November 2006

V is for…

Vexing, that all my closets look like this:

Whatever could lead to such a situation?!

Here’s a clue…

…and the culprit, caught near the scene of one of his crimes.

“Culprit?! Where?? Let me at him!”

Don’t forget that the contest ends at 7 pm, CST, tonight! I’ll post the winners tonight or tomorrow morning. Happy Thanksgiving to everyone who celebrates it!


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Tuesday, but it’s Wednesday, really…

…since I only work 3 days this week! So tomorrow is actually Friday…

Valerie is having a contest to celebrate her one year knitting anniversary. If you leave her a comment before midnight, Sunday, November 26, about how you came to be knitting or about the person who taught you to knit, you could win a skein of Fleece Artist sock yarn.

Don’t forget that you have until 7 pm CST, Wednesday, November 22, to leave some words of wisdom for me as I embark on a new decade of my life! (This would be a real-time deadline, not a Chris interpretive time deadline…)

Reading Update
Smoke and Shadows, Smoke and Mirrors, and Smoke and Ashes by Tanya Huff. These three books take up where the Blood series left off, sort of… Wizardry, vampires, and other things that go bump in the night, but in Vancouver instead of Toronto. In one of my favorite bits, the main character muses how peculiarly Canadian it was that he was taking public transportation on his way to save the world…
The Dead Cat Bounce by Sarah Graves. I think this is the first book from the Home Repair is Homicide mystery series… Having read the series utterly out of order, it was interesting to go back to this one and see how things began.
Dead Witch Walking by Kim Harrison. This is the first book in a mystery series featuring Cincinnati witch Rachel Morgan, her roommate (the “living” vampire Ivy), a family of pixies, and more… I already have the rest of the books on hold at the library!

Knitting Update
I’m in the midst of the gusset increases on my second black and hot pink stripey sock. The first sock is done to just above the heel and I’m knitting the second sock from the other end of the ball. Why, you might ask? Well, I apparently had some sort of mathematical meltdown when I was winding off yarn to dye and let’s just say that it’s going to be very exciting to see how tall these end up. I’m hoping for short ankle socks at this point!

Feline Update
Chaos has been, well, chaotic lately. More on that tomorrow. Here he was in an unguarded moment last night:

“If you’d named me Meditative Trance, you’d have a leg to stand on here, Mom.”

Mayhem could not be reached for comment, since she was hiding.

“I am an invisible jungle kitten, hiding in the foliage!”

Those Cats

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Birthday recap

Wow. You guys rock!! I am completely overwhelmed by all the wonderful adivce and birthday wishes I’ve been receiving in my contest! You still have plenty of time to enter if you haven’t already.

Some fun birthday things – I got two flourless chocolate birthday cakes! Must be living right. 😉 Jeanne made the first, using our traditional recipe. My dad picked up the second at Whole Foods:

Many thanks to both of you! Mmmmm….

Last week, I mentioned my early knitting birthday party (for which Jeanne made the tasty cake) and promised pictures.. From Deb, enough ArtYarns for two pairs of cushy socks and Knitting for Peace (so wonderfully inscribed from her that I almost started to cry!):

“This is nice yarn, Mom, but please don’t knit me any socks. I don’t think that would make me feel more peaceful.” – M.

Jeanne gave me a very funny card (“Pictured here is 12-year old champion diver, Cleo Jones. Despite her age, Cleo has never abandoned her dream of ‘going for the gold.'”), a cute sheep bookmark, some yarn she dyed to make narrow black and purple stripes (be still my heart!!), and, um, some bedraggled gag yarn. This yarn goes back and forth between us…

“Shit.” – C.

Jeanne also made me these fabulous personalized magnets using pictures of Chaos and May from my blog!! (Sorry, these were very difficult to photograph.) I love magnets… someday I’ll do a little photoshoot of the front of my fridge.

And all the way from the UK, Mrs Pao and Pao sent another funny card (“Louis couldn’t wait to be an air hostess” – remember the sock monkey dress?!), elusive black Regia Silk (she had to get it directly from Germany!), and tasty treats (I can neither confirm nor deny that amazingly delicious rice crackers covered with dark chocolate were also included).

“Mom, how come my cat food isn’t this colorful and fun?” – M.

Mrs Pao also included presents for Chaos and May! On the right is “buzzy mouse” – you pull his tail and he buzzes around on the floor while his tail contracts back. On the left is “snacky mouse” – you stick a few cat treats into it to distract the cats when they’re getting pesky.

“She must be talking about you, May, because I am the very feline of upstanding behavior and am never ‘pesky.'” – C.

My heartfelt thanks to my friends and family and everyone who helped make my 40th birthday fun and memorable.


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Lordy, lordy, look who’s 40…

Yikes, it’s me!!! 🙂

Well, ok, such an event requires a contest – a contest that encompasses Chaos’ third birthday (since he was sick at the time), my 40th birthday, and my first blogiversary on November 22… Leave me a comment with the most useful piece of information/advice you’ve ever received. The information you wished you’d known when. The information that you think we’d all be better off knowing.

Leave your comment by 7 pm CST Wednesday, November 22, and I will use the magical random number generator to select the winners. There will be at least three prizes and possibly more: knitterly prizes for knitters and other prizes for non-knitters. Knitterly prizes will include the autumnal skein of laceweight I dyed at Deb’s on my vacation and skeins of Socks that Rock from the 2006 Rockin’ Socks Club.

“You guys can so do this – you have opposable thumbs!”


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In which there are acrobatics

Kristin is having a first knitting anniversary contest. Leave her a comment about how you learned to knit by noon CST, Wednesday, November 22.

Danielle is having an unusual vegetable contest (yup, you read that right). You have until Wednesday, November 29, to complete your unusual vegetable mission!

Lucia (Rhymes with Fuscia) is having a contest – answer her question and support your answer and you could win some sock yarn.

Last night I went over to Jeanne’s house to knit and was surprised to find Deb there – and presents! An offer from Jeanne to knit the fingers and thumbs of a pair of gloves for me (my dislike of knitting thumbs, particularly the 10 “thumbs” required for gloves, is well known)! Flourless chocolate cake! Candles! Pinot noir! Cats! And even a tricky package from MrsPao and Pao, all the way from the UK! I will share more details (and pictures) of the wonderful things next week, after I’ve had time to actually take some pictures. My heartfelt thanks to all of them for starting my birthday two days early! 🙂

Work has definitely calmed down. Whew! Also, on Monday, the locksmith (who was cute!) replaced the lock guts and no kitties missed their feeding time. I was glad to find out that it wouldn’t have helped if I’d put graphite in the lock, which I’d been meaning to do for weeks…

Ok, I know you’re all waiting for the acrobatics… I’ve mentioned that May fetches and catches toys. Yesterday, for the first time, I got pictures of some of those feline acrobatics. Go, May!!

Those Cats

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