March 2006

Worth nine thousand words?

Whew! Yesterday was a very fun and knitterly day for me. First, I met another knitblogger for coffee and (no surprise) knitting at the Riverview Cafe. Meet Renee of A Good Yarn, holding up the Nantasket Basket she just finished knitting as one of her Project Spectrum projects.

On my way out of the Riverview Cafe, I discovered that its restroom was rather Project Spectrumesque:

Then I headed west to Minnetonka to Charlene’s house (Charlene should drop me an email with her blog address) for an afternoon of knitting (me) and spinning (not me). Here’s Charlene, a lovely local spinner/knitter who shall not be named, and part of Kerry. (Very tricky, Kerry!)

Somehow Leah managed to not be in that picture, so she gets her very own picture (Leah, I didn’t get your LiveJournal address, either):

Hey, I was having way too much fun to worry about those blog address details.

I also finished my Rose Garden Dublin Bay socks yesterday. I think they got the Chaos Seal of Approvaltm.

“Hmm, I guess they’re ok. They’re not catnip socks, but they’ll do.”

And I got a good start on my April Project Spectrum socks – my Rainbow Jays. If anyone can tell me exactly what country Regia Nation color 5399 is supposed to be, I’d appreciate it!

The interesting shape of a toe-up Jaywalker reminded me of something and I finally figured out what it was:

Project Spectrum

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Cat in motion is a crazy thing

“La la la, rolling around all crazy – life is good! Well, except for static electricity. That’s a major bummer.”
“I wish Mom would give me some catnip so I could roll around even faster and crazier!”

“Workin’ it, baby, workin’ it!”

Those Cats

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Chaotic ostrich butt

Both Jeanne and I had rough days at work yesterday, so we met to knit at a wine bar instead of our usual coffee shop. Really, who were we kidding? We were there to talk and drink some wine and laugh at old knitting books and the current issue of Knitter’s. Everyone knows that it’s too dark to knit in a wine bar – although I did pick up 13 stitches, then knit across those 13 plus 8 more stitches. At that point, I decided to rest on my laurels and not try to pick up the other 13 stitches for the heel.

Anyway, we each tried a tasting flight: Jeanne tried the shiraz/syrah flight and I tried the pinot noir flight. It was quite fun to sip our little glasses of wine, make notes on our flight sheets, and toss off pseudo-oenophilic jargon, describing one wine as “delightfully undistinguished” and another as having “deep fruity overtones.” (Well, we thought we were funny at the time…)


Chaos? Hey, Chaos, can you come out of your “hiding” place and wish Peeve a happy birthday? And maybe send get well wishes to Mrs Pao’s husband, Pao, who had surgery today?

“How did you know where I was?!”

Those Cats

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Random gardening (Wednesday again?!)

Both Mouse and Jane had this fun game on their sites. I thought this was particularly apt:

Cybernetic Handcrafted Android Optimized for Sabotage

Yesterday I actually found a few fun things at my local thrift store:

That first book (Knit Knacks for the Whole Family) is a particular gem. It has patterns for leotards. It has pattern for bonnets that will put “Oswald Owl,” “Klotilde Kat,” or “Lionel Lion” on the back of your head (can fit all sizes!). Cabled argyle socks. A sequined hood. Both a French shrug and an English shrug (the French shrug is frilly, while the English shrug is no nonsense). Interestingly shaped tanks tops/vests called “popovers.” A fringed pixie hat. And more…

Jeanne’s blog entry yesterday has some completely hysterical pictures in it and a Chaos connection – check it out! Plus a lovely picture of more Debbie Bliss Alpaca Silk than I’ve seen anywhere outside a store…

Several people asked whether I purchased anything at Coldwater Collaborative on Sunday. Why, yes, as a matter of fact, I did… (Oh, come on – no one’s surprised about that.)

A skein of Meilenweit ColorTweed (it looks a lot like Trekking to me) and a skein of Mountain Colors Bearfoot.

If you’re wondering whether I ever actually knit, I’m working on a pair of socks for myself right now. They definitely have the Project Spectrum colors in them. The pattern is Dublin Bay (links to a pdf) and the yarn is from ebay seller lotusblossom in color RoseGarden2.

“I beg your pardon…”

“I’m going to chew up your RoseGardens!”


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WARNING: Not suitable for those sensitive to violence against miniskeins

“Oh, what have we here?”
“It’s just so cute!”

“Really, I can’t help myself…”

“It’s so totally not my fault.”

“Must steal the cuteness!”


Those Cats

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