Linkity says goodbye to Leonard

I find I have little enthusiasm for linkity tonight. It’s been a rough week. First the US election, which… I really hoped for better from us. And then learning of Leonard Cohen’s death…

Here’s a blurry (it was windy) rose blooming by my building. In November. In Minneapolis, Minnesota. Where Thursday’s high temperature of 68F was the average temperature for the 10th of September, not November.

Some post-election thoughts from local bloggers mlegan, kmkat, 366thingsilove, and pkatkins. Eloquent tirade from an NBA coach. Gracious and inspiring words from Hillary Clinton.

Both of the cats have been very clingy this evening. Here’s a shot of my lap a few minutes ago:

“…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz…” -Chaos

And that’s all I got this evening, folks. Stay safe. To quote the National, “Be brave and be kind.”


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How am I now 48?!

It’s kind of amazing how fast time seems to pass as you get older – there’s an economic phrase (the only thing I remember from economics, actually) that describes it perfectly: increasing at an increasing rate. Indeed.

“Wow. You are old, Mom!” -Chaos and Mayhem

Sometimes. And sometimes I’m not. 🙂

Personal history

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Where have all the contests gone?

Congrats to Dianna, who won The Silence of the Stars (Stars #2) by Kate McMurray!

Congrats to bheds, who won Sharp Love (Gambling on Love #2) by Ava March! Sharp Love is being released today by Carina Press.


At this point, I have no upcoming contests on the schedule at all. *waits for everyone to recover* I definitely will still do contests for authors who email me or send me a PM on Goodreads, but I’m not actively drumming up contest business these days – after five years of doing so, I’ve grown a bit weary of the whole process, which my introverted self has always found exhausting. When I started hosting m/m book giveaways lo! those many years ago, there weren’t a whole lot of options (beyond Jessewave and Elisa Rolle) for m/m authors to let readers know about new work. The Goodreads m/m group was maybe a year old and didn’t have many members. There were a few m/m review blogs such as Jenre, Kassa, DIK (Desert Island Keepers), and Kris’n’Good Books, but they were a fraction of the number of m/m review blogs available now. And m/m books were being released at a slow enough rate that we could read nearly everything as it came out.

So yeah, both authors and readers have a lot more options these days. I’ll still be among those options, but at a more sedate pace/level than previously. I’ll still be doing the Misadventures in Stock Photography most Mondays and Linkity most Fridays. And you can always keep an eye on things via my RSS feed.

Many, many thanks to all the authors and readers who’ve supported Stumbling Over Chaos (and whom I’ve had the opportunity to support) over the years!


“Whatever. I need a nap.” -Chaos


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Contest winner!

Congrats to Jessica, who won Ethan’s Freedom (Portals, Book 1) by Jade Archer! Ethan’s Freedom will be released by Total-E-Bound on Monday, November 1.

“I’m getting really worried, Mom. Really worried. I don’t want to be an abandoned kitty!” -Chaos


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Contest winners!

Congrats to Renee, who won Dudleytown by LB Gregg! Dudleytown is being released by Aspen Mountain Press today (October 29).

Congrats to Don, who won Elliot’s War by Kim Dare! Elliot’s War was released by Total-E-Bound earlier in the week.

“Mom, I’m getting really worried!! Where are you???” -Mayhem


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