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Another Misadventuring fail! Happy (US) Thanksgiving in advance! :)

Congrats to Melandra, who won Out of Time by Clare London!

Congrats to Ardent Ereader, who won Making It Pay by JL Merrow!

I’m feeling better than I did last week – thanks to everyone for their well wishes on Friday. 🙂 Unfortunately, I definitely wasn’t feeling sufficiently creative for a Misadventure yesterday. How about an interesting cat picture instead? *looks hopeful*

It probably needs a little explanation. Apparently Chaos had some residual anxiety about me being in pain Wednesday night, then gone, then coming back smelling like the vet hospital. On Thursday, when I was taking a shower, Chaos dragged his favorite fleecy blanket into the bathroom from the kitty room – apparently he needed to be both near me and comfortable/comforted. (The pillow and IKEA big blue bag just got caught in transit through the kitty room – there’s a misplaced kitty scratcher just out of frame, too.)

“Look at how innocent I am! I am so innocent!” -Mayhem

“I regret nothing.” -Chaos

Just another Misadventureless Monday

Congrats to Carolyn, who won Trick or Treat by JL Merrow!

I just needed a little Misadventures break this week – tune in next week when we’ll be back to our regularly scheduled programming! 🙂

Meanwhile, check out the view from my chaise lounge when I look up from working on my laptop (click to embiggen for the full effect):

Here’s a lovely maple in front of the Linden Hills Library last weekend:

“See how nice and quiet it is without any naughty boys, Mom?!” -Mayhem

Monday AGAIN?!

This is one of those Misadventureless Mondays I warned you about. 🙂

Busy busy weekend! Apparently, somewhere in my brain, it feels like spring to me, because I was a flurry of home improvement activity over the weekend. And I’m even mostly over the misinterpreted detour on Saturday that dumped me into the Mall of America parking ramp instead of at IKEA… Whoops. Sunday was rain, high winds, thunder and lightning, and multiple fire alarms in my building because of a leak in the roof that shorted out one of the alarms. Poor stressed kitties. Doesn’t Chaos look like a nervous wreck?

“…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…” -Chaos

No Misadventures today because doing my taxes broke my brain, so have an extra cute Mayhem photo instead

Congrats to DebraG, who won A Courageous Ride (The Bullriders #3) by Andrew Grey! A Courageous Ride is being released today by Dreamspinner Press.

‘Tis true – I finally did my taxes yesterday (nothing bad!), but it took forever and I had no brain left for Misadventuring. Time to check out some past Misadventures you might have missed? *smiles winningly*

Also, I don’t have any contests scheduled this week (altho one could always turn up), so stop back Friday for some Linkity!

“What?! No naughty boys today?! No need for me to hide??! Is this a trick?” -Mayhem

Picture taken by Jeanne while Mayhem was hiding/snuggling inside Jeanne’s felted knitting bag.

Just another Misadventureless Monday, now featuring the Excessively Hospitable Work Environment!

Congrats to Trix, who won Worth a Shot (FIT Guys #2) by Kim Dare!

No new edition of the Misadventures in Stock Photography today, alas. I’m still going to do the Misadventures a couple of Mondays each month, but I’m not going to stress over it every week anymore. Plus today’s my first migraine-free day since early last week – I’m not sure I have it in me to be witty today. Carry on!

“Why is it a problem that I’m sitting where your laptop needs to be so you can work?!” -Mayhem

“What May said!” -Chaos

I love how, if you embiggen this photo, you can see part of a Chaos Kitty eye and nose behind May.

Today’s Misadventure has been called due to pain

Congrats to BlackAsphodel, who won Dumped in Oz (Tales from Kansas #1) by Andrew Grey! Dumped in Oz will be released by Dreamspinner Press on January 15.

Back on Christmas Eve, I did something to my hip – it felt like a pinched nerve and was getting better, but over the past week it’s gotten a lot worse. Friday I had an MRI – hopefully the results will be back today so they can figure out what’s up. I haven’t been able to focus very well, so no Misadventure today. (But hey, at least my foot’s a lot better…)

“I hope Mom feels better soon! She’s been very hurty.” -Mayhem

Today’s Misadventure has been called because migraine

Congrats to Urbanista, who won the signed paperback copies of The Replacement Guitarist (2nd ed) and Home for the Holidays (The Replacement Guitarist #2) (2nd ed) by Lori Toland!

Congrats to Marie, who won Christmas Serendipity by Liam Livings! Christmas Serendipity was released by JMS Books on December 8.

“Actually, it’s nice when Mom has a migraine because she takes naps and lies really still in the dark and likes it when I snuggle with her!!” -Mayhem