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No Misadventure, but here’s a cute Mayhem picture instead

No Misadventure today for reasons, but there is another exceptionally cute picture of Mayhem! Also, no post of any sort next Monday, as it’s a holiday in the US. Might not even by Linkity this Friday, if I decide to stretch my holiday weekend a bit. Remember, you can always poke around in the Archives for things you missed if you desperately need a fix. 🙂

“If you go poking around in the Archives for naughty boys, I will know and I will judge you.” -Mayhem

In which I did my taxes instead of a Misadventure, so have some cute Mayhem on knitted socks pictures instead

Congrats to Dianna, who won Chyna Doll (Horizons #4) by Mickie B Ashling! Chyna Doll is being released today by Dreamspinner Press.

Random bonus picture from my weekend. I call it “Pinata Aftermath” – only five minutes earlier, this monkey had a body:

I’m still puzzled why a yarn designer looked at this colorway (blue/green/brown/black) and decided it needed hints of pink (not visible in the photo), plus sparkles. Yes, all of the little light-colored flecks are sparkles. Link to Ravelry project page.

“My goodness! MORE socks?! What is going on around here?!” -Mayhem

“Mmmmm… sparkly socks…” -Mayhem

Linkity’s guide to gift guides

Make sure you enter the contest for The Working Elf Blues by Piper Vaughn! Closes 7 pm CST, December 16.

Stop by and enter the contest for Blood in the Water (An Act of Piracy #1) by Tami Veldura! Closes 7 pm CST, December 18.

Congrats to Missy1980, who won When Love Flue In (2nd ed) by Lillian FrancisWhen Love Flue In (2nd ed) is being released today by Totally Bound.


I’m ready for some nice quiet weeks! While I am feeling much better, this week’s drama was Chaos rubbing his face so hard he scraped his cornea again – second time this year and third time ever. 🙁 Because he kept messing with it and making it worse, he ended up in The Cone of Shame.

The hard plastic cone didn’t go very well – he spent a lot of time walking backwards after running into things and getting stopped in his tracks. If he’d had it on more than a few hours, I would’ve had to repaint the lower two feet of my condo. Fortunately Jeanne stopped over with a soft cone – much better.

He’s feeling pretty sorry for himself, especially because I put ointment in his eye four times each day… Mayhem is completely unfazed by his bizarre accoutrement.

I got tagged for the Tumblr Lockscreen Challenge.


Think, Make, Do, Learn

More Gift Guides Than You’ll Ever Need


Gluten Free



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Teh Cute

Reading Update
Property of a Lady Faire (Secret Histories #8) by Simon R Green. Ok continuation of this series about supernatural enforcer Edwin Drood and his complicated relationship with his extremely large and secretive family. The next book in the series doesn’t come out until sometime in 2015, by which point I won’t remember anything in the ongoing story arc. 🙂

In which May goes to the emergency vet and I go to urgent care but we’re ok, so whew!

I was eating lunch when May started to scream – she was playing with the end of a bungee cord and got it wedged in her mouth. Chaos flipped and attacked her. I got the bungee free, but she was bleeding. And then Chaos attacked me. He got locked in the bathroom. Took May to the emergency vet – she’s fine (whew!), just has a bruise on her tongue and some cuts at the back of her mouth. Soft food for her for a few days.

While I was at the emergency vet, blood overflowed out of my shoes, so the vet tech slapped some pressure bandages on me and rinsed off my shoes. They held on to May while I went to urgent care. Got five stitches on the back of one calf. Punctures and scratches on both legs, my left hand, and both arms. Since Chaos managed to trip me, I twisted my knee and also seem to have jammed my right index finger. On antibiotics for 10 days.

All the dark spots in the photo above? My blood from earlier.

Home now. May is hiding between the head of my bed and the wall (Chaos can’t get there). She won’t let me near her, either. I let Chaos out and he was fine, but then he went into the bedroom and May started growling at him and he got all hissy growly poofy. I scruffed him and put him back in the bathroom for a few minutes. Now May’s shut in my bedroom and Chaos is out. I guess it’s good I grabbed some disposable litter boxes, just in case….

Send some cat calming, no infection thoughts our way, will ya? Much appreciated…

Update, evening of November 13: May’s been back to the vet twice since Saturday. First we got ointment for her eye, which apparently got scratched in the melee. Today she got subcutaneous fluids, antibiotics, and “critical care” cat food… which she actually ate some of (first food since all this started).

Linkity at your service

Congrats to Vicki T, Tina, and Lauren L, who won the Three Fates anthology by Mary Calmes, Andrew Grey, and Amy Lane. Three Fates is being released by Dreamspinner Press today.

Congrats to Pat N, who won Accounting for Luke (Dangerous Lovers #2) by Amber Kell!

Congrats to Sally, who won Summer School by Tam Ames! Summer School will be released by Silver Publishing on July 28.




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Cool or Wha…?



Teh Cute

Reading Update
Wacky Wednesday by JA Rock. ebook. Very good kinky m/m romance about a dom and his younger sub who haven’t been connecting very well recently… and then they wake up to find they’ve switched bodies, which definitely gives them the chance to understand each other better!
Daddio (Horizons #3) by Mickie B. Ashling. ebook. Very good m/m romance that picks up six months after the second book as Lil and Grier settle into their relationship – Lil learning to parent, Grier working to control his anger, and both of them learning to communicate and compromise. Jody and Clark are back, too! Plus there’s plenty of smutty goodness to go around. 🙂
Marlowe’s Ghost by Sarah Black. ebook. Very good paranormal m/m romance about a former Marine turned history scholar who goes to England at the request of a professor to check up on the professor’s sickly, scholarly nephew and perhaps shepherd him back to the US. The lyrical writing was vaguely scholarly and packed with info about Christopher Marlowe, yet didn’t have the brain dump quality that some of Black’s other works have had.
A Better Man (The Men of Halfway House #1) by RJ Scott & Jaime Reese. Very good m/m romance about a contractor who’s been unable to find work and is about to be homeless, so he answers an ad for a handyman job that turns out to be much, much more. And what’s up with his secretive, prickly, and attractive new boss? I’m glad there’s a sequel planned, because I want to see what the next chapter of their lives looks like!
The Auspicious Troubles of Chance (The Auspicious Troubles of Love #1) by Charlie Cochet. ebook. Very good historical m/m romance about a guy who lost everything that mattered to him and has been living on the edge ever since. He knows he can’t keep going on as he has been, so… he joins the French Foreign Legion.
Roses in the Devil’s Garden (Fallen Rose #1) by Charlie Cochet. free ebook short. Very good short historical m/m romance about two NYC Prohibition agents who constantly have to be on the lookout for agents on the take. Definitely looking forward to reading the next book!
Lost in My Waking Dream by Charlie Cochet. ebook short. Good short sort of historical romance, sort of not (can’t say more without being spoilery) about a guy who feels as if he’s surely been going crazy since the Great War.

Latin Boyz by PA Brown. ebook. Good but unevenly paced m/m suspense with a tiny bit of almost romance thrown in. Actually, this reminded me of an Oprah book – the depressing stuff tended to overwhelm the happy moments and… it did not end so well.

People periodically ask how I get such good pictures of Chaos and Mayhem. (Aw, thank you!) The secret is to take lots and lots of pictures, crop, and don’t be afraid to tweak the pictures to make them more interesting (plus tweaking can hide a multitude of problems). I’m all about simplicity when I work on pictures – I use a simple photo editor to crop and then tweak in Picasa. Here’s a crappy original:

Here’s the crappy original cropped to focus on the cats:

And here’s the cropped and tweaked final version (still crappy, but more interesting):

“Quit taking my picture! I’m outta here.” -Chaos

“Yeah! What the big kitty said! You are trying to steal our souls!!” -Mayhem

RIP, Diablo

Chaos’ brother Diablo was put to sleep today. Apparently he had previously undiagnosed terminal heart disease and was not doing well at all. It’s definitely inspiration for me to keep Chaos active and on his lifelong diet, as Diablo had been overweight and not very active for years. Goodbye, D – I’ll miss your big purr and your stubby little tail…