March 2006

Catnip mouse details and other bits and bobs

The lovely Elizagrrl shared the details of the much beloved Red Catnip Mouse:

The mouse is from the Cat Warming Set in Stitch ‘n Bitch Nation. I used Lamb’s Pride Worsted, size five needles, and a combination of M1L, M1R, SSK and K2TOG for symmetrical shaping. For the insides, I made a little rectangular pouch for the catnip (a 3×3 piece of cotton folded in half and stuffed full of catnip), and wrapped it in a rectangle of quilt batting for loft…. Per my vet’s recommendation, I buy catnip in the bulk section at Wild Oats and Kally seems to prefer the toys made with it. Hopefully it doesn’t make Chaos too crazy! Kally was so mad that I didn’t give her that toy; I eventually caved into her whining and made one just like it for her. How she has me trained!

You must go see the picture’s of Eliza’s kitty Kally playing with Doppelganger Red Catnip Mouse! Too cute. Kudos to Knotty Mouse for correctly identifying the source of the mouse pattern yesterday – go check out Mouse’s very fun Maryland S&W buttons. This is my favorite so far (even though I’m not going):

Did you know that you can put a wicked crack in your windshield while changing your wiper blades? Or at least I can. And did. Curses. My inclination was to be lazy and have a shop replace them for me, but I decided I would be thrifty and change them myself. Heh. Let that be a lesson to all of you!

You may or may not remember that I won a contest over at Yarnivorous. The package from Lynne arrived at work yesterday. I had to take a picture of the wonderful Australian gluten-free goodies in my cube so that I could rip them open and chow down. I highly recommend the sticky fig and ginger cookies, er, “bikkies.” Yum. (My coworkers were a bit bemused by my picture taking. Best not to enlighten them.)

The package contained some gorgeous variegated blue sock yarn that Lynne dyed as well as some of her totally luscious handspun merino plied with purpley silk. (No, Jeanne, you cannot have my lovely blue Australian sock yarn…)

*sniff sniff* “Wow, this yarn smells so exotic!”
“Hey, I can knock things off the coffee table with my tail and make Mom scramble for them!”
“If I fit in here, do I get a return trip to Australia?”

Those Cats

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Red, red mouse

I’m having one of those sleepy, slightly brain dead days. Of course, I didn’t let that stop me from blogging, even though it probably should have. Heh. Lucky y’all… not! Anyway, I’ll apologize in advance to UB40 as I present a little song from Chaos, who’s as peppy as always.

Red, red mouse – you give me a whole heap of zing.
Whole heap of zing make me do me own thing!
Red, red mouse – you make me feel so boss.
I feel like a big black panther when you’re in me paws.

Give me little time, help me clear up me mind!
Give me little time, help me clear up me mind!

Those Cats

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My thoughts not in a straight line travel

Hard to believe it’s Wednesday again, isn’t it? First, go wish Scout a happy birthday. I’ll wait…. You did? Good. Ok, now go do a happy house-getting and joyful Badger Bygone jig for Rabbitch. I’ll wait again… Finally, on to your regularly scheduled randomness.

Last weekend, I dragged out all my yarn bins to take pictures for Flash Your Stash this Saturday. Talk about an eye opener… After some calculations based on the number of Sterilite bins I have, I estimate I have about 1000 quarts (or 250 gallons) of yarn. About 100 quarts/25 gallons of that is sock yarn. When you consider that volume and then consider that my entire condo is only 637 square feet… What problem?!

Why don’t cats have any smell to them? Dogs do – a distinctly “doggy” scent. But not cats. Well, ok, maybe some cats have a smell. But Chaos doesn’t. I love his furry unscent.

How are they going to finish the Harry Potter movies with the actors they have?! Daniel Radcliffe (aka Harry Potter) was born in 1989, so he’ll be what, 17 this year?? The fifth movie is slotted for 2007… You do the math. Won’t it look odd to have Harry, Ron, and Hermione be 25 or so when they get their O.W.Ls?!

I’ve turned the heel and started on the leg of my first Rainbow Jay sock. Last night I had a bad moment when I thought about how long the color repeats were and wondered where exactly my second skein started… So I started the second sock, with a wee bit of messing around and cutting so that the socks would match. All I can say is that I was very lucky to have started my first sock with the skein I did. If I’d started it with the second skein, I’d be cursing and stomping and rewinding and cutting right now. Whew!

My copy of Subversive Cross Stitch arrived last Friday, during a very rough day at work. The designs definitely brightened my day and had me giggling maniacally in my cube. Nope, I don’t cross stitch. But I do have one of the kits from the book and will definitely be making it at some point. (It’s this one, if you’re curious. Everyone at work knows things are really getting bad when I start dropping the F-bomb. Too bad I won’t be able to hang that in my cube…)

“What, Mom? You think it’s weird that I like to play in the laundry bag?”
“I bet your blog readers don’t think it’s weird. I bet they think it’s adorable. Am I right?”

Those Cats

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G is for…

Grape ivy. With flamingo. Very dusty – it’s gotten a bit too large to drag into the shower, so at some point I’ll have to actually dust the darn thing (ack!). I’m in the picture, too, if your eyes are keen.

G is also for Goldfish. Yes, Chaos has a toy from Creative Kidstuff. How could I resist giving him a goldfish in a bowl, er, ball? The goldfish always stays upright as the ball spins, providing a great deal of feline fascination.

And finally, G is for El Gato! (Oh, come on, you would’ve been disappointed if I couldn’t work him in here somehow.)

“Of course, you already knew I sound just like my hombre, Puss-In-Boots from Shrek 2, right?”

Those Cats

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In which we welcome a new red mouse to our household

Friday I got a fabulous package from the wonderfully generous ElizaGrrl. She made the lovely black kitty bag below and included a bar of dark and delicious chocolate for me. Plus she knit a red mouse for Chaos and stuffed it full of very high-quality catnip from Wild Oats.

“What have we here?”
“This is very interesting. Very interesting indeed.”
*sniff sniff sniff*
“Oh baby baby baby oh.”

I think he likes it… What do you think?!

Thank you so much, Eliza!

(Why, yes, I did trim his claws after seeing these pictures…)

Those Cats

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