a child! It’s wicked on cat hair, kitty litter, etc.
  6. When I go to bed, I have to start by lying on my left side for a while, then turning over to my right to fall asleep.

Whew! That was hard. Cat picture, anyone?

(muffled) “Got your foot, May! Ha! Now what’re you going to do?!” -C


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The Tongue Edition

Nishanna is having a contest – caption a picture of her cute pup before Monday, December 18, 7 pm EST, and you could win some yarn!

Wendy’s putting together Knit From Your Stash 2007. Wisely, it’s only the first 9 months of the year. And there are additional conditions. Me? I freak out and start buying yarn like a maniac if I’m part of something like that. If I’m not, I don’t. Your mileage may vary!

So I have my blog signed up for Google Analytics, mostly because it’s fun to see what search terms bring people here. I’ve included some of the most interesting ones – feel free to discuss them amongst yourselves:

  • dress butt picture (whose butt?! I wear a dress about 2x/year, so not likely mine)
  • mom armpit lick (EEWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!)
  • sock monkey cookies (not sure they’d be edible!)
  • pics of chaos dying (NOOOOOOOOOOO!)
  • tossing ferrets (Like tossing cookies?!)
  • french coat flasher book (*blink blink*)
  • i love when my kids lickes my armpits (EWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW!)
  • ferret licks my hair (I swear, I have no ferrets!!)
  • lederhosens for dogs (please make sure you leave the appropriate holes!)
  • pics “boy’s butt” (I prefer men over boys, but whatever)

How disappointed do you think most of those people are?! 😉

If you live in the Twin Cities metro area and are looking for a kitty, I got May through Underdog Rescue. They have several kittens at my fabulous neighborhood petstore (Urbanimal) right now, including a gorgeous little black kitten girl called Suri (yes, like the alpaca – she’s obviously meant to be a knitter’s cat!), another older black kitten (Esmerelda) not listed on the website, and a dilute tortie called Tink (Tink?? Really, you need to come visit right now). I cannot get any more cats, due to condo regulations. Hopefully some of you can!

Ok, since I’ve obviously run out of vim and vigor and blogging ideas at the end of the week, I present the Tongue Edition (yeah, baby, that’ll pep up my search terms).

“Neener neener neener, May, I’m first cat in the blog today!” -C

“Big kitty, it’s age before beauty.” -M

“But my tongue is bigger than your tongue, May! Ha!” -C


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