Those Cats

No linkity, but hey – this time there’s at least a cute cat picture…

Continuing the saga from Monday… I got home around 5:30 am Monday (went into the office at 2 pm Sunday) (shhhh… the cats totally ended up missing their Sunday dinner). After 5 hours of sleep, I was logged back in to work (but from my chaise lounge in my living room at least). Worked until 2 am Tuesday, then slept for 6 hours. You get the picture. If it hadn’t been Thanksgiving yesterday, I wouldn’t have had any idea what day it was… Not sure if there’s an end in sight quite yet – I have days and days of stuff left to do…

*aggressively cuddling, haunted by that missed meal* -Chaos

Those Cats

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Happy 13th Birthday, Chaos Kitty!

It’s hard to believe he’s 13. He’s still such a hellion. Here’s his origin story.*

“Huh?” -Chaos

*He’s outlived both his brother and his mother…

Those Cats

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I think work eating linkity every three to four weeks is sadly the new normal

But here, have a cute picture of a slightly annoyed Panther Princess!

“I’m mad at you, Mom, for suggesting I don’t fit in this box. As if! Look at how well I fit!!!!” -Mayhem

Those Cats

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Better luck next week, linkity!

I was in Boulder, Colorado, Monday – Wednesday for work and then work ate my linkity time, too. D’oh.

Here’s the only picture I took in Boulder:

Meanwhile, the catsitter was taking some very mysterious pictures – I am not completely sure which cat this is! :O


Have a safe holiday weekend to everyone in the US! (And Happy Canada Day to our northern neighbors!)

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Those Cats

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No Misadventure, but here’s a cute Mayhem picture instead

No Misadventure today for reasons, but there is another exceptionally cute picture of Mayhem! Also, no post of any sort next Monday, as it’s a holiday in the US. Might not even by Linkity this Friday, if I decide to stretch my holiday weekend a bit. Remember, you can always poke around in the Archives for things you missed if you desperately need a fix. 🙂

“If you go poking around in the Archives for naughty boys, I will know and I will judge you.” -Mayhem

Those Cats

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