Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 46th (Vampires!)

Congrats to Tam, who won Eat Me by Mia Watts! Eat Me, Pride and Joey, and Elliot’s War are all being released today by Total-E-Bound.

Don’t forget that I’m heading to San Francisco with Kris, Tam, Jenre, and Tracy to see the city and attend Yaoi Con. Subsequently, blogging will be a little spotty for the next two weeks. I’ll post contest winners in the evening on October 25 (today), October 28, and October 29 – please consider 7 pm CDT as a rough ending time for those contests! Contests will stay open until I shut off the comments on the contest posts. A new Kim Dare contest will automagically post on Thursday, October 28. Also, I’m not going to be able to reply to all of the contest entries and I apologize in advance for that. Nor will I even be attempting to keep up my usual blog reading and commenting.

Vacationy sorts of random posts may appear without warning. :)

Welcome to another edition of the Misadventures in Stock Photography! In honor of Halloween, today’s Misadventure is about vampires.



, he hopes

of the assignment is for the Envoy to reward him by establishing

that will allow him to stay


in a

. Instead, the snared vampire broke free and turned on the Envoy, bellowing “

, you stupid fool! I call down a

upon you!

on this day, nothing will remain of you but a


“Well, so much for the Envoy,” thought Sluggo. “I guess it’s time for Plan B.”

(You can check out the original stock photos at iStockphoto.)

“Those vampires are wimps – check out some really scary fangs!” -Chaos

33 thoughts on “Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 46th (Vampires!)”

  1. Sluggo! I remember reading Nancy and Sluggo in the funnies as a kid, and later giving a particularly annoying supervisor the nickname Sluggo. Now it’s a vampire name? I have to revise history, ‘cuz there’s no way he deserves a vampire name.

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