October 2006

In which I blatantly try to distract you with the cute

Karrie of Girl on the Rocks is having an interesting contest for knitters who didn’t go to Rhinebeck. Since those of us who didn’t go are probably going to feel awfully jealous reading about all the wonderful things people got at Rhinebeck, Karrie would like us to go stash diving and find some goodies. Post a picture of this loot (that you already own! and maybe forgot about!) along with a blurb about it and leave a comment for Karrie. Contest ends Friday, October 27. Karrie’s favorite will win some fun yarn (TBD).

Because I spent my blogging time last night trying to save a tipped over plant and vaccuuming up potting soil (not pointing fingers or anything, Mayhem), I got nothin’ this morning. Thus, in the best Miss Lulu Kitty fashion, let me distract you with these pictures of Mayhem, taken September 16 – over a month ago already! And look – she still had whiskers! According to Wikipedia, “When a kitten is cleaned by its mother, she may chew off some or all of the whiskers.” Mommy Chaos?! Well, there is the misguided nursing

Anyway, I don’t even have any clever captions in me this morning! Yikes. *takes a big slug of soy mocha* So, caption amongst yourselves and have a wonderful day, everyone!

Those Cats

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There was snow on my car this morning

One of Michaele the Knitty Professor’s pet peeves is men who wear pants that make them appear as if they have no ass. Submit stories, photos, and haikus about these assless men and the best submission will win a prize.

Trek is having a limerick contest. The rules are great! Highlights incude that you must refer to fiber or homebrewing and you cannot include the word “Nantucket.” Heh! Contest ends 11:26 am, Friday, October 27 – I’m assuming EDT.

Sunday morning, I was lying blissfully asleep in my flannel sheets when the roof repair guys began work. Yikes! I’m on the top floor of condos, and they started right over my place. Remember how stressed Chaos was when the window guys were working outside?? Pretty much a rerun of that, except there were two cats hiding behind the toilet this time. Hopefully the roof repair guys finish very quickly…

Reading Update
Burnt Offerings and Blue Moon by Laurell K. Hamilton, books 7 and 8 of Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter. Ok, these two books were ok, but things were starting to fall apart with the addition of the wereleopards, Asher, and in particular, Raina’s munin.
Charmed to Death by Shirley Damsgaard. This cute book is the second in the Ophelia and Abby mystery series, about a librarian witch and her grandmother, living in small town Iowa.
Derik’s Bane: A Wyndham Werewolf Tale by MaryJanice Davidson. Hee hee – you know how books sometimes have a categorization on the spine? This one is “paranormal romance.” 🙂 It was a light and fun quick read. I’m waiting for the first book (Undead and Unwed) in Davidson’s Twin Cities vampire series, which sounds a wee bit lighter than the Anita Blake books. 😉
The Chocolate Cat Caper: A Chocoholic Mystery by JoAnna Carl. Ok, how could I resist this one? Chocolate! Cat! Yum! Not sure if I’ll read any of the other books in the series, but this was fun.
Something’s Cooking: An Angie Amalfi Mystery by Joanne Pence. Another of those irresistible $0.69 mysteries at the thrift store. I spent a fair amount of time shaking my head that I kept reading this book… but I did. And I was surprised at how things turned out. Um, if I found another in the series for the same price at the thrift store, I would probably read it. But I’m not going to bother looking for them at the library.

I’ve been making steady progress on the Flatiron socks from the yarn I dyed. I’m enjoying the spiraling and pooling – it’s fascinating to see what they’ll do next.

“I’ll pose for this picture, Mom, but you know as soon as you’re done, those Addis are toast!”

“Neener, neener, neener, May – look at my lovely whiskers. Ha! Yours are all bitten off.”


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In which we find the sock monkey dress

Last night, Jeanne and I stopped at Crafty Planet to scope out their bib yarn, um, I mean Sugar’n’Cream, and what did Jeanne spy in the window but one of the infamous Sock Monkey Dresses! (Hey, you can buy one for a mere $1,500US, MamaTulip!) Jeanne got a great picture of me with the dress, too.

The wonderful (but tragically blogless) RachelH sent me a very cool tin sign – thank you, Rachel! It will be perfect in my kitchen. (Plus it was a great thing to find waiting for me at work on my first day back.)


“The big kitty told me that flashing thing you keep pointing at me will make me go blind, Mom. I’m outta here!”

We haven’t had a Chaos and May size comparison for a while…


*sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff*


“I am Mayhem – hear me roar!”

Those Cats

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End of vacation…

The Yarn Harlot is having a contest – what’s the best word can you make from the Scrabble letters?

Celtic Kelly is selling some really cute stitchmarkers for sockscheck them out!

Yesterday was my last day of vacation. Alas, I spent it with a migraine. Pooey! Much better today, but I didn’t get any of the things done I was planning for yesterday, so I’m feeling more discombobulated about being back at work than I expected. And very very far behind in bloglines again!

Sometime during the past two weeks, I saw a pattern for a soap bag that hangs in the shower. It was posted on someone’s blog, but I didn’t bookmark it. *slaps forehead* I think it was from Sugar’n’Cream, but I wouldn’t bet on it. Please leave a comment if you know where this pattern was posted. My google-fu hasn’t found it yet…

Reading Update
The Laughing Corpse, Circus of the Damned, The Lunatic Cafe, Bloody Bones, and The Killing Dance by Laurell K. Hamilton, books 2-6 of Anita Black, Vampire Hunter. It’s been ages since I read these and I’m definitely enjoying the re-read. The series hadn’t started to deteriorate yet…
Bit of info for anyone reading the Sookie Stackhouse Southern Vampire series – when I started the sixth book, Definitely Dead, I was very confused. The book referred to some critical incidents that had recently happened, but I certainly didn’t remember anything about them and I had just read the previous five books in about four days. It turns out that the information was revealed in a short story in the book Bite. I highly recommend reading that short story before you read Definitely Dead!

This was worth turning around to get a picture of…

And May wants to show off how big she’s getting:

“I’m almost as big as the big kitty, Mom!!”


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In which I try to catch up on thank yous

Limedragon is having a contest to celebrate her new WordPress blog. Simply leave a comment by Saturday, October 21, and you could win a lovely skein of All Things Heather sock yarn!

For anyone who tried to comment yesterday and got a weird error – sorry! I was trying a new antispam plugin that was a wee bit too aggressive. Didn’t get any spam, though! But I’d rather hear from y’all and am willing to delete a bit of spam to do so. 🙂

In the midst of all this doing absolutely nothing on my vacation (which has been extremely relaxing), I’ve gotten frightfully behind in thank yous. Whoops…

First, V of Spells with… sent me a wonderful package with a cool postcard, chocolate (with espresso beans in it – yum), and something for the kitties. Here’s what V wrote to Chaos and May on the card:

To the kitties: Meet Catharsis, the Catnip Cat (Agent Triple C, but you can call her Cathy for short). If you’re ever mad at your brother/sister, Cathy is here to help. Mom won’t like it if you chew each other’s tail off, so stick with Cathy in those moments!

True enough – thanks, V! Here’s May checking out the card, while Chaos hops off the coffee table, in pursuit of Cathy. (Guess Chaos had been storing up some anger, there.)

“It’s too bad these aren’t real people, because they’re small enough for me to eat.” – May
“Nip!!!” – Chaos

Isn’t Cathy adorable?? You’ll just have to imagine how cute it was when Chaos was rubbing her all over his face, since my camera battery died.

Moving right along, I got a monster skein of sportweight cotton from Becky of Moonfrog for being one of her contest winners. Thanks, Becky!

“Yeah, yeah, it’s pretty – but where’s the nip?!”

I also won Kate’s Look Back and Cringe contest. Kate sent an increases/decreases KnitKard, a really cute knitting card, some gorgeous Mountain Colors sock yarn, cute little stitchmarkers, some nice pepperminty soap, a black sheep tape measure (I really wanted one of these and almost bought one on the yarn crawl!), and colored pencils (mmm, school supplies in the fall – excellent!). Thanks, Kate!

“I bet these are cat toys.”

Sorry, May, those stitchmarkers are not cat toys. Kate apologized for not including anything for the kitties, but little did she know that she had…

“Ok, I’ve seen how the Meezer plays with her tearstrip, May, so please focus. Concentrate! You can do this, May!”


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