In which I run out of distractions and am forced to post knitting

Earlier this year, Jeanne and Deb and I got together at Deb’s for a fabulous day of yarn dyeing and conversation. I dyed a KnitPicks sock blank to make some more gradient yarn. (Bookfolk, just skim over this part and nod and smile.) Hmm. And apparently took no pictures of the sock blank, nor of the skeined yarn. Anyway, here’s the first sock and the proto-second sock (ie, the other ball of yarn). (Brigitte’s now noticing that this sock is about an inch longer than it was when I was at her place last month. Umm…)

“Does this photo make my tail look big?” -Chaos

Hmm. Let’s try that again.

“Oh! Yarn! And needles! Yum! My favorites!” -Mayhem

No yarn or needles were harmed during this photoshoot, but as usual, it was a near thing.


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Dyeing for yarn

Yes, it’s that time of year again – yarn dyeing season in Minnesota! Yesterday, Jeanne and I headed over to Deb’s for a lovely afternoon of snacks, drinks, conversation, and, incidentally, yarn dyeing. We had a perfect afternoon – temps in the low 80s, low humidity, sun, breezes… ahhhh…

Here’s all the yarn that we dyed:

Deb used those fabric swatches for some of her color inspiration – didn’t she do a great job?

Here’s the yarn I dyed – the bluish thing in the middle is a KnitPicks sock blank. When it’s eventually all untangled, I’ll be able to knit a pair of socks that will be shaded from light blue at the toes through medium blues and purples to dark purple and black at the cuff.

“Mom was gone almost all day on my birthday, but at least Jeanne remembered and gave me a pink sparkly ball! Maybe Jeanne is confused about what a tiara is.” -Mayhem


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Do not adjust your dye-al*

*with apologies to Deb… More on that if you make it through the linky madness below.

Megan’s having a raffle to raise money to attend a missionary training course in Mexico. For each $10 you donate, you get a chance to win some pretty amazing prizes. Donate by August 13, 12 pm EDT to be included in the raffle.

None of us are free until all of us are free – check out the Free Tibet contest details at PoMo Golightly.

Hmm… T-shirt or sign or mug?! πŸ˜‰

Oh, Itty Bitty Kitty Committee has a ScratchScroll, too! (If you like looking at great pictures of adorable kittens, you need to be reading IBKC.)

Lisa found this tutorial on making your very own cardboard cat furniture

And Dotty found the bag version of my water bottle… although we can’t tell if it’s risque or not.

So, as Deb mentioned, she and Jeanne and I got together last Saturday to dye some yarn. Deb picked up some KnitPicks sock blanks (to make self-striping sock yarn) for us to try. Isn’t she just the sweetest?! Group hug for Deb!

Here’s Dr. Deb at work on her very cool watermelon yarn. I think she might be about to add the seeds!

You may be shocked to discover that I dyed this Tequila Sunrise yarn, inspired by the first photo in Jane Brocket’s Twist Collective article.

Jeanne came up with the brilliant idea of using the Yarn Harlot’s Laurie’s Socks #1 and Laurie’s Socks #2 for color inspiration – here she is working on her interpretation of Laurie’s Socks #1.

Can you believe that the purple and black yarn in this picture was not mine?! πŸ™‚ Truth.

Now, KnitPicks claims you can just knit two socks at the same time from your sock blank and not have a thing to worry about, but I’m doubtful. That’s some darned kinky yarn! I plan to soak it, weight it, and hope it hangs straight.

In order below, my Tequila Sunrise, Jeanne’s Laurie’s Socks #1, and my Laurie’s Socks #2.

And, of course, all the kinky self-striping yarn that Jeanne and I dyed – her skeins on the left and mine on the right.

My thoughts? KnitPicks, you need to knit the sock blanks more loosely, so that dye can reach all of the yarn. We all ended up with white spots that were not visible until we unwound the yarn. Also, I can’t imagine trying to knit this straight off the sock blank. I recommend that two people with niddy-noddies wind the yarn from the blank (one of you will will need to stand on the blank – beware if your feet are ticklish) into hanks so you can soak and straighten the yarn.

“Mmmm… doesn’t all that yarn look scrumptious?! I hope Mom is inattentive for a few minutes, so I can add some extra ends to the process.” -Mayhem


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Dyeing for summer

Wendy’s giving away a cute green iPod Shuffle. To enter the contest, leave her a comment with a summer-themed haiku by midnight EDT, May 29.

On Saturday, Jeanne and I headed out to Deb’s to do a bit of dyeing. (Check out Deb’s pictures, too, including one of me.)

Excuse the blurry pictures – sometimes I swear that the “anti-shake” feature on the camera introduces as much blur as it prevents… Probably it’s just me! Anyway, here’s Jeanne working on the last skein of the day.

Deb and Holli relaxing…

And our finished products. Care to guess which two skeins I dyed?

Were you right? πŸ™‚

As you can tell from the pictures, Saturday was nicely sunny – but it was only in the low 60s. Still, this is much better than last year, when we had our air conditioners on by mid-May!

“Shhh… maybe Mom won’t notice me in the cooler and I’ll get to visit Sammy and Tig and check out their ‘Cat Wheel o’ Fun!'” -Mayhem

“What do you mean, there’s not room for the sorbet with me in the cooler?! How could you even tell I was there? Hmph. You never let me have any fun.” -Mayhem


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Now I have a song from Cloud Cult stuck in my head…

…since I’m pretty sure most of you haven’t ever heard of Cloud Cult (a local Minneapolis band), you’re completely safe. Unless, of course, you want to go listen to the song (“Take Your Medicine”) and see if you can get it stuck in your heads… Since some of you actually clicked on links to notorious earworms last week, I know you like to live dangerously. πŸ™‚

Anne in New Zealand would like to send some goodies to whoever leaves the 300th comment on her blog.

Sorry my posts haven’t been very energetic lately. I’ll fill y’all in on why in a few days. Hopefully you can hang in there for a while!

Reading Update
Witch Hunt: An Ophelia and Abby Mystery by Shirley Damsgaard. Sweet and fluffy paranormal mysteries set in small-town Iowa, about a librarian who’s a witch – I’ll keep reading these (and not just because there’s a black cat in the books).
Electric Blue by Nancy Bush. It was harder for me to get into the second Jane Kelly mystery than it was to get into the first (Candy Apple Red), but once I did, I enjoyed this light read.
Touch of Darkness: Darkness Chosen, Book 2 by Christina Dodd. I’m enjoying this series – I know it will be at least four books (based on the premise outlined in the first book) and I’m already waiting to find out when the next one will be published!
Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie. I’d read this before, but I was looking for a light and fun read and Jennifer Crusie rarely disappoints.

Dyeing Update
On Saturday, Jeanne, Miss T, and I converged on Deb’s house for a lovely day of conversation, dyeing, knitting, eating, drinking, and laughter. Here’s what we dyed – I didn’t use any black and only minimal purple! Hopefully none of you hit your heads falling off your chairs in shock. πŸ˜‰

“This isn’t as hard as you all think it is. Go try it right now! I’ll wait.” -Mayhem


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