The Midwest Master’s Seminar

April 29 – 30, 2006, will find me in Neenah, Wisconsin, participating in the Midwest Master’s Seminar. I’ll be taking Rainbow Dyeing in the Microwave (Merike Saarniit), Exotic Stitches for More than One Color (Anna Zilboorg), and Twisted Traveling Stitches (Anna Zilboorg). I’ve taken a class from Anna Zilboorg before, right after Knitting for Anarchists came out, and learned a lot. Looking foward to learning even more this time!

Is anyone else going to be at the Midwest Master’s? Anyone need a roommate?!

Yesterday I drove to St. Peter, Minnesota, for the day to visit a friend. It wasn’t the greatest driving weather. Although the roads were just wet and not slippery, it was very foggy coming home last night.

The view from my front window right before I got on the road yesterday.

While I was in St. Peter, I stopped at Mary Lue’s Yarn and Quilt Shop, which has a cute shop cat:

Here’s a picture for the spinners:

And these made me think of Project Spectrum:

“What’s with all this being gone?! I’m starting to think this knitting stuff is not in my best interest.”

30 thoughts on “The Midwest Master’s Seminar”

  1. Lucky you!! I would love to have the opportunity to take a class with Anna Zilboorg. Can’t wait for your post-weekend posts!

  2. Oooh you’re so lucky! Fawn over Anna Zilboorg a little bit just for me okay? 🙂 I think she is so underappreciated – a true knitting genius. I haven’t finished Anarchists yet because I can only absorb a few pages at a time. If I read any more than that my brain starts smoking!

  3. The “Shawl we dance” class makes me laugh. Tell you what – I’ll pop over and look after Chaos for you. We can have fun with Catnip and Cheetos.

  4. I have to second what Jan said. I’d love to take a class with Anna Zilboorg! I’ll definitely be eagerly await your post event recap.

  5. OMG Neenah Wisconsin – home of Kimberly Clark. Jeff used to spend quite a bit of time up there.
    It’s a good thing you’re going with set plans, otherwise not much to do. :o)

    Be careful driving in the snow!

  6. guess flannel sheets really come in handy there. Especially looking at today’s picture.
    Hey, maybe Chaos would like to come be our shop cat? Chaos, I would feed you tuna and salmon and anything by cat food!

  7. An article on Anna Zilboorg in one of the knitting magazines is what got me started knitting. Fawn over her for me too.

    I wish I was going! Still will be buried in work.

  8. Oh, look at that snow! This is such a funny time of year. I look out my window at blossoms, and you have snow. Hope you have blossoms soon!

  9. Another knitter’s fieldtrip today? ;o) I get to see a LYS through your blog!

    We might be going to Memphis at the end of the month – and maybe I can drag J into a yarn store while we are there. Sadly, we can’t make it up North until somewhere in summer :o( The classes sound like a fiber-lover’s dream though, very creative titles!

    Cute shop cat! (Don’t let Chaos hear that, he KNOWS he is adored by many ;o)

  10. awww that looks like alot of fun! You’re gonna have a blast!

    I love store cats, but don’t you just want to take them home with you.

  11. Poor Chaos… but lucky Chris! He’ll survive, though, and I’m hoping maybe we can learn a couple stitches from you. So *I* don’t mind the trade-off!


  12. That orange cat looks a lot like my Marvin. Looks like a good trip – the snow is pretty. NOT that I want anymore snow, but it still is pretty.

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