Tails that pass in the evening

Identify the location in the last picture of Tracey’s post by August 22, 10 pm EDT, and you could win a $25 gift certificate to Blue Moon Fiber Arts!

So how amusing is it that I, known for captioning cat pictures, win a paranormal romance novel, which I am known for reading, by… captioning cat pictures?! Mine is the caption on Photo #3. 🙂

Reading Update
The Accidental Time Machine by Joe Haldeman. A grad student inadvertently invents a time machine and his life gets very, very strange. Not as powerful as Haldeman’s Forever War, but an entertaining read.
Irish Dreams (Irish Rebel & Sullivan’s Woman) by Nora Roberts. Older stuff, so ok, but not great.
Drinking Midnight Wine by Simon R. Green. So-so urban fantasy set in Bradon-on-Avon about a bookstore clerk who follows the wrong (or is it right?) woman in the train station one evening.
A Vintage Murder: A Wine Lover’s Mystery by Michele Scott. The latest in an ok mystery/romance series usually set in Napa Valley, although this particular book is set in Australia.
Bedlam, Bath and Beyond (World of the Storm Ravens, Book 1) by J. D. Warren. A surprisingly good paranormal romance that really can’t be judged by title or cover, as neither of them seem to be related to the content!
Angel with Attitude by Michelle Rowen. It’s harsh to be a fallen angel dropped naked into the shark tank at Marineworld…
Bound to Love Her by Esri Rose. A Boulder woman finds a hunky unconscious elf in the woods while she’s out walking her neighbor’s dog. Started out strong, but I thought it lost steam near the end.

As accidental exposures go, I like this one a lot. 🙂

20 thoughts on “Tails that pass in the evening”

  1. Where do you find these books? Angel in a shark tank? Was the hunky elf our/human size? Give me true crime any day. Obviously, I lack imagination!

  2. Chris- Just how many cats do you have crammed into that place anyway? I’m sure there are black ones we know nothing about.

    Accidental exposure- a likely story.

  3. I lived in Boulder for about 2 years and I _NEVER_ found a hunky unconscious elf in the woods.. what a bummer!! Though I guess my husband would probably have a problem with such a find….lol

  4. Fun picture!

    I think I read ‘Drinking Midnight Wine.’ It obviously made such a huge impression on me that I promptly forgot what happened in it. Ah well.

  5. That accidental exposure is pretty nifty. Wan’t Accidental Time Machine good? Sci Fi fluff, basically. Entertaining stuff. I’ll have to read his Forever Wars, I don’t think I’ve read any of his other books.

  6. Great caption for the photo.
    The Bedlam, Bath and Beyond sounds fun, but I don’t get why it would be named that after reading the description at amazon.
    I signed up for LibraryThing, and my scanner is on the way (thanks for your input!). I added a few books the search and click way, looked at our 10 bookcases, and then I ordered the scanner. It didn’t seem like GoodReads had a scanner option.

  7. So with all of your reading, working, cat captioning, picture taking and other adventures…do you ever sleep?

    *gasp* You really are a vampire!!!

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