October 2006

Happy Halloween!

KitKatKnit is having a contest – ‘fess up to who your TVBF (TV Boyfriend) is by 10 pm Sunday, November 5. The randomly selected winner will receive a fiber-related prize. (I know CarrieK is laughing hysterically ‘cos she knows I can’t enter this contest – I don’t watch TV.)

Aija is having a very interesting contest that involves contributing to the world’s longest poem – check out the details on her blog for how to play. The prize will be sock yarn (in honor of Socktoberfest) and the contest runs through early afternoon on Friday, November 10.

There are still some spaces open in the Knitters Coffee Swap! Sign up now, because it’s limited to 50 participants. Thanks to Knittymama for coming up with such a fun swap idea!

If you had fun with the Knit Sock Kit Swap, Scout and Bev are having a Knit Mitt Kit Swap! You can sign up from now until November 3.

I’m looking forward to seeing the knitted items that you use a lot. Carole commented yesterday that she probably uses her handknitted socks the most. I probably do, too, but I got particularly intrigued by the other knitted items that I used a lot. Your mileage may vary (YMMV)!

You know what I hate about “falling back” to Central Standard Time in the Fall? Well, besides how early it gets dark, that is. It’s the cats, thinking that I’m inflicting cruel and unusal punishment on them by feeding them an hour late. Usually they start whining an hour before feeding time (well, Chaos does – May fusses a little and then goes off on Important Kitten Business). So after we switch from daylight to standard time, I get two hours of dedicated whining…

How are you celebrating Halloween? I’m going to a neighborhood block party with some friends and their baby. Maybe I’ll actually put on my pseudo costume… How could I resist these el-cheapo black cat ears from Target?! (I am so not wearing the tail.) The black cat candy dish might’ve wandered home from Target, too. I don’t know where that other black cat came from! 😉

“Hmmm… there’s mischief afoot and I’d hate to miss it! Where there’s mischief… there’s Mayhem.”

Chaos and Mayhem wish you all a happy and safe Halloween!

“Please go trick or treating for tuna and send it to us. Thank you.”


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In which I rant about content theft and start a meme of sorts

I don’t know if all of you have heard about bitacle.org grabbing blog content from feeds (“scraping”) and repackaging the content (“splogging”). To check on your blog, go to bitacle, select aggregates, and type, for example, “stumblingoverchaos” or “mamatulip” or “knitiotsavant” or “yarnharlot.” I don’t expect to make any money off my blog – but I sure as heck don’t expect anyone else to make money off it either! This crap has already lost us a great blogger in Mama Tulip and I know many others are discouraged by bitacle’s use of their content. (Edit: Just to clarify, bitacle recently removed the ads from the aggregate blogs. However, there is no guarantee that they won’t put the ads back in once all the furor dies down.)

There are some things you can do to protect your content (lots of details here and here and here). One of the major things you can do is set your blog to only send a few lines of your content in your feed. Have you noticed that you can only read a line or two of my posts in bloglines? In WordPress, that’s controlled under Options -> Reading -> Syndication Feeds – set to Summary. This actually appears to be effective, since the main feeds of my new blog are not appearing in bitacle. They were getting the Comments feed, which I have disabled.

In a fit of pique about content theft, I deleted my blogspot blog (all of which was in bitacle). This was stupid of me, as anyone who’s still subscribed to the blogspot feed has probably noticed that someone snatched up my blogspot address and is using it for something other than cute cat pictures and occasional knitting… Please unsubscribe from that feed!!

Anyway! I’m done ranting about this for now. 🙂

So, what are your favorite or most used items that you’ve knitted? When I looked around, I discovered that they were humble things indeed, as you can sort of see in the picture below. (No, of course I didn’t knit Chaos! Heh.)

“Damn, I didn’t get out of here fast enough. Oh well, at least I’m not blind this time. Should’ve let that little scamp check this stuff out and report back.”

From the left, my merino-silk fingerless gloves, which see a lot of use at work in the winter as I huddle typing in the cold building at 6:30 am. Next is my ipod shuffle necklace (Regia cotton jacqard), which accompanies me on most of my walks. On the left is a mug cozy (either Fixation or Esprit), which is perfect for keeping my fingers warm and absorbing moisture from the outside of iced soy mochas in the summer. Underneath it all is one of the very first felted bags I ever made (black Lamb’s Pride, with a skein of Kureyon for the stripey bit) – this bag has carried my coffee, lunch, snacks, papers, and so forth to and from work every day for the past four (or is it five?!) years. Humble, yet sturdy, and doubles as a cat bed when I’m at home.

What knitted items do you find yourself using all of the time? I’d love to see and hear about them!


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Let’s do the Time Warp again!

The Traveling Knitter is having a “Knitbloggers for Blood” contest. Donate blood or blood products (plasma, etc) and let her know. For every 25 donations, she’ll draw a random prize winner.

Edit: Tracey of Fuzzy Britches is having a contest. Leave her a comment by November 1 (the two month anniversary of her new blog), and she’ll randomly draw a name to receive some Socks that Rock!

Lorinda is having a super short story contest (six words). Leave a comment with your entry and you could win a mysterious prize.

A little while ago, I showed you all a vintage pattern booklet with a very strange cover and promised more pictures from it. Well, as I’m sure you’ve all been waiting with bated breath for more details, here goes.Really, all I can say is that the booklet must have been underwritten by Coca-Cola. True, the back cover doesn’t have as many bottles of Coca-Cola on hand as the front did, but…

While the front and back covers are quite summery, the rest of the booklet is fall/winter. And there’s just something about this guy… Smarmy?! Is he trying to look down her sweater or something? That’s really not possible with the necklines in this booklet! And don’t miss the cigarette in his left hand…

I actually kinda like this sweater… but this guy is killing me! “Yeah, baby, I’m hot hot hot.” Blech!

Again with trying to look down her sweater. Sheesh!

And again… that silver ring of his shows up on multiple pictures on different fingers.

I do appreciate that the female models seem to have normal bodies and aren’t as scary thin as some of the models in these vintage books.

But this guy?! He’s always there… even in the background… Is she trying to still her beating heart, or is she just glad he’s not lurking over her shoulder?

“Is it safe to look yet?!”


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T is for…


(Please ignore the bin of sock yarn in the background… um, no, that’s not all the sock yarn… why do you ask?!)


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Fiber festival in my closet

As I mentioned yesterday, Karrie’s asked those of us who didn’t go to Rhinebeck to pull some fun things out of our stash (that we might not even remember purchasing) and pretend we’ve come back from Rhinebeck with them as wonderful new purchases. This is budget fiber festival at its very best! Because you know, I have plenty of yarn in my stash that I don’t even remember that I have. Let’s take a look at a few things, shall we?

Of course, any fiber draws a few felines around here…

*sniff sniff sniff sniff sniff*

I did manage a slightly less obstructed picture below. From the left, a skein of nettle yarn. Yup. Nettle. I picked that up at the At Home Store in Fairfield, Iowa, when I was there for an Anna Zilboorg workshop. I think I was planning to make some sort of bath scrubby from it, but unless this stuff gets a lot softer after washing, it would completely strip off your skin – and not in a good way.

Next is a ball of Brooks Farm Duet (mohair/wool) from the Taos Wool Festival a few years ago. It might become Clapotis at some point. Below the Duet is a small skein of La Lana Phat Silk Phat (wool/silk) picked up in Taos. This might become a very narrow little dressy scarf.

In the center, Regia Bamboo, which I picked up maybe a month ago – I’m fascinated by the idea of bamboo socks, but I’ll probably wait to knit this until spring, since right now I’m just interested in knitting warm woolly socks. Above that, May inspects a ball of Opal Zebra – I forgot I had this, but I’m very curious about what it will look like, so maybe I’ll knit it soon (of course, “soon” is subjective…).

Underneath May is a skein of laceweight silk from Blackberry Hills, purchased at Yarnover a few years ago – someday, someday, it will become a shawl (no, not Adamas :p ). Below that, three small skeins of Rovings Polwarth and silk – also from Yarnover. This would make toasty warm socks. (Hmm, I’m detecting a theme of silk here…)

“Are zebras tasty, Mom?”

Another picture of May from mid-September. She’s definitely sleeker now! She’s also has more silver-tipped fur on her legs and sides – I think she’s going to be a different sort of stealth tabby than is Chaos.

“I feel pretty! Oh, so pretty! And so rumpled! Oh, so rumpled!”


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