Back from the north country

Post about the Red Scarf Project, in which knitters knit red scarves for orphans, and you could win a special skein of Scout’s sock yarn, plus a $25 gift certificate to her shop. Post fast, because this contest closes at August 18 (aka today), 6 pm, MDT.

Nicole’s giving away a copy of Lynn Viehl’s paranormal romance Evermore: A Novel of the Darkyn. Leave Nicole a comment by August 22 for your chance to win.

Guess how many pictures Eva’s going to take during her trip to Amsterdam and you could win some of Meilenweit’s new merino sock yarn. Contest closes August 22, midnight PDT.

This sheep chair boggles the mind, doesn’t it?

Hmm… Chaos or Mayhem?

Pao thought of me when he saw this picture… aw, thanks?! 😉

The two full days I had at the cabin were wonderful. I didn’t knit a stitch, but I did pick wild blueberries (yum!), help build a deck (mostly by holding things so my brother could attach them), lounge about talking, drink a few beers, and read a little. Ahhhhh…

“It’s nice that you’re back, Mom, but the big kitty said I have to be mad at you and pretend to ignore you.” -Mayhem

39 thoughts on “Back from the north country”

  1. Welcome back! I’m glad you had a great time! Heh, thought of you when I saw that picture. I figured it might be Gandalf, but then again – he’s still at the “kind of” fascinated by the vaccuum.

  2. OMG! I’m so glad she still does that!

    We had to be gone for a week for my father-in-law’s funeral in Arkansas. The cats didn’t know we could ALL leave at once. You have no idea the trouble we were in once we got home.

  3. That chair is horrifying… ew.ew.ew. Glad you’re back and I’m sure the kitties will be happy to have you back when they get through with their manditory ignoring time.

  4. Can’t take that sheep chair, the vegetarian in me rears it’s ugly head…and I guess the cheezeburger shot must be Chaos – since we already have the back of Mayhem to view…
    (what a hoot those two photos would be side-by-side!)
    Welcome back!

  5. Your weekend away sounds and looks heavenly. It’s always great to be back with the four-leggeds, but would be better if we could take them with us in the first place. Mine have been sticking pretty close since we got back.

  6. That sheep chair is SOSO creepy. But a little entertaining. Did I ever tell you about the kitty quilt? Don’t get all nervous on me here, it’s just an idea. Came to me when I was learning some taxidermy. What’s the softest creature I know? Kitties. Picture this, an old old crazy cat lady, sitting with a crazy quilt on her lap, made of her tanned kitty hides for the cats she’s had in her lifetime. “Oh, now there’s Missy, and fluffy, and zorro…”. This idea makes my friends with cats nervous…not sure why! Because I’ve done nothing towards making the idea a reality in some 20 years….

  7. The pictures from the cabin are beautiful. It sounds like a nice, relaxing weekend.

    I love that sheep chair! I thought of Chaos and Mayhem when I saw that picture too.

  8. Glad yer back, it sounds like a really relaxing time was had.

    That sheep chair is creepy, I don’t think I could sit in it.

    Byk rydin Yer doin it wrong!

    Ack! Evil vacuum cleaner!

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