Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 37th (MUMMCHG)

Congrats to Nikyta, who won Wild Thing by Mia Watts! Wild Thing will be released today by Total-E-Bound.


Welcome to another edition of the Misadventures in Stock Photography! Today we’ll meet My Underwear Matches My Cowboy Hat Guy (MUMMCHG).

, our brave

MUMMCHG was traveling

(please to ignore the massive geographic disconnect there), his mind completely

, with a

and a list of

, ready to face

for the

when he discovered that

is a non-stop diet of

in the form of

, even though they are

and must always

in a


Whew! I hope no one tried to read that run-on sentence aloud. If you did, you probably ran out of air and passed out a few photos back…

“Fine. If your readers want abs, Mom, I’ll give them abs. See???” -Mayhem

42 thoughts on “Misadventures in Stock Photography: Part the 37th (MUMMCHG)”

  1. I have to admit that I initially thought that MUMMCH had been horribly photoshopped on the cover of Two Point Proposition and then realized that was a woman and he was one of the guys in the background. I must be tired, because it took me a while to realize he had a tiny bit of black underwear peeking out from his belt line.
    A recent post from Seanna Lea..things Ive forgottenMy Profile

  2. LOL, Chris. I haven’t even noticed this guy before – and especially that his underwear was the same colour as his hat! I bet I’ll notice him all the time now :).

  3. Black underwear on a guy? It brings to mind the television commercial that asks the question, “How can you tell when a black towel is clean?” And really, don’t we all know that the real purpose of underwear is to impress the doctors and nurses in the Emergency Room in case of an accident?

  4. *Chicken Fried Beefcake*?? Hahahahaha:).

    Does May have white spotted-abs? Shelli has a line down hers…brown on one side and black on the other….she looks like a chimera.

  5. Mayhem…

    You have THE best abs EVAH…

    LOL re the “Tasty Treats”.. I love the acronym MUMMCHG. You’ve perked up my Monday… Again Chris.

  6. Janna: Aw, thanks! I actually started with the ones where you can’t see his face. Then I came up with the name. Then, as I was looking in my “Assorted Cowboys” folder to make sure I hadn’t missed any MUMMCHG covers, I realized that I didn’t have all sorts of black-hatted cowboys – I had one black-hatted cowboy in different poses.

  7. You are a master of putting together classic silliness. I stopped at a comma for breath, but when I came to the end of the sentence, there was no laugh from Smith. 🙁
    Mayhem has the best abs I’ve ever seen!
    A recent post from margene..In the GardenMy Profile

  8. Yay Nikyta!! Check you inbox.

    Also I now have, “Mumchug” burned into my brain and OMG is that ever funny! Chris I have a cover for you once the book releases. O_o!!!

    And and and, Mayhem…. LOLOL!

  9. And dont forget the softest tummy evea!!!!!!!!!!!

    Love the post honey!!! Keep up the great work!!
    Hope you had a great weekend!! And hope Monday is shaping up nice for ya!

  10. Whew! I hope no one tried to read that run-on sentence aloud. If you did, you probably ran out of air and passed out a few photos back.

    No kidding. I read it silently, and my brain started stumbling over itself.

    …although to use the word sexy for a cat freaks me out a bit.

    Janna, you obviously don’t read shifter stories. 😉
    A recent post from K. Z. Snow..News no rants Amended VersionMy Profile

  11. @ Nicole – it’s not just you – I always try to make the acronym into a pronounce-able word, too! It never ends well.

    @ Chris – you’ve totally outdone yourself. This was brilliant, although, it took the narrative to point out to me that ‘oh yeah…Texas isn’t next to Montana, is it?’ Geography skilz…I haz none.

    @ May – your abs are by far the bestest abs.

  12. Congrats Nikyta!

    OMG thanks for the laugh and making the EDJ a bit more tolerable.

    May those abs are looking good

  13. Mayhem, who’s a pretty kitty… who’s a pretty baby… hmmm… mantitty? Wait… there was mantitty? Back in a sec, May… a girl’s gotta have her priorities!

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