May 2006

Simply boggled at the horror

Thanks for all the fun name ideas for my new stuffed black kitty – right now I’m leaning toward Loki the Imp. For the curious, he was purchased at the Bibelot Shop in the Minneapolis neighborhood of Linden Hills, as was the black cat mug. The onesies are for a tie dye and stenciling experiment.

Moving right along, I must ask you all to brace yourselves… I found a knitting magazine at the thrift store that was so horrific I was compelled to buy it and share the horror with all of you. (Aw, Chris, you shouldn’t have – really.)

With no further ado… the bikini issue! (You can click on the pictures to view larger versions if you really want to…) We’ll start with the cover, featuring the lovely Christmas red and green bikini.

Inside, more bikinis on the right – but check out the picture on the left, of a reader’s cat wearing a twee little bonnet. Chaos might occasionally wear a strawberry hat, but he would so not put up with that bonnet action.

More swimming suit action, including one for the boys, if y’all were feeling left out (Hi, Dave!).

“You better not be thinking about knitting me any swimwear is all I’m saying.”

Moving right along, look at the fabulous sweaters you can knit for Barbie and Ken for their trips in the Barbie Camper. (I had one of those Barbie Campers, along with the obligatory Malibu Barbie. I didn’t have a Ken, but I did have Wild West action figures who were the same height as Barbie. So Barbie ran off with Geronimo in the Barbie Camper, with his horse tied to the back bumper.)

Finally, some clothes for the kids. Check out the crazy stenciled cat – I think he would’ve given me nightmares at that age!

Now, I actually thought the little blue jumper in the lower right corner was cute… until I looked at the pattern and realized the gauge was 17 stitches per inch. That’s right, it’s knit with cotton thread. Eeeeeeeeek! It’s not that cute. I’m not sure anything is that cute.


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Tales of Chaotic naughtiness

Rebekah is asking for people to knit toys and blankets for cats and dogs in the shelters in her area. It’s the chance to do some community knitting and possibly win prizes – I know that Amy Boogie and Wendy/Lucy have contributed prizes for those who donate items (they say Wendy wrote that book, but Chaos insists Lucy was the mastermind behind it all), among others. For cats, Wendy has a great catnip mouse pattern available. For dogs, I’ve made this tug toy and found it held up very well.

Meet the newest member of our family… I was helpless to do anything other than purchase him after I saw those eyes (which are more green than they appear in the picture).

Any name suggestions?

When I got home last night, this is what I found on my kitchen table. Formerly, it was a sealed five-pack of onesies that I’m planning to use for a craft project.

Hmm, only four… Where could the other one be? Oh, there it is on the floor.

Maybe Chaos was afraid I was going to make him wear the onesies?! After all, Jeanne’s Bugsy did have to wear one for a while (to keep him from scratching an injury). And Margene’s dog Moxie is wearing a t-shirt right now. This might have been a preemptive strike.

In the interest of further naughtiness disclosure, here’s the perp with Exhibit A, my formerly favorite mug that he knocked into the sink and broke last week.

“Must be careful – that looks sharp!”

So I picked up a new mug yesterday…

“What are you up to, Mom?! Should I be worried?!”

Those Cats

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A winner, flamingos, and a very odd billboard

Congrats to Heide, who was lucky random number 68! Her caption was “Fibery, mousey goodness. Yum!” Heide, drop me an email with your address if you haven’t already. Thanks to everyone for playing and for the kind words on my blogiversary! You so know that there will be other contests in the future…

Yesterday was lovely here in Minneapolis – sunny, not windy, and warm but not too warm (too warm is coming this weekend). I took my camera along as I walked around Lake of the Isles after work and quickly realized that it’s pretty easy to take Project Spectrum May pictures right now, since everything’s very green.

This heron is my favorite statue near the lake.

I’m quite fond of little Peavey Fountain.

Curious about what the sign says? It’s worth a read – not every fountain is a memorial to horses who died in World War I.

This house on the southwest side of Lake of the Isles has a flamboyance of plastic flamingos in its front yard every year. The flamingos “migrate” around the yard during the summer, clustering in fanciful arrangements.

This picture wasn’t taken around Lake of the Isles – it’s a billboard near work that amuses me no end. See those cats? They’re statues! When the billboard went up, there were only a few cats. Each week, more cats are added. Very clever advertising strategy.

“Give me a break, Mom. Why would cats be that interested in a fishing lure that’s obviously not for catching tuna?”

Tales of the Neighborhood
Those Cats

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Unpaw that Addi!

Last chance to participate in my 6-month blogiversary contest – follow the link before 6 pm CDT today (May 22) and leave a caption comment to play. I can’t believe I’ve already been blogging for six months – my, how time flies. To everyone who stops by to visit Chaos and I, and to everyone whose blogs I visit – you have all enriched my life immeasurably! Thank you.

The Knit Wit has been writing a ghost story about me, but things aren’t looking so good at the end of Part 2… If I suddenly stop posting, it’s her fault for finishing me off in the graveyard!

Jane posted about a nifty blogging event happening on Wednesday, June 7 – A Day in the Life, inspired by the book This Day in the Life: Diaries from Women Across America.

In addition to the Lace from the Black Lagoon socks I’m working on (in the homestretch – doing the cuff on the second sock!), I’m also working on a pair of plain socks from Meilenweit Cotton. Inspired by JennyRaye, these will be biking socks for me. I had two singleton balls of this yarn, so I’m doing toes, gussets, and cuffs from one color and foot and heel from the other color. There’s a bit of green in them, so they’re nominally Project Spectrum, too. (Please note that the red blobule you will see in the following pictures is simply a red fur ball, not SRM!)

“Socks, socks, I love socks! Let me just slip this sock off your foot – you won’t miss it at all.”
“Oh, wait, I love these pointy things – so handy for cleaning between my fangs, where all that tuna gets stuck.”

“What’s your problem?! You don’t use these things to clean your teeth? Your loss.”

Those Cats

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J is for…

June, my paternal grandmother, who died when I was 17 and too young to appreciate her. She was a seamstress, making both gorgeous quilts and much of my kindergarten wardrobe (plaid polyester bellbottom pantsuits were so in). I am sure that her being a “maker” was passed on to my dad and then to my brother and I, and if she were still here, I would give her a hug and tell her “thank you.”


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