May 2006

Final Project Spectrum May pictures

Yes, yes, I know everyone wants to see pictures of luridly purple yarn. Hopefully tomorrow. Right now the yarn is eluding my best efforts to capture the color. Grrrrrr…

So, in order to placate Marina, I finished my Chaotic Black Lagoon socks last night.

Yarn: Sundara Black Lagoon
Pattern: Judy Gibson’s generic toe-up pattern modified for two circulars, with this cast-on and Maeve’s Cherry Blossom Lace pattern
Needles: Addi Turbo 0s
Duration: 28 days

And on to the last few PS May images… A treasured green card from my grad school friend Deb:

One of the best wine labels ever (and the wine’s not bad, either!) – does that face remind you of anyone?! 🙂

For Chaos size reference, the wine bottle is 12 inches tall…

“Wait a minute, what the heck is a gooseberry bush?! Can’t I just use my litterbox?!”

Project Spectrum
Those Cats

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Words clouded with dye

Saturday evening Jeanne and I did a bit more dyeing. Here’s our setup in Jeanne’s backyard:

Of course wine is critical to the process! Make sure to keep your wine out of the active dyeing area to minimize accidents (putting dye in wine, dyeing yarn with wine, etc).

Here I’m dyeing some yarn that will turn out to be shockingly purple – so shocking that I overdyed it with black Sunday night to tone it down a little! I have to remember to draft out color ideas before sitting down to dye yarn, because if I don’t – I can only remember that I like purple and black.

Yarn pictures later this week, after drying and detangling.

But the very best thing about the evening? Jeanne surprised me with a Stumbling Over Chaos word cloud t-shirt! I cannot even tell you how excited I was. I might even have bounced a bit (ok, ok, maybe more than a bit). Thank you, Jeanne – that was so sweet and unexpected!

Reading this is like reading really fun fridge magnet poetry. Some favorites include “thought time tongue totally tuna,” “SRM story stumbling text think,” “chaotic chris claws color,” and “favorite flamingos free fun.” I could go on – but I’ll spare you!

“Shh… Don’t distract me – I’m playing ‘dead kitty on the floor’ so Mom will leave the air on.”

Or maybe he’s dreaming of the lovely Halley as she dreams of him… Hmm…


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Walking around the neighborhood and a possible scandal

Whew, it’s been hot here in Minneapolis – 97F yesterday! When you consider we had highs of 45F only 10 or 12 days ago, I’m sure you’ll understand why we’re a bit stunned.

Anyway, here are an assortment of images from my neighborhood, taken over the past week. Most are Project Spectrum greens, but there are a few that just intrigued me.

A verdent mansion along East Lake of the Isles Parkway

Thomas Lowry Park, which is very small indeed.

Feet on a light post in the park

Mannequins – it freaked me out a little to get home from taking this picture and discover that Jeanne had just posted a picture of a mannequin from her neighborhood

A control box for stoplights (pretend it’s April, since I missed taking this picture last month!).

Green, green Gulf

Van parked outside the local hip hop shop

And the possible scandal – pictures of a black cat… but not Chaos. Meet Richard, who was out for a walk when I was:

He was really too busy to stop for pictures or witty commentary.

I’m off to enjoy a lovely (albeit warm) day off from work. Chaos is enjoying the air conditioning, which I finally turned on late yesterday, having had enough of his dead kitty on the tile floor impersonation. Have a wonderful Memorial Day for those in the US (and I think it’s a bank holiday in the UK?)!

Project Spectrum
Tales of the Neighborhood

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Project Spectrum craftiness (with even less knitting than ever!)

The Craft Modster posted a very inspiring entry about t-shirt stenciling a few days ago and got me all excited to try stenciling some onesies for my friends’ baby. (You remember the fate of the onesies, right?) I definitely need to try something else for the lettering, but I’m pretty pleased with my first effort, made with emerald green Jacquard fabric paint. The owl is a stamp that my dad sells (it’s on the Rango Zoo 3 sheet).

I also tie-dyed several onesies, since the parents are tie-dye fanatics. I used dark green Rit dye. The onesie on the left (slightly obscured in this picture) had rubber bands around it in three places. The onesie on the right (also slightly obscured in this picture) was simply tied in a big knot. I like the big knot effect much better!

“If I sit on them, she won’t be tempted to put them on me, right?”

“Oh, well that sort of ‘putting on’ isn’t so bad, I guess.”

“Duuuuuuuude, I could sure use a hit of catnip and some tuna. Must be the tie dyes.”

Project Spectrum
Those Cats

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If you could see what I see

Anmiryam has posted some great insights into successful knitblogging. Definitely worth a read, if you haven’t already.

Kelly of Minneapolis is celebrating her six-month blogiversary with a contest, too! Stop by and wish her well (and offer lunch suggestions, eh?). Discovering a Minneapolis Kelly made me realize how many Kell(y)(ie)(ee) people are in my bloglines. Y’all should start a ring or something… Besides Minneapolis Kelly, there’s Celtic Kelly, Just a Knit Wit Kelly, Peevish Kellie, and Obsessive Kellee. (If I’ve missed other Kellies, you’ll have to let me know!)
Added from comments: Giggling Kelle.

Jen asked for pictures from out of our windows and wouldn’t take “but my windows are so dirty!” as an excuse.* So here you go.

East window with cat butt

East window without cat butt

North window looking up and out

North window looking ou… let’s try that one again.

North window looking out – the people who used to live across the way had an orange tabby who would crawl out the window and sit on their air conditioner, which always worried me – we’re on the third floor here… He and Chaos would sit and stare at each other before that boxelder got so bushy.

What I usually see when looking out the north window:

“Shhhh…. I have my eye on that bird. I’m sure I’ll get him, if he just comes a little closer…”

*The windows are totally filthy. My excuse? They’re being replaced in two weeks, so what’s the point in washing them now?! You’ll notice very little glass appears in these photos.

Those Cats

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